Carrie's Arsenal

Carrie and Arsenal are being hunted left and right by local law enforcement, SWORD agents and soldiers loyal to Lord Serenity. They have to work together in order to survive till they are safe.


4. 4

In the short silence following the wreck, Arsenal rose up slowly from the snow embankment.  When he stood up he looked at himself and scanned till his display read that injuries sustained in the head, upper body and lowered extremities are repaired and damage is minimal.  He looked back to see some flames on the undercarriage of the blue car and he started walking over till he noticed his left leg failed to move properly and almost fell.  He looked down at himself and scanned his left leg again till the scanner read that it is dislocated and could not repair properly till Arsenal punched the side of his knee with his right fist and heard and saw it relocated and his helmet display read, “Knee replaced” And Arsenal looked back at the blue car and continued walking.  


    The door to Carrie’s side was torn off by Arsenal’s right hand and was thrown away before Arsenal yanked and tore the seatbelt off of Carrie’s unconscious body before he pulled her out and laid her on the opposite side of the road.  Ryoko is able to push her broken door out before she fell/stumbled out with blood running down her forehead and lip.  She looked up when she heard someone approaching and saw Arsenal standing over her and she said, “Arsenal, what happened?” Arsenal replied, “Later.” He pulled the other door open behind her and pulled Ty out before Ryoko got behind him when he walked away and reached in to get Joey only to see, as she was trying to undo Joey’s seatbelt, the driver side (where Tenchi is sitting) was crushed into the ground with blood running out from where the head rest was and Tenchi’s hand (that Ryoko was holding as they drove) reaching out.  Ryoko just stared and said, “Tenchi?” Only silence and Ryoko reached and grabbed Tenchi’s hand (ignoring Joey’s moans of pain and her reaching to Ryoko).  In the meantime Arsenal set Ty down (unconscious) and he looked and noticed Carrie’s eyes barely open looking at him.  Arsenal started reaching towards her when he heard Ryoko call Tenchi’s name and he looked back and saw Tenchi’s crushed body and Joey trying to reach out to Ryoko, only for Ryoko to ignore her and concentrated only on Tenchi.  


    Ryoko continued to hold Tenchi’s lifeless hand even as Joey reached out to her with a trickle of blood dripping from the top of her head as she said, “Aunty I can’t get out.  Please help me aunty.  Aunty?” Joey tried to stifle her cries as Ryoko continued to ignore her when suddenly a large shadow loomed over Ryoko when she was yanked back and Ryoko immediately grabbed the door frame with both hands and yelled, “NO!  HE’S NOT DEAD!  HE’S NOT DEAD!  LET ME GO!” Arsenal continued to pull till she lost her grip and was dragged out from the car before Arsenal entered and noticed Joey is frightened but said, “Uncle Arnie, please help me.” And she reached towards him as Arsenal grabbed the buckle of her seatbelt and ripped it apart as he grabbed hold of her and said, “You are okay.  I am here.” Ryoko suddenly tried punching and kicking his butt to get him out of the way till Arsenal came back out with Joey in his arms as Ryoko looked at him both shock and angered as she ignored the blood running down Joey’s head and said, “Can you reach Tenchi?  Are you able to get him out?” Arsenal replied, “He is dead.  I would be more concerned about Joey.  Injury not bad as long as she gets to the hospital.” Joey felt the blood on her head as she brought her hand down and saw her own blood and she said, “Uncle Arnie, am I going to be okay?” Arsenal said, “You are fine.  Just a scratch.” Suddenly an alarm went off inside his helmet and Arsenal looked up to see a T-600 aiming a rifle at him and Arsenal turned his head to the right just as the machine fired and the bullet zipped past Arsenal’s head and he yelled, “Run!” And he grabbed Ryoko’s wrist and yanked her as he ran before the machine fired at him again repeatedly as a T-500 appeared from being hidden by a large pile of snow with its mini-gun drawn and fired down the middle of the road forcing Arsenal to leap into the ditch with Ryoko flying behind him and landed hard.  She grabbed her right arm and groaned in anger before she yelled, “You almost yanked my arm off you idiot!” Arsenal immediately handed Joey to Ryoko as she now started crying and slammed his fist on his right lower leg to draw his automatic rifle and fired at the machines direction, only to have them shoot closer to the ditch as the bullets hit close and Arsenal grunted in anger as he and Ryoko ducked over Ty and Carrie.  Arsenal then stood up and walked fast towards the machine’s shooting at him as the bullets bounced off his armored suit.  He aimed his specialized rifle at the machine firing the rifle and fired continuously as the bullets pierced its robotic body and ripped it to shreds before it fell lifelessly as he ignored the T-500 firing at him repeatedly.  Arsenal then aimed at the T-500 and fired relentlessly as the machine continued to shoot at him till some of its cables and various hydraulic lines were cut and the machine began stumbling where it is and lose its aim till Arsenal pressed a secondary trigger behind the primary and an explosion round fired and hit the machine directly at its face blowing its head to pieces before falling into the snow pile lifelessly.  


    Machine gun bullets hit the pavement around Arsenal as he looked up and saw two M machines in dark green standing behind a snow bank on the hill to his right pointing mini-guns at him.  Suddenly Ryoko landed behind the two machines with her orange beam saber out and in one swing she sliced both the machines in half on an angle as she screamed in anger.  Arsenal’s sensors made an alarm sound indicating to his left and when he looked he saw an armored truck with a SHIELD logo on it with the word STRIKE beneath it as it stopped behind the burning SUV.  When the doors open though more T-600’s appeared and began firing at Arsenal.  In the meantime, Carrie barely opened her eyes and saw a blurred vision of a dark figure shooting to her left and a large explosion came from its back before it stumbled forward, turned and fired an automatic rifle before she passed out again.  Arsenal slammed his left fist onto his lower left leg and another special automatic rifle appeared and he grabbed it and fired both his guns at the T-500s behind the flames and blasted the heads of two of them apart as more various machines appeared in snow piled banks on the steep hill side to the right of Arsenal and Ryoko ran, jumped into one position and kicked a T-600 so hard it flew backwards and hit a tree causing it to fall down and crush two M 500s behind a snow bank beneath it.  She then cut two T-600s in half and decapitated them simultaneously before she shoved her saber into a T-500’s mid-section behind her.  A M-700 turned its mini-gun at Ryoko but she moved quickly, zigzagging as it fired at her and she cut its gun arm off before decapitating it.  She looked down the hill as she heard machine-gun fire below and saw two more SHIELD STRIKE vehicles parking in the middle of the road behind the other one as a T-500T and one T-800 and various other T and M model machines approaching Arsenal as he fired all around and she high jumped and landed right in the middle of the group of machines before she kicked a T-200 in the face as it stumbled back and she jumped in the air to dodge the machines and terminators shooting at her and missed the bullets as they passed her and struck a T-850 and two T-700s and ripping them apart before they fell.  She then shoved her beam saber through a T-850 as she grabbed a T-600 by the gun arm, yanked it as it continued to fire and shot apart a T-500 before the T-600 grabbed her by the shoulder.  As she felt the intense pressure of the machine trying to crush her shoulder, she immediately spun around as she swung her saber and cut its head off.  She then sliced apart a T-600, 850 and two M-200s before a T-500T pushed through the burning wreckage of one of the punks vehicles and fired both its arms (that are built in mini-guns) at Arsenal, knocking him down, and creating bullet marks on his armored suit.  


    Ryoko screamed in anger as she ran/jumped and shoved the beam saber through the machine’s mid-section and began pulling it out when the machine backhanded her, knocking her to the pavement with blood flying from her mouth.  The machine pulled the beam saber from its mid-section and threw it onto the ground before turning towards Arsenal and aiming both his guns when Arsenal pulled out a square like device and pressed a red button on top as he roared with rage as he threw the device behind the T-500T and detonated into the air and began sucking the flaming debris, vehicles and ten machines into the detonation point as the T-500T started sliding backwards as it still walked towards Arsenal when suddenly its feet slipped off the pavement beneath it and flew right into the detonation point as it was sucked in just before the sucking dissipated leaving only the wrecked SUV (that struck the blue car), the blue car Tenchi drove and the black Pontiac Trans Am.


    Ryoko got up slowly, dazed, as Joey ran up and hugged her as she yelled, “Aunty!” Ryoko held her as the sound of two more SHIELD vehicles is heard and Arsenal immediately raised both his guns and fired into the windshield of the first one, blasting apart the windshield and the vehicle came to a complete stop as the two machines in the front seats heads and faces were blown apart and more machines started debarking the vehicles.  Arsenal fired relentlessly as he roared sending bullets shells flying everywhere as he tore into the machines and the vehicles they drove in even as they fired at him and the bullets bounced off his suit and helmet, but ignoring them till all the machines fell and it is dead quiet.  Arsenal turned to Ryoko and said, “Get them to saf...” A loud report of a high powered rifle echoed and the right side of Ryoko’s head exploded, sending blood and chunks flying to her right side as Joey jumped back and screamed as Ryoko’s right (only) eye rolled up and she fell forward (face down) into the pavement, not moving.

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