Carrie's Arsenal

Carrie and Arsenal are being hunted left and right by local law enforcement, SWORD agents and soldiers loyal to Lord Serenity. They have to work together in order to survive till they are safe.


15. 15

Behind a diner there is a red glow as Arsenal and Carrie rematerialized and Arsenal stumbled till Carrie caught his left arm and held him steady.  Arsenal stood up and said, “Okay, you?” Carrie replied, “Fine.  You need a new pair of clothes.” Arsenal pulled out a capsule from his pocket, pressed it and there was a pop as he is surrounded by smoke.  When it dissipated he is wearing a new set of clothes and he said, “Better.” He looked at the diner and said, “Hungry.  Very hungry.” Carrie smiled and said, “I know you might say that.” They both walked towards the diner and entered to see people are eating or talking to one another and did not look up to see them.  Carrie and Arsenal approached the bar table and sat in the stools in front of them and ordered food to eat, all the while everyone continued to mind their own business as Arsenal and Carrie ate silently.  Carrie was finishing eat when a male voice said, “It’s interesting that with all your abilities you are able to control yourself and not harm anyone close to you.” Carrie looked wide eyed and around the diner to see who was talking as she saw Arsenal looking at her and she said, “Did you hear him?” Arsenal just stared at her and said, “No.  No one was talking to you, or us.” The voice said, “I’m sorry, I forgot my manners.  Only you can hear me. I’m telepathic.  My name is Charles Xavier and I am the head of a school of gifted people like ourselves.” Carrie said (In her mind), “I’m sorry, but I don’t get along well in a school environment.” Xavier said, “You don’t have to be afraid.  This school is not like any other and you will be amongst friends, even those that have the same abilities as you do.” Then there is a sound of a jet that is approaching as the people in the diner looked out the windows in confusion as well as Arsenal as he looked over his shoulder and Xavier said, “I have sent a jet to pick you and your companion up if you don’t mind.” Carrie stood up and looked outside the window as she saw an SR-71 Blackbird flying over the large parking lot between the diner and a closed down superstore before its wheels came down and landed as she and everyone else in the diner looked in shock or awe while Arsenal tilted his head and looked in curiosity.


    On the left side of the aircraft’s fuelsolodge, a door opened and a short set of stairs came down and a young woman, wearing a black and grey suit and flowing red shoulder length hair, appeared at the entrance and looked around the diner till she looked straight at Carrie and smiled.  Carrie looked at her nervously and took a step back towards Arsenal when she heard a soft female voice said (in her head), “Don’t be afraid, we are friends.  You and your friend will be safe with us.” Carrie looked a little relieved and she turned to Arsenal and said, “I think I found a place where we can be safe.” Arsenal looked at her and the young lady standing at the entrance to the aircraft and back at Carrie and he nodded and said, “Trust them?” Carrie looked back at the young lady as she smiled at them and said (in Carrie’s mind), “Please, come.” Carrie smirked and said, “Yes, I do.” Arsenal stood up and placed the money on the table before turning to Carrie and said, “Then I do as well.” They both walked outside as the people in the diner looked at them in shock as they approached the aircraft and Carrie climbed up the short steps with the young woman reaching out to take her hand and the young lady said, “My name is Jean Grey, what’s yours?”

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