A rewritten story called... The Adoption

Come and check out my story it is full of amazing characters some are based on real life friends the names and pictures are just changed. Hello my name is Raven I live in the big City of Detroit come and join me on an incredible journey of love... hate... suicide.... and much more. Hope you like the story.... *Smiles and vanishes into thin air*


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Be strong enough to stand alone,

Be yourself enough to stand apart,

but be wise enough to stand together

when the time comes."


‘Hello, my name is Raven; I am 16 years old, and I currently live in the Phoenix Arizona orphanage for kids owned by none other than… Mark… No not the Mark Zuckerberg who invented Facebook… Stupid social media… oh well, nothing I can really do about it. The reason why I live in the orphanage… you can probably figure out on your own and no my mom and dad didn’t want me they actually did but they died when I was about 5 years old coming home from a party that my father's work was hosting and of course it was only for Adults but I was an exception because my parents couldn’t find a babysitter on time so they took me anyways.


Flashback 11 year ago:

That night my mother looked like a princess in one of those so called fairy tales dressed in a long beautiful electric blue dress with gold sequins belt and gold heels with her long luscious black hair up in a bun just like the one Cinderella had the night of the ball but more beautiful and unique but my father… Oh my did he look handsome as ever in his tailored suit and his slicked back dark brown almost black hair; And me… well let’s just say I didn’t look anything like my mother did. I was dressed in a black and gold dress with black ballet flats and my black hair in a braided bun with my bangs hanging over my right eye and some of the braid hanging from the back. And the party was extravagant… With a big chandelier in the middle of the dance floor and all of the adults dancing to the soft classical music… My parents decided to go and dance on the dance floor while I was up in the entertainment room. After around 11:00 at night my mother and father came up to get me so we could head home… Right when we got out to the car I had this terrible feeling that something’ bad was going’ to happen not sure what but something terrible. And that terrible feeling I had actually did happen when we were halfway home when a truck came barreling’ down the wrong side of the road. Next thing I know is I have a huge piece of glass in my eye ‘well that frickin sucks’ I thought to myself… When the last thing I heard from my parents was ‘we love you baby, stay safe and don’t let people define you.’


Sad thing is my parents died right on impact…  Okay enough with my past… Let me tell you a little about myself. I am 5’7” with long black hair that reaches to my shoulder blades in an emo/scene style hair cut, electric blue eyes with a hint of gold there is also a scar that runs from the bottom of my right eyebrow to the bottom of my right eye…’

“Hey scarface guess what?” Veronica sneers. Is the world seriously trying to kill me… Veronica is the, so called, “It Girl” in the orphanage just because her father owns the place but what she doesn’t know is that he completely hates her… (I am seriously laughing right now as I write this) “What do you want Veronica… I say as I clench my fists under my desk.

“Oh I just wanted to be a nice person and tell you that people are coming over to adopt someone… and that someone would be me.” Now that drove me over the edge… Standing up quickly I turn around to face the she demon  herself Veronica. “You know what Veronica? I am sick and Tired of you trying to push me down but you know what…” Quickly grabbing my guitar I start to play Mean by Taylor Swift. “And all you are is mean… All you are is Mean.” I finish off the song and put my guitar down staring at Veronica. I am sick and tired of you putting people down just because your daddy owns the place! Everyone in this place is just like you except we don’t have parents to take care of us!” Then once I finished my ranting everyone walked up behind veronica with a smile on their faces… Smiling at… me… Then Veronica had to open up her big fat mouth. “So what if you don’t have parents… I do and that’s because my parents didn’t abandon me like your……” That’s when I had finally had enough, as my face turned red and smoke came out my ears.

“Veronica you wanna know what really happened to my parents?” I asked in a low and deadly calm voice. causing everyone's smiles to disappear and the only person in this place that actually liked me for who I am; Dean my one and only friend in this wretched place to step out of the crowd of people and walk over to me trying to calm me down said one word and I was talking up a storm. “shoot…”

And I did. “My parents never abandoned me they died in a Frickin car crash and guess what Veronica at least I had parents who cared about me unlike you…” that’s all I said before grabbing my skateboard and walking out of my room jumping off the balcony/ Overhang landing on my feet in a crouched position. “Hey Mark!!!” I call as I stand back up.

“Yes Rave?” That’s  the nickname he gave me.

“I’m going out to the Skate park be back in like 5 hours.”

    “Okay stay safe and I left about a thousand dollars on the table in an envelope for you.”

“Okay thank you.” I say right before I walk into the kitchen grabbing the envelope and walking out the front door heading to the skate park.


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