Fire Betrayal

Roscoe, a crestfallen girl from slums ends up in a palace and falls in love with the prince but as she discovers love and her life in the palace with the prince she discovers she is not a ordinary girl, but a mistake never meant to happen. As she discovers herself, she suffers betrayal, she sacrifices a lot of things but is love one of them?. She is about to find out.
Awesome cover by Christina.H


9. Chapter 8

The next day I woke up dreamingly. I touched my lips, still feeling the soft breath of Lance lips on my lips. I would have stayed there all morning day dreaming about lance. But I was not so fortunate.

Wade burst open my door and stepped in like he owned it.

“ You have to go to the ball with me.” He practically shouted.

“ I told you I am not going and you said that you would probably find someone else.” I complained.

“ Yeah. I know what I said but I don’t have time to find myself another date because the ball is not a week later it is today. In just 10 hours.” He screamed. And then dropped on his knees and said softly.

“ Please, I beg you. Please go to this ball with me and I will do anything you want. But please.” He begged me.

“ But Wade-“ I began but Wade cut me off.

“ I know you got some grudge against the royal family but please do it for me.” Wade made a puppy face.

“ You know that is not gaining you any sympathy.” I said.

Wade continued with the puppy face.

“ Fine. I’ll go. But after that you will owe me. Big time.” I said. Wade nodded like a 5-year-old and almost started a happy dance and kissed me on my hands. He would have kissed me on the face but I sent him away before he could do that.

I have been taken.


All day long, whole of the palace was busy arranging for the ball. People were running around with flowers and plates and decoration items. It seems the ball being pre-poned was a shock for everyone. I saw some girls running in front of me with dresses and make-up kits and giggling among themselves. Some of them even flirted with the guards.

As I completed my work I retired to my room with only 4 hours left for the ball. It was then that it stuck me that I had no dress to wear. I was about to get up from my bed to go find Wade when he on his own came bursting in with a-

Gorgeous red dress. I was adorned with gems and golden borders. I could hear my mouth dropping to the floor.

“ Close that trap, Roscoe. You can catch mice with that huge mouth.” He said and began setting the things he had brought on the table. He had a huge make-up box, his own tuxedo and a small box which he wouldn’t let me see.

“ I know you are not big on fashion. So, I made all the arrangements because when you stand next to me I want to you to match my charisma.” He said while fanning himself.

“ My dear friend you have the  charisma of that of the  rotting innards of an unidentified road kill.” I argue back.

For 10 long seconds silence engulfs us and I might have lost my date to the ball.

And then laughter.

“ Man, why do you do it? Every time I say something good you just break my bubble. Fine, I might not be handsome enough for you but seriously charisma of unidentified roadkill. You are crazy.” He laughed and soon we were both getting ready and laughing off at petty jokes on each other. For the first time going to a ball looked kind of exciting.

When Wade started on my make-up. It was then that I asked him.

“ Wade, do you know anything about the first daughters?”

Wade stopped in the middle of setting my hair and stared at me.

“ How do you know about the first daughters?” he asked.

“ I-I heard someone talking about it in the corridors. Some guards.” I stammered. Wade just nodded and began to work on my hair again and whispered as if someone might hear us.

“ Taking about the first daughters is forbidden. They say that first daughters of the nobility are immensely powerful and can destroy the world. For ages there have never been an first daughters in any of the houses. The last first daughter was born in this very palace to the House of Brine. That is why the House of Brine are the current rulers of Zion. And they will remain in power until a first daughter is born in any other family.”

“ What if there is a first daughter but she might be hiding.” I asked remembering the poem on the last page.

Long lost she will finally return.

“ No, no one will hide an first daughter. Why would they if any of the other Houses do have a daughter. Why would they miss the chance of being the rulers of Zion.” Wade stated. And he was right why would someone miss the chance of ruling an entire country.

“ But there was an rumor 17 years ago. That a first daughter was born in the House of Embers.” Wade said. “ but when the priests went to bless the baby, there was no daughter. The baby just vanished and since then the House of Embers remains under close watch for frauding the claim of having an first daughter.” Wade finished.

Only three words flashed across my mind before Wade pushed me into the bathroom to change.

Embers. Fires. Ashes.

I was feeling a little uncomfortable because the dress was too exposing for my taste. But for Wade it was just perfect and he was staring at me as if I was the sun. he even asked me something vey inappropriate.

“After the ball can I have sex with you?”

“ Um….. how about a no.” I said with a frown.

“ Well you are looking absolutely beautiful. As beautiful as the-“ but I cut him off.

“ Yeah, I know as beautiful as a make-up box I get it.” I said nodding.

“ Well then lets go. World to save, ladies to impress and food to eat.” He beamed.

Typical Wade.


We made our way towards the ball and the hallway leading it was decorated with the most gorgeous flowers ever. As we neared the the grand room we heard the music playing. As we entered the ball the first thing that hit me that it was obnoxiously bright and then came the fragrance.

Me and Wade made our way to the drinks because seeing so many people at once left me unsettled and thirsty.

Not for a drink but to feel my hands on their riches.

Keep it in, Roscoe. I said to my self.

Later, Wade led me to the dance floor when a soft music came on. Wade took my hand in his held on to my waist as I placed a hand on his shoulder.

“ You are enjoying this aren’t you? Me being your date I can’t slap you in front of these people and you can do what you want.” I inquired.

“ You have no idea.” Wade said grinning.

And finally after dancing for 10 minutes I get tired and put my head on his shoulder.

“ I knew you would give in.” wade whispered in my ear.

“ To what? Your charisma?” I asked. And wade laughed and his whole body shaking with laughter. I look up to see in his eyes and like crazy both of us break into laughter. Attracting a few glares from the nearby people. But before any of them could interrupt. The room is silenced by a voice.

“ I am very grateful for everyone for coming to this grand celebration for my son.” The king spoke his voice heavy with growing age.

“ Today, I will present my son the crown for he has deemed himself responsible and worthy for this great honor.” The king gestured where the royal family was standing. Every pair of eyes turned into the direction pointed.

I took a sharp intake of breath when I saw the Queen and Prince Aaron surrounded by other people but there was someone else standing in the light and it was a dream.

My dream.

Lance was looking radiant in his dark blue tuxedo like the sky at night time and his face like the moon and hair of that of the sun. but his face.

It was grief stricken and afraid.

“ Come on, son. The crown waits for no one.” The king urged.

I expected Prince Aaron to walk up because he was the prince.

But he did not move.

Beside him a second figure moved.

It was a nightmare.

My nightmare.

Lance moved forward and stood beside his father, who held the crown out to place it on his head.

Lance met my eyes and looked down.

The room burst into applause and the noise blinded me.

My chest exploded.

My heart shattered.

I fled the room.






To be continued....






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