Carrie's Arsenal

Carrie and Arsenal are being hunted left and right by local law enforcement, SWORD agents and soldiers loyal to Lord Serenity. They have to work together in order to survive till they are safe.


14. 14

The next day Arsenal drove a red two person car as Carrie sat back and looks out her side window silently.  Arsenal said, “You remember yesterday?” Carrie replied somberly, “Yes.” Arsenal said, “Fighting for survival.  Not your fault.” Carrie said, “I know.  I understand now, ever since I.....woke up.” There is the sound of multiple car horns and Carrie looked forward to see many vehicles turning left or right and saw a man wearing a hoody to conceal his face as he stood there with his shoulders hunched over and arms down.  Carrie looked concerned and said, “What....” The hooded figure extended his right hand straight to their car and the car suddenly stopped in motion as Arsenal held onto his seat and steering wheel while Carrie immediately had her hands up on the dashboard to keep her from hitting her face.  Arsenal said, “He has powers.  Can’t move, literally.” Carrie looked at him both shocked and fearful and said, “Why not?” A voice said, “Because his spine and head are mechanical.” She looked forward and saw the hooded man removed his hood to show his face and noticed he had very bright blue eyes.  Carrie exited the car slowly as she stood behind the door and the man smiled at her and said, “I control anything that is mechanical or run by electricity.” Carrie stepped away from the car and said, “Who are you?  What do you want from us?” He said, “I had a name once, but people always call me Hacker instead of my real name, so I decided to take on that name and became exactly what they wanted to believe.” A policeman suddenly appeared behind him with a taser raised and pointed at his back and he said, “Hands up!” Hacker said, “I’m afraid not.” The police officer pulled the trigger but instead of the taser tags firing out of the gun the tags remained in and the electricity fired in his hands and the officer fell to the ground convulsing as he is being tazed.  


    The taser gun suddenly flew from the officer’s grasp and onto the pavement as the officer stopped convulsing and laid unconscious on the pavement.  Hacker looked at the taser in wonder before looking back at Carrie and smiled and said, “So you have powers after all.  Lets see what happens when I...” Suddenly Carrie raised her right hand and Hacker was throttled back and slammed on the tailgate of a SUV.  Hacker grunted in pain and he yelled in anger, “You shit!” The pickup next to him went full reverse and went straight at Carrie but she extended both hands and the truck slammed into an invisible force field before she raised her hands and the truck lifted off the ground and she waved her hands to the right and the truck flew and smashed/tumbled along the road or against other vehicles.  Hacker raised his left hand to two cars and swung at her and the two cars turned to face her  and drove full speed till Carrie extended both hands and the cars stopped with their tires still spinning and she flipped both her hands over her shoulders and the cars flew over her and slammed onto the ground till all of a sudden two cables, from a nearby telephone pole were torn off and wrapped around her neck lifting her off her feet as she tried to pull them off as she began choking and the two ends of the cables (that are sending sparks into the air) faced her as she looked at them with fear.  Hacker laughed and said, “Time to die freak!” Carrie struggled as the ends of the cables closed in on her as Hacker smiled when suddenly he saw Arsenal roaring with rage as he tackled him from the front and slammed him back against the same SUV, caving in the tailgate and smashing the rear window with the back of his head.  The cable went limp and left her go as they and Carrie fell but she suddenly stopped as she extended her hand down and she levitated for a few moments till she landed on her feet and breathed with a sigh of relief.  Arsenal grabbed Hacker and threw him and he hit the pavement hard and tumbled till he laid face down.  Arsenal began to move towards him when Hacker raised his right hand and the car next to Arsenal moved suddenly but he caught it with his left hand.  The car sped faster in place and burned rubber as the tires squealed, but Arsenal stood his ground while the back door that is against his left hand started to cave in as smoke spewed from the burning rubber.  Hacker looked up at him angrily as he stood and said, “How about this!” He raised his left hand and the cables that laid around Carrie rose up again and fired bolts of electricity from their torn ends and Carrie suddenly raised both her hands and the bolts struck the invisible shield surrounding her as more cables were torn from nearby telephone poles and from the ground and either shot blue, white or yellow bolts of electricity onto the shield or tried to grab her but bounced off the shield.


    Arsenal roared with rage and ran after Hacker but suddenly the taser that laid on the ground lifted up and fired at Arsenal stinging him with the taser tags and began to convulse as he fell forward onto the road and rolled to his side as the intensity of the tazzing increased and his clothes were partially burnt to reveal his black and lighted red suit beneath it.  Hacker laughed and said, “You’re both weak!  The modern world is run by machines and electricity!  Brute force and magic tricks are no match to me!” As Carrie continued to hold the cables and bolts of electricity at bay Arsenal struggled to pull the taser tags from his body as he shakes uncontrollably till his body suddenly went ridged as Hacker extended his right hand at him and said, “Robotic spine and skull.  I wonder what they look like beneath that skin and tissue.”  Arsenal then felt his spine begin to pull back as he felt a tremendous headache as his head began to pull back and he screamed in pain as Hacker laughed till suddenly Hacker’s eyes were wide open and he looked in shock as he began to make choking sounds and he tried to grab to whatever is choking him only there was nothing as he looked towards Carrie and saw her eyes are fully dilated and she extended her right hand at him and is grasping at thin air towards his throat.  Arsenal then went limp and he began to stand slowly as he groaned in pain as some of the cables surrounding Carrie fell to the ground.  Carrie said, “Time to taste your own medicine whiz boy.” She then moved her left hand from over her left side (holding her invisible shield up) to in front of her and the cables, that were firing electrical bolts at her, turned at Hacker’s direction and flew towards him when Hacker extended both hands and the cables stopped and began firing bolts at him, but they ended up striking an invisible shield in front of him.  The electricity that is hitting on Hacker’s invisible shield began shooting back towards Carrie and she extended both her hands and blocked the incoming electrical storm at her.  They both cringed and grunted as they struggled to shock each other while the space between them is engulfed with white, blue and yellow electrical bolts as they danced about in the air.  Hacker cringed in anger as he continued to struggle against Carrie’s wrath and he yelled, “!” Carrie cringed and groaned as she struggled against Hacker and said, “I....already....have!” Suddenly she screamed in fury as she shoved both her hands forward and the bolts of electricity are thrown back as her shield extended greatly towards Hacker and the electrical bolts pierced through his invisible shield and struck him.  He screamed in both pain and anger as he lighted blue and he is thrown back in the air and tangled with the telephone cables between two poles when he struck them and as he continued to scream, but louder, his skeleton began to show through the light blue light covering his body when suddenly he exploded into light and disappeared into a large cloud of smoke before the dangling cables fell.


    Arsenal kneeled as he rested his hand against the side of a car as he looked where Hacker was vaporized when he heard a shuffling of feet behind him.  He looked back and saw Carrie stumbled right behind him and rested her hand on his shoulder and said, “Are you okay?” Arsenal grunted as he stood and replied, “Been through worse.” He looked behind her and saw pedestrians standing around behind and to Carrie’s left as they watched Arsenal and Carrie either shocked or fearful when many police officers and sheriff deputies forced their way through, drew their weapons and aimed at Arsenal and Carrie when a large white haired man in a sheriff’s uniform appeared with his sidearm draw and he yelled, “STAY WHERE YOU ARE!” Arsenal said, “Don’t have time for this.” He quickly put his left hand against the left rib of his suit and red lights appeared where his hand is placed and he twisted his hand and he and Carrie dematerialized in a red glow and vanished before the shocked crowd and police.  At the cables where Hacker was tangled and vaporized there were a series of smalls sparks following down the cables from telephone pole to telephone pole in the direction Arsenal and Carrie were driving before they were interrupted by The Hacker.

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