A World So Cold (Bigbang Fanfiction)

Sophia Summons has spent her entire life surrounded by her fathers crime ring. Ever since her father made her join his gang at the age of 17 her life has been nothing but a nightmare. Now that she is 20 and after three years of being forced to be in this gang she can't take it anymore. So when a gang from South Korea comes to New York for a big business deal with her father she takes this as her oppurtunity to escape. She makes them a deal that if they can get her out of Brooklyn to South Korea she will give them the three million dollars she has been saving up all these years. They agree but only if she joins their gang and can make herself useful with the promise that she won't have to do any killing. They soon learn that is the easy part. Sophia's father has one rule. When your in the gang your in for life and if your not your dead. With her fathers gang after them at every turn will Sophia finally be able to escape and be with the man she has come to love.


5. Funerals And Missed Calls


 Kyung-Hee and her parents funeral was a few days later. My father had offered to pay for it. The city wrote articles all about his generosity and kindness. It made me sick. That someone so awful existed and that he had created two monster just like him. My father is everything but generous and kind. The only thing in this world he knows is cruelty.


 At the funeral I tried to talk to Opal and Derek but they wanted nothing to do with me. I guess Kyung-Hee had told them she was going to be hanging out with me that night. They were smart enough not to say it out loud but by the look of pure hatred they'd given to me, I could tell that the fact that my father was oh so generous to pay for the funerals didn't go unnoticed and they were smart enough to put two and two together. Though I don't hold it against them. I sit beside a bunch of people I don't know. I'm assuming they're Kyung-Hee's parents friends. I didn't know her parents very well but they had always been very kind to me when I'd come over.


  "I'm sorry" I think to myself over and over again through out the ceremony. Hoping that they are listening and that they can hear me and that they forgive me.


 When the ceremony is over and everyone starts to leave the funeral I quickly push my way through the crowd of family, family friends, and our classmates that I didn't want trying to talk to. I don't want to talk to anyone today. I feel guilty and the sad thing is in a way I am. Though more than anything I wish I could have changed the day I met Kyung-Hee. She would still be alive and happy with her parents, and Derek and Opal wouldn't hate me. I head to the parking lot where my brother is waiting in a company car for me. I get inside but into the backseat instead of sitting next to him.


  "Are you really never going to talk to me again" He asks with a sigh and I look out the window.


 I haven't talked to him over the last few days. Not since I'd come home still in shock but aware enough to slap him across the face and tell him we were done and from that point on I don't consider him my brother anymore. I will never forgive him for what he did. If it wasn't for him there wouldn't have been a funeral today, and a loving family would still be here right now.


  "Only to say fuck you" I say with the most venom in my voice that I can manage today.


 He doesn't say anything else but starts driving towards home. When we make it inside I head to my room and lock my door. Once I make it to the desk in my room and sit down I let all of my emotions go. I had held back my tears over the last few days but after earlier today and my only other two friends turning their backs on me. I realize now just how alone I truly am. I let the tears fall for awhile before making myself calm down enough to wipe them away. I reach into my desk drawer and pull out an old school textbook that I hollowed out and stuck Kyung-Hee's self phone. I had pulled it from her pocket and slipped it in my jacket when my father had dialed up one of his mob members number to come clean up the scene. He had him take her body and put her back at home to make it look like someone came in and killed them all at there home.  


 It made me feel like I was going to be sick when I turned on the news the next morning to see the top news story. A family of three killed in home, daughter in her bedroom, and wife and husband in the living room. Wife was sexually assaulted and husband was tied up and made to watch before they were killed. No reason for why someone had decided to target them has been found. Investigators are searching now to see if they can find any information.


 I turn her phone on grateful that I remembered her pass code and that she'd charged it before hand. Right away it showed that she had 40 missed calls. A couple from Opal and Derek before everything had happened with my father four days ago and all of the rest from her boyfriend Jiyong. I try to picture what he could be doing right now. Waiting by the phone for her call. News from New York doesn't play in Korea. Has anyone here in New York told him? I pull up the picture of him on her phone that she had shown Opal and I months ago.


 From what she told me, Jiyong is involved with a gang in korea. Her family had moved here to get away from all the violence that surrounded not only him but her family as well. She said that he'd grown up in a bad home. His father was a drunk and his mother had left when he was a kid to escape it, leaving him behind. Kyung-Hee and his friend Taeyang were all he had. Tears prick my eyes again as I picture him hearing the news. Hearing that the love of his life is gone.


 I practiced what exactly I would say to him when he answered. Though no matter how many times I go over it the words aren't any easier. It's late in Korea but I can't wait any longer. I have to make sure that when he hears that she's gone he knows what really happened. I dial his number and close my eyes waiting to hear his voice on the line. Though I'll have to make sure to ask if it's him before I start spilling information. I haven't ever heard his voice before now. I clench my hand around her phone so it won't shake as it starts ringing. It rings twice before there is another voice on the line.


  "Hello!? Kyung-Hee is that you?" A male voice says frantic to get an answer and I swallow back the lump that fills my and look out my window.


  "No....... This is Sophia Summons" I answer trying not to let my words waver.


  "Oh Kyung-Hee has told me about you. What's going on? Why are you answering her phone?" He seems a little relaxed knowing it's someone that's friends with her and it takes everything in me not to hang up right then and there.


  "I-I need to tell you something but I need you to listen very carefully because I don't think I can say it twice. Please promise me no matter hard it may be" I say a sob slipping out against my will. There is silence between us on the line for a few moments before he responds.


  "Okay I promise" He says fear lacing his voice. Moving the phone from me for a second I wipe my eyes, before moving it back to me again.


  "First...... I want to tell you what she wanted me to tell you. She wanted me to tell you that........ She loves you and she always will. That she is sorry that you won't get to grow old together like you planned. She wants you to remember her. To be as happy as you can be and to make the most of everyday because she will be watching over you" I say pausing for a moment so he can take the words in. He says nothing but his breathing is out of control. I can hear him trying to fight back crying through the phone and my heart breaks for him and fills more with guilt. I decide to continue before I can't any longer. "I think you deserve to know the truth. Please don't listen to what the news says it's just a cover for what really happened. The truth is she was helping me. She had found out about my father and his crimes. She new about his mob activities. She had gathered information on him and my brother and other corrupt people that worked for him. A few days ago we were going to go to the police, but my father cornered us in the Ally we were suppose to meet in. He had killed her parents before coming to the Ally. He had raped her mother in front of her father before taking their lives and brought their ring fingers to show us. He gave me three choices, to kill him but if I did he was going to have our other two friends killed, kill Kyung-Hee and go home with him, or let him kill me but if I did he was going to rape Kyung-Hee like he did her mother and then kill her too. I picked choice two. Please I know you hate me now that you know but I.......I couldn't let him do that to her. I couldn't let her suffer like that. She was my best friend and I loved her. She was like a sister to me! Please I'm not asking for your forgiveness, just know that if I could trade places with her I would I will always love and miss her and what I did kills me! I wish I could take it back but I can't! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I want you to know that I'll be here waiting! I will keep fighting just so you can get your revenge when your ready! I will wait for you to come to take my life in return! I know nothing is going to make what happened right but this is the one thing I can do for you! Please know I'm sorry! I'm so sorry Jiyong!" I say the last few sentences coming out in sobs as I hang up, not giving him a chance to respond. I don't think I can handle hearing it. I can't handle hearing how this hurt him.


 I will wait for him to come and get his revenge. To come to take my life like I took hers.

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