The truth

READ IT♥♥ You'll love it i promise. If u dont i give u a donut okay? so read!


1. The Edit Process

Dan was sitting at his computer, editing his newest collab with Phil. He watched as Phil read the 'would you rather' question aloud.

"Would you rather french kiss a llama or be trapped in an invisible box, so that everyone thinks your a mime, but you'r not?"

"I find llamas hot anyways so that wouldn't really be a problem" Dan replies. Then Dan starts to french kiss the llama hat on top of Phil's head. After Dan was done with the hat, he lifted up Phil's head. "Maybe that should should've been you" he said and smiled.

Dan closes the gap between him and Phil with a kiss. Its starts slow with just a peck, but Dan finds himself wanting more. Dan kisses Phil harder and with more passion. Phil had started to kiss back as well and has wrapped his hands around Dan's waist. Dan slips his tongue into Phil's mouth and grips his hair. 

The camere was still recording as they had their heated make out session.  Gripping onto each other, and fighting for dominance.

"Whatcha watching Dan?" Dan jumps out of his computer chair.

"Jesus christ Phil! You scared the shit out of me! ..I was just editing one of our videos"

"Oh, I see that" Phil is now watching as him and Dan are making out on the screen.

"We need to edit that out." sighs Dan. "Wouldn't want our secret to get out."

"Maybe we should let it get out.." Dan gives Phil a look. "Dan, I'm tired of hiding and always editing our videos so that our fans don't find out!"

Dan consideres this. It does take a lot of editing, because they usually end up doing something while recording a video together. "Okay. Hov about we put a bunch of clips that we have edited out into one big video. It could be our way of coming out as a couple."

"Sounds great!" Phil leans over to Dan and cups his face, pulling him into a kiss.

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