A World So Cold (Bigbang Fanfiction)

Sophia Summons has spent her entire life surrounded by her fathers crime ring. Ever since her father made her join his gang at the age of 17 her life has been nothing but a nightmare. Now that she is 20 and after three years of being forced to be in this gang she can't take it anymore. So when a gang from South Korea comes to New York for a big business deal with her father she takes this as her oppurtunity to escape. She makes them a deal that if they can get her out of Brooklyn to South Korea she will give them the three million dollars she has been saving up all these years. They agree but only if she joins their gang and can make herself useful with the promise that she won't have to do any killing. They soon learn that is the easy part. Sophia's father has one rule. When your in the gang your in for life and if your not your dead. With her fathers gang after them at every turn will Sophia finally be able to escape and be with the man she has come to love.


6. Dial Tone



 (Kwon Jiyong Pov)


 I sit on the other end of the phone listening to the Dial Tone after she hung up. Every part of me shaking as I slip down the wall to the living room floor. My whole world suddenly going hollow. The person I love most in this world is gone. Taken by the same thing her family had fled to escape. She was suppose to come back. She was suppose to be safe. I clench the phone in my hand and feel everything holding me together inside of me snap to pieces. I let out the loudest scream I could manage not giving a shit about what the neighbors had to say. The pain is the worst I've ever felt and I let it take over me. I curl up in a ball on the kitchen floor clutching the phone to me as I sob trying desperately to get rid of the pain that I know will never leave.


 I'm not sure how long I'd been laying there crying but it must have been a couple hours at least because I could hear Taeyang entering our shared two bedroom apartment that we had gotten as soon as we could leave home, never wanting to go back again. I want to get up and run to my room. I don't want to have to talk about what happened but I can't seem to make my body move. My hands don't even stop clutching the phone as I hear the front door open.


  "Kwon you home?" Taeyang asks as he starts to search the apartment. It doesn't take him long to come across me on the kitchen floor. He drops his keys to the floor and runs to me. "Ji what's wrong what happened?!"


  "She's dead" I croak out, my throat sore from crying.


  "She who!" He yells now panicking as he shakes me.


  "Kyung-Hee!" I shout at him as another set of sobs racks my body. Pain sets into his face as well as he slips down next to me tears filling his eyes. He had been best friends with her almost as long as he has with me. We had all grown up together in the same small town in Korea so I know it's hard for him as well. I feel bad that I can't be of any comfort for him, I'm in to much pain.


  "How?" He asks as sobs start to escape him as well.


 I hesitate for a second, not sure I'll be able to talk about it if I try but decide that for Taeyang's sake I will explain everything the best I can. I start from the beginning, trying to make sure that I explain everything the way that Kyung-Hee's friend had explained it. Trying hard not to break down as the horrible words left my mouth. When I'd finished it seemed that Taeyang was almost as big a mess as me. We both sat there together that night crying for Kyung-Hee. Crying for the girl I love who was taken away from me by someone she loved, someone she trusted. I hadn't known Kyung-Hee's friend personally but from what she had told me about her she was a good person and a great friend to her. How had things become so twisted? How could Kyung-Hee have been killed in cold blood by someone she trusted so much. I would get my revenge on Sophia Summons. Somehow soon she will pay for what she has done.

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