Carrie's Arsenal

Carrie and Arsenal are being hunted left and right by local law enforcement, SWORD agents and soldiers loyal to Lord Serenity. They have to work together in order to survive till they are safe.


7. 7

Outside the hospital cemetery, Arsenal (wearing a long brown trench coat and a wide brimmed hat to cover his face) watched as Carrie’s casket was lowered into her grave as a few people (mainly hospital staff that tended to her) watched somberly till she is lowered and they paid their respects before they walked away as two grounds keepers began burying her as Arsenal stood there with his head lowered the whole time, not bearing to look as they threw dirt into Carrie’s grave.  When they finished he looked up and watched them leave, but as soon as they did Arsenal saw a teenage punk girl entering the cemetery hurriedly and spray painted Carrie’s gravestone when suddenly a man yelled, “HEY, GET BACK!” The punk looked up in shock as did Arsenal looked on and saw two soldiers running towards her.  She ran away with the soldiers chasing after her and Arsenal stood with a look of confusion under his matted, shoulder length, wild hair and hat before he looked around and saw the coast is clear.  He looked down and saw a single red rose peeking out of the short barred fence and he plucked it as he looked at it curiously and at the area where the flower grew as all the plants around it were dead.  Arsenal grunted with curiosity and entered the cemetery and walked towards Carrie’s grave till he stood right in front of it and he breathed back trying to control his anger when he saw what the punk spray painted under Carrie’s name that said, “Devil’s Whore” Arsenal clenched his fists but heard a crushing sound and he looked down to seem the stem of the rose being crushed under his right fist and he immediately unclenched his hand.  He kneeled in front of her grave stone as he looked somberly and said, “I, love, you.” A single tear rolled down his cheek and he touched it and felt the wetness with a look of confusion at first and then looked sad and said, “So this is what it feels like.” He set the rose on top of the pile of dirt in front of her grave stone before he looked up and saw the same red spray painted words again left by the teenage girl punk.  He reached out and touched the gravestone when suddenly a hand bursted out from the dirt over Carrie’s grave and grasped Arsenal’s outstretched right wrist.


     Arsenal heard a female angry cry coming from down Carrie’s grave as Arsenal stifled a cry as he felt intense pain on his wrist and tried to pull free but his hand would not budge from under the hand’s grasp.  The dirt over where Carrie’s head should be started falling away as if something is rising from the ground as Arsenal watched with a cringed expression from the intense pain till suddenly he saw the top of Carrie’s head (caked with black dirt) rising from the ground.  Arsenal roared in fright as he saw Carrie’s forehead and eventually the white of her eyes as she glared at him in anger, still continuing to cry in anger. 

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