The truth

READ IT♥♥ You'll love it i promise. If u dont i give u a donut okay? so read!


2. Yes, Phan is real.

Dan and Phil spent the next few weeks preparing the video. They both searched through their laptops to find any clips they could use. As the release date got closer thay sent out tweets about their new secret video. The phans were so excited. Phangirls from all over the world were blowing up Tumblr with Phan related ideas about the upcoming video. This would make Dan chuckle because he knew how right most of them were.

The day finally came.

"You ready Phil?" Phil shook his head and grabbed Dan's hand. "This is going to change everything." He hit the upload button. Now they just had to wait for it to render. Slowly the hours ticked by and they both getting nervous. Then it happened.

The title of the video was Yes, Phan is real. The video started of as a compilation of clips of them being all cute n' stuff. There was one that happened right after a PhilIsNotOnFire video. It was the first video thay had ever made together. Just as the original video closed out, Phil attacked Dan in a hug to the ground, but the recording actually continued after that.


They laid in the floor of Phil's room. Dan was wrapped in Phil's arms. They just sat there together and snuggled for a little bit. Then Phil rolled on top of Dan and straddled his hips.

"You're so cute when you're shocked, Daniel." Phil leant down and kissed Dan. He started with his lips, then his cheek. Slowly progressing to his neck. As he kissed along Dan's neck he found his sweet spot once Dan let out a low moan. Phil continued to suck on that sensitive spot, leaving a very noticable mark.

This left Dan breathing heavily. "God Phil. That was great" Dan heaved out.


The rest of the video contained clips like this. But none of them went too far into their heated moments. Dan and Phil had recorded a special ending though.


"Okay.. Um.. Hi." Dan awkwardly waves. "We made this video bacause we thought is was time for all you guys to know the truth. Phil and I have been in a secret relationship. I know most of you watching this must be thinking 'YES, we were right.' and yeah you were." Dan let out a small chuckle.

Phil grabbed  Dan's hand and lifted it up for the camera to see. "We hope that you'll support us in this relationship, and we apologize for keeping it hidden. This has been going on for years now. Well ever since we mer really. When i met Dan and got to know him, I slowly started to fall for him. He's my everything and I hope he will always be here to cuddle with me."

Dan looked over at Phil blushing. He caressed Phil's face and pulled him in for a kiss. "I love you." He whispered. "I love you too" Phil replied chuckling.

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