Returning to the world

Leo returns to camp after the battle with Gaea. But he sets out on a new adventure, along with friends, to grt calypso out of ogygia. But trouble awaits for him as a certain someone doesn't want calypso to escape..(even tho rating says it's green, I can't change it for an unknown reason. If it were my choice, I'd pick yellow or orange or something. It has a lot of blood and romance!!)


1. I return to friends

Leo walked up to to the edge of the forest. Heart racing, breathing quick. What would his friends think of him still being alive? Will they be happy? Scared? Confused? Leo was confused. But he wasn't going back home to greet his fellow campers. He had something or someone else on his mind. Calypso. Leo wanted so much to get her off the island she was forced to stay on. She didn't deserve being kept on some stupid island. Calypso deserved to run free in the world again. Happy and no longer kept a prisoner. As leo looked at his old home, gazing at the familiar buildings, he mustered up the courage to walk in, and greet his fellow campers, reassure them that he was alive, and grab his friends and get calypso. And he did just that. Walking down from his place at the top of the hill, camoflauged so no one would've seen him, leo returned home. Piper p.o.v!! I was sitting at the Aphrodite table, enjoying a good lunch. Enjoying a nice conversation with my brothers and sisters. When I heard it. "Guys! Guys! You won't believe who I found! " Grover said as he raced to the mess hall. "Who?" I asked as we watch him pant. "And I thought he was dead!" He gasped, taking a step to the right. "I thought I was dead too!" A very familier voice replied following with the gaspsed of everyone in the hall. Leo?!
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