Fire Betrayal

Roscoe, a crestfallen girl from slums ends up in a palace and falls in love with the prince but as she discovers love and her life in the palace with the prince she discovers she is not a ordinary girl, but a mistake never meant to happen. As she discovers herself, she suffers betrayal, she sacrifices a lot of things but is love one of them?. She is about to find out.
Awesome cover by Christina.H


6. Chapter 5

Next day, Wade came in and woke me up and gave me mu duties. It was then, that I was doing my duty. When the royal guard announced.

“ All Hail, The prince of Zion and Aqua palace. Prince Aaron.”

All of us who were working in or about, quickly moved out of the way. But , as I was new here I was slow to move and bumped into the Prince. Before I had a chance to say sorry. I was slapped across my face. I felt the pain make it’s way towards my skull and felt the skin beneath my eye tear open. And then I was kicked behind my knees, making me collapse on my feet and hitting the floor. I soon saw black spots cloud my vision. As I felt myself lose consciousness I was kicked one more time. This time in the stomach and I was graced by these words.

“ Get this bitch out of my way.”


I woke up in my room. I started to get up but almost collapsed but a hand steadied me.

“ Careful, you are still hurting.” I looked up at the familiar voice. I screamed and snatched my hand away from Lance. But he just tightened his grip on mine.

“ Just listen to me Roscoe-“ he tried to explain. But I didn’t give a shit what he had to say.

He works for the prince. Who I hate. And now more than ever.

“ I hate you. I hate the prince. I hate the king. I hate this place. I hate anyone who lives in this god forsaken palace.” I shouted. Lance looked uneasy on his feet and shifted uncomfortably from one feet to another and hesitated before asking me.

“ Why? Why do you hate this place so much? What is the reason behind such hate?”

“ Do you have a family Lance?” I voice came out deadly soft.

“ Yes.”

“ Do you love them?”

“ of course.”

“ How would you feel when they are ripped away from your life?” I asked softly.

Lance didn’t answer. Because he worked for the prince. He had always known a good bed, warm house and good pay. He had never thought about losing his family.

“ I lost my parents when I was only 11. They were forced to work for the king and 2 years later a royal guard came and told us there are dead. For the next 5 years my brother worked day and night to make ends meet. You know, no one even came to help us out. My parents were always royal to the king of this kingdom and what did they get in return. Death. Now, they are nothing more than two hands who served the king. I am sure no one even remember their names or that they had two 13-year-olds. With no family and nowhere to go. And yesterday the same had happened to me Lance. Yesterday, I was sleeping when I was woken up and thrown in a bag and two guards beat the shit out of my brother when he tried to stop them. Now, I am here in this place against my wishes. Working in a slaughterhouse, which not only killed my parents but hundreds other. And the king don’t even give a shit about them. Now, tell me Lance. Do I not have the right to hate the people who murdered my parents, took me away from my brother and today kicked me and slapped me just because I accidently bumped into the Prince. Now, tell me, am I wrong to feel such hate?” I demanded.

“ No.” he whispered.

“ Then you have no right to judge my behavior, Mr Lance. And I am grateful for helping me out. But I have no kinship towards you or anyone from this palace.” I stated. And I slowly laid back in my bed and turned my face away and soon afterwards I heard the door closing.

I rested in peace.

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