A World So Cold (Bigbang Fanfiction)

Sophia Summons has spent her entire life surrounded by her fathers crime ring. Ever since her father made her join his gang at the age of 17 her life has been nothing but a nightmare. Now that she is 20 and after three years of being forced to be in this gang she can't take it anymore. So when a gang from South Korea comes to New York for a big business deal with her father she takes this as her oppurtunity to escape. She makes them a deal that if they can get her out of Brooklyn to South Korea she will give them the three million dollars she has been saving up all these years. They agree but only if she joins their gang and can make herself useful with the promise that she won't have to do any killing. They soon learn that is the easy part. Sophia's father has one rule. When your in the gang your in for life and if your not your dead. With her fathers gang after them at every turn will Sophia finally be able to escape and be with the man she has come to love.


2. The Foreign Kid


  "Come on hurry up and get in" My brother says as I follow him down the stairs to the subway station. We hurry on before it takes off. We sit next to the doors so we can run out and down the block to our school.


  "I'm coming" I grumble not looking forward to getting back to school after Christmas break. Having to wake up super early and run through the snow isn't how I like to start my day. I glance at my brother, Isaac, who is texting our dad. I shake my head and glance out the window.


  "You know I don't have a choice. I have to do what dad asks" Isaac says knowing that I don't approve of what he or my father do.


 I had found out at the age of twelve that my father wasn't the great man I thought he was. He was a cruel, conniving, and heartless man that cared for no one but himself. I had gone to my father's study to ask him for help with my homework. I was up later than usual so I guess he must have thought I was in bed like Isaac already was. I peeked inside to see if he was there and let out a shrill scream. My father was standing over a man who was bleeding and broken on the floor.


 A member of my father's crew had roughly grabbed me and pulled me over to my father. My homework dropped from my hands to the floor as I met my fathers eyes terrified of him for the first time.  "I was going to wait to show you the family business until you were a little older but I guess now's as good a time as any. You are a Summon's Sophia. This family business has been passed down from my grandfather, to my father, to me, and in a few years time to you and your brother as well. If your going to survive in this business you have to be willing to do anything and everything possible to stay at the top of the mob. If you show weakness or slip up you end up like this guy here" He said motioning to the man lying on the floor.


 The man had been terrified. His blood was spilling onto our wooden floor and he looked at me begging me to help. "This man here Sophia, had got the idea in his head that he could snuff me and leave town without paying. It's time you see what happens to people that cross me" My father had said giving my a crooked smile. He then rolled up his sleeves and reached down placing his hands on his throat. I tried to look away but he had his men hold me in place. He made watch as he took the mans last breath. I had lost my respect for him that night and where there had been love in my heart for him was nothing but fear. Knowing that when I turn Seventeen like my brother I would be forced to join the family business. That if I went against him I would end up like the man on the floor that night. Broken, beaten, and then killed for going against him.  


  "I know" He ruffles my hair and I smile for his sake knowing that he has things a lot worse right now. I hope when he's done with high school this year he will leave and never look back. I sadly have two and a half more years of high school left before I can get out of here.


 When we get to school I hug him before running off to find my friends Opal and Derek. I spot them almost immediantly. Derek's brown hair is wilder than usual. Opal waves at me and I hurry over to them.


  "Ready for class to start up again?" Derek asks grinning at me, knowing how I felt about school.


  "As ready as I'll ever be"


 We head inside to our first class, history, and sat in our usual seats towards the middle of the room. When everyone got to there seats and the bell rung. Mrs. Habbins walked to the front of the class with a girl standing beside her. Her hair pitch black and falling down to the middle of her back, unlike my light brown hair that falls a couple inches below my shoulders. Her dark brown eyes stared nervously around at everyone.

  "Everyone we have a new student joining us on our day back. Please listen as she introduces herself" Mrs. Habbins says and the girl steps up and takes a deep breath before speaking.


  "Hello my names Kyung-Hee. I just moved here from South Korea with my parents. It's nice to meet you" She says in English but her accent her accent is really strong. She sits toward the front of the class her head hanging low. I feel sympathy grow in my stomach as I stare at her. It's hard enough to start at a new school but it must be terrible to move all the way from Korea to New York. To a country that speaks a completely different language than your used to.


 I glare with Opal and Derek back at Ethan Connors and his friends as we hear them making fun of her accent. He has always been a real dick. They continue to mock her throughout the class and I kept looking at Mrs. Habbins waiting for her to actually do her job and step in but of course she doesn't. When class is over Kyung-Hee rushes out the door, probably to get away from Ethan. Not that I blame her. I tell Opal and Derek that I will meet them at our next class and wander through the crowded halls looking for any sign of her. I frown when I hear cries coming from an empty classroom near the end of the hall. I peek inside and frown as I see her sobbing into her hands from the desk she's sat down at. I grab a couple tissues from the dispenser on the teachers desk.


  "Hey" I whisper to her alerting her of my presence. She jolts slightly trying to wipe the tears away so I can't see them. I hand her the tissues and she eyes me cautiously.


  "Who are you?"


  "My name's Sophia Summons. I was in your last class. I just wanted to see if you were okay"


  "Why do you care?" She asks sharply though I don't blame her.


  "Because Ethan is an asshole and you shouldn't have to deal with people like that. No one should make fun of you just because you are different than they are. It's messed up. Look I'm not here because I pity you. I just wanted to make sure your okay. You can talk to me or my friends Opal or Derek if you ever need someone to talk to. I gotta head to class but I'll see you around" I say turning to leave.


  "Wait!" She says stopping me. This time when I glance at her there is a small smile building on her face. "Thanks. I'm sorry for having a sharp tone with you this is just really hard for me. Moving to another continent is never easy"


  "It's okay. Do you want me to help you find your next class?"


  "Yeah that would be great"


  "Also if you want to you can eat lunch with Opal, Derek, and I" I say and she nods.


  "I'd like that"


 We both share a friendly smile happy to have made a new friend.


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