A World So Cold (Bigbang Fanfiction)

Sophia Summons has spent her entire life surrounded by her fathers crime ring. Ever since her father made her join his gang at the age of 17 her life has been nothing but a nightmare. Now that she is 20 and after three years of being forced to be in this gang she can't take it anymore. So when a gang from South Korea comes to New York for a big business deal with her father she takes this as her oppurtunity to escape. She makes them a deal that if they can get her out of Brooklyn to South Korea she will give them the three million dollars she has been saving up all these years. They agree but only if she joins their gang and can make herself useful with the promise that she won't have to do any killing. They soon learn that is the easy part. Sophia's father has one rule. When your in the gang your in for life and if your not your dead. With her fathers gang after them at every turn will Sophia finally be able to escape and be with the man she has come to love.


4. Shift Of The Trigger


 I woke up early this morning to nervous to sleep in. I spent most of the day glancing out my window or wandering around the house. Trying to take in all the details and memories I can so that just in case something goes wrong and mother father finds out I betrayed him and he puts an end to me like he has many others, I can think of these memories one more time. The house is quiet, which means that my father and brother are out on business as usual. I walk up to the family portrait in the main hallway. It's the only picture of my mother you will ever find in this house. I didn't like to talk about her much. I take in her light brown hair and hazel eyes, matching mine. My brother had always looked more like our father, his hair slightly darker brown and his eyes deep green.


 When my mother left Isaac was 8 and I was 6. At first I hated her for it, then I just missed her. When I realized what kind of person my dad was I understood why she had left. Now I just wish she'd taken me and my brother. I wish I knew where she was. Then I would tell her how much I've missed her. I'd tell her that a part of me will always love her, even though I will always resent her as well. I glance over at our once happy family one more time before heading to take a shower. I hurry to get dressed and sit in my room waiting for my phone to ring. It goes off at 9:30 and I see Kyung-Hee is on her way as planned. I hurry downstairs and out of the house, looking back at it one more time.


 I take a deep breath as I sit on the subway. Trying to think about how I would explain things to the police. I don't want to replay everything that happened again but I will if it will end all of the horrible things my father is doing. Maybe I could actually get some kind of justice for the people he's hurt over the years. The only thing I'll feel bad about is my brother. Sadly he is to far in to save. He kills whenever dad asks without any care for who he hurts. He needs to be put away too or our family's reign of crime will continue.


 I hurry down the street to the ally behind Old Man Harvin's Bar. When I don't see her right away I start to walk further in. My steps falter slightly when I start to hear her sobs from deeper in. I run towards her cries only to come across a sight that I never wanted to see. My legs began to shake as my father turns to me. He stares at me with a smile so twisted my blood runs cold and lifts his gun toward me. Kyung-Hee is laying against the wall, bruised badly. She's shaking and tears are running down her face.


  "How nice of you to join us Sophia! Your brother informed me that he caught your little friend here following him the other night. He followed her home from your birthday party to make sure he wasn't just over thinking things and look what he found" He says holding up the envelope Kyung-Hee showed me yesterday.


 A lump starts to form in my throat and tears prick my eyes as he holds his gun at his side for a moment and pulls out a lighter, burning the envelope and all chances of me having a normal life with it. Though right now that wasn't the worst thing about this situation. It's the gun that I know he brought here for my best friend. My eyes move to Kyung-Hee for a quick second to see her eyes had fallen to the burnt remains of the envelope. She had risked everything for me, just to lose it all.


  "Dad please let her go! I'll never try to go to anyone again! I promise I'll do whatever you want!" I plead stepping closer.


 He ignores me cocking the gun. In one swift motion he back hands me, making me fall to the ground blood pouring from my nose. I sob and cry out my hands reaching up to clutch my face. Kyung-Hee tries to reach out to me but he steps on her hand making her cry out. He doesn't seem to be to worried about it though. Our cries drown out by the loud club music coming from inside the bar. He grabs me up by my hair so that I'm standing again pushing his gun into my chest so hard that I can already feel a bruise. He grins at the scared and confused look I give him as I he places his gun in my hands.


  "I'm going to give you three choices Sophia! One, you can shoot me, but my men are to kill your friends Opal and Derek if I don't call them within the next half hour. Two, you can shoot Kyung-Hee and come home with me. Or three, you can have me shoot and kill you so you don't have to kill anybody, but I'm going to have my way with your friend here. Just like I did to her mother before I killed her parents earlier. oops you didn't know about that did you Kyung-Hee! You know people really should learn to stop keeping a spare key under there welcome mat. It's more their fault than mine" He says and Kyung-Hee's face goes pale.


 As if to prove to us he's not lying, he pulls out a small bag from his inside coat pocket revealing both of her parents ring fingers with their rings still on. Kyung-Hee lets out a blood curling scream and I throw up the food I'd eaten earlier. My head feels like it's spinning and I am so dizzy I think I may pass out. He slaps me again bringing me back to the situation at hand.


  "Those are your choices! Now choose before I choose for you" My father growls and I try to think of any way I can get out of this.


 This is all my fault. If I had just kept my distance from people. If I had not tried to talk to Kyung-Hee on her first day she wouldn't have gone digging in my past. She and my other friends wouldn't be in danger. My family ruins everything. Getting close to people gets them killed. I look at Kyung-Hee at a loss for what to do. It hurts to see so much pain in her eyes. To know that I was the one to ruin my best friends life.


  "Please Sophia kill me" She says her tone defeated and her skin still deathly pale from the shock of her parents.


  "I can't! I won't do that to you!"


  "You have too!"




  "Then what, your going to shoot your dad so our other best friends die instead!?" She yells at me and I take in a sharp breath, feeling more trapped by the second.


  "Then I'll-"


  "Sophia you have to kill me! Please don't let him touch me! Please....... If he kills you, me trying so hard to save you will have been for nothing. Don't let everything have been for nothing! Don't let him lay his disgusting hands on me! If you were ever my friend you will do this for me!" She cries out and we both are sobbing again.


 I have no choice. I won't let my father rape my best friend and take her life. I won't let him lay his hands on Derek or Opal. I won't let anyone else get hurt because of me. I aim the gun at her chest, gripping it with both hands so that I don't miss and make her suffer.


  "Just please do me one thing"




  "Tell him that I love him and I always will. That I'm sorry we won't get to grow old together like we planned. Tell him that I want him to remember me. To be as happy as he can possibly be and to make the most of everyday because I'll be watching over him" She says being careful not to say Jiyong's name so my father will think I'm talking about a guy from our school and not the guy she loves sitting and waiting for her in Korea. 


  "I can do that" I say trying to stay as put together as I can for her sake.


  "Best friends" She says looking into my eyes and I remember what she said yesterday and nod placing my finger on the trigger.


  "Best friends" I agree meeting her gaze and giving her one more nod to try to ease both of our fears as I pull the trigger.


 The gun shot sounded loudly through the ally and the recoil from the gun scares me but my eyes stay on Kyung-Hee as the bullet collided with her chest. Her body fell back against the wall as her life faded in front of my eyes. Her eyes staying at nothing. I drop the gun and rush toward her pulling her into my arms. The air was cold tonight and I clutched her to me, as if maybe that could keep her now still body warm. To keep some part of her with me. She was my best friend and I loved her. No she was more than that............she was like a sister. The one person who had ever truly cared to help me and I'd killed. I took everything from her and then ended her life. It's not until this moment that it truly dawns on me. The fact that I so desperately wanted not to be true. I am no better than my father. I close my eyes and try to push everything away and my father speaks the words that make me feel even colder.


  "Welcome to the family business"

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