Fire Betrayal

Roscoe, a crestfallen girl from slums ends up in a palace and falls in love with the prince but as she discovers love and her life in the palace with the prince she discovers she is not a ordinary girl, but a mistake never meant to happen. As she discovers herself, she suffers betrayal, she sacrifices a lot of things but is love one of them?. She is about to find out.
Awesome cover by Christina.H


5. Chapter 4

First thing I noticed was that the Queen was looking really beautiful. Now, I know she is my enemy and me and her are not going to get along but truth be told she was looking stunningly beautiful. Like the dawn of the day. Wearing a beautiful blue gown with matching earrings, and a equally stunning carcanet.

When me and Wade entered the room she looked at us and smiled a perfectly lit smile. I was about to return the favor but then I remembered who she was and then just ducked my face and continued walking with Wade beside me. And soon other girls started filing in. As the last of the girls entered two guards saluted to the Queen and closed the door. As soon as the door closed the Queen rose and walked towards us and spoke.

“ Welcome, to the Aqua Palace. All of you now are the members of Servantes Royales. We have picked each of you from different constituency because each of you excels in the work you do and hence we have chosen you because of your exemplary work records and find you fit to  work for your King and his family. From tomorrow you shall start your work and today you shall rest and be given your duties. I hope you will make us proud.” She finished and went away with three older maids following her. As soon as she left I turned towards Wade and asked.

“ Exemplary work record?”

“ Yes, we have seen your records. You were the number 1 employee in the stitching factory in Nevilli.” Wade said and begin leading me towards my bed chambers and on the way explained to me that all I had to do was clean some antiques in the main hall. But soon I zoned out Wade, for I had something else on my mind.

Exemplary records?. Best in my work? I could not make sense of anything the Queen said. I have never worked in my entire life and all I ever did is……….. Steal. I may be best in stealing but I am sure I would not be here on the basis of my stealing.

Hundred more thought crossed my mind but I could not make any sense of anything and soon the day passed by in a blur. I was given a small room. It was small but pretty and had enough space so I could decorate it to my needs. As I settled in for the day. Sleep was hard to come by today. I began thinking about my old life and Nestor. Oh, God. Who will take care of him? Who will feed him? Who will open the door when he comes late from work? And a thousand more questions crossed my mind as I tossed and turned in my bed. Until I could not take it anymore. I threw away the covers and jumped from my bed and made my way out of my room. I was here only a day and I didn’t know my way but still I kept on going. For being lost was better than working for these people. But finally I came across a door that opened up in a huge balcony. I went through the door and sat on the very edge of the balcony.

 The night sky was looking beautiful with stars shining like beacon of hope and beneath me was the alluring garden with flowers of a thousand colors. For the first time I had seen such beauty and it made me remember Nestor. The beauty in my life.

“Remember me when I am gone away,”  I began singing for this was the song my mother sang to me and Nestor the day she was taken.

      “   Gone far away into the silent land;

         When you can no more hold me by the hand,

Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay.

Remember me when no more day by day

         You tell me of our future that you plann'd:

         Only remember me; you understand

It will be late to counsel then or pray.

Yet if you should forget me for a while

         And afterwards remember, do not grieve:

         For if the darkness and corruption leave

         A vestige of the thoughts that once I had,

Better by far you should forget and smile

         Than that you should remember and be sad.”


“ It was beautiful.” A voice said behind me. As I turned around, I could hear myself taking in a sharp intake of breath. I was looking at the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. This person was inhumanly beautiful. I might have been staring for too long because I heard the him clear his throat and said.

“ Um, You know, You are staring. Right?”

For the first time ever. I was grateful that it was night. So, he couldn’t see me turning into a tomato because I was blushing. Very much.

“ I, um-I.” I couldn’t find the words. Real smooth Roscoe.

“ So, who is it?” he asks as he slides down beside me. His shoulder brushing mine. Sending another blush up my cheeks.

“ It’s my Mother’s song. She used to sing it to me. And she-she-“ I broke away. Not trusting my voice anymore.

“ I am sorry for asking.” He said and then looked up at me. Shit. It took my breath away. He had eyes which were neither green nor blue but somewhere in between.

“ I am Lance. By the way.” He said. Extending his hand.

I take his hand and give it a shake and said. “ Roscoe Cortez.”

“ So, you new here? I have never seen you here before.” Lance said.

“ It’s because I came just this morning. It’s my first day here.” I returned

“ So, how are you enjoying your day here?” lance said.

“ Well, we are already sitting on a roof in the middle of the night. Plus, I am singing ‘remember me’ type songs and I am having a very strong feeling that I just might puke. So, my day is going pretty much as I planned.” I paused to look at Lance who had a very confused expression on his face. “ Oh! If you hadn’t figure out that I was being sarcastic then you are a even bigger fool then you already are.” I finally stopped.

Lance was still confused.

“ Well, I guess you are having a very bad first day.” He finally said.

“ Took you long enough. To figure it out.” I  said without looking at him.

“ I am having a hard time to figure out. What I have done to provoke such rude comments?” He said with a frown.

“ Oh dear God! No. I am not rude. I am just naturally bitter.” I said with a surprised expression.

Before I could continue I was cut of by lance’s laughter. I do not know why I noticed it but his face suddenly changed when he laughed. As if he haven’t laughed in a long time.

 “ Wow, you are- I don’t know. I haven’t met anyone like you.” He winked at me.

“ You mean a total rude ass like me.” I said. At that he again laughed and his body shook with laughter.

“ That too. But I meant a funny, beautiful girl like you.” He smiled.

“ Why? Have you never laughed before.” I said ignoring the beautiful comment.

“ I mean, I have but when you live in the palace you mostly laugh a fake laugh. But this is the most real laugh I ever laughed. And now I am looking like a moron because I am using the word laugh too much. It’s making me laugh and you are not laughing so I better stop laughing. And-“

“ God. Stop. Just stop. You are a moron. Truly. Have you never talked to a girl before. Dude, you are not going to get any girls if you keeping using the word ‘laugh’.”

“ I,I -, so what do you do in the palace.” He suddenly asked.

“ Wow, change the topic. Smooth. Real smooth boy. I don’t know, I am working for something called the Servantes Royales.” I answered.  “ What do you do Lance?” I asked.

“ I,I-” He hesitated. And then answered. “ I work for the prince. As one of his counselors.”

  He works for the prince.

It killed any further future of a conversation between us. I was just not interested anymore. And then I had a mental battle between the  Angel and the devil in my head.

Angel : He is so hot. You don’t meet hot guys everyday. Roscoe.

Devil : Oh! He is hot alright. But he works for the prince. THE PRINCE. You and prince are natural enemies. And lance works for the prince. That means you are enemies too.

Angel : Don’t be such a pessimist.

Devil : I am just a fact stator.

Angel : Come on. Roscoe, make a move.

Devil : Roscoe, don’t even think about it.


I wanted to hear what Angel had to say but Lance interrupted me.

“ What are you thinking?” He asked.

“ I think it would be best if I return to my room. It’s getting late.” I said as I stood up. I made my way towards the terrace door, when I heard him again.

“ Will I see you again?” he asked.

“ Maybe.” I answered. And went the way I had come.

And for some reason, I was blushing furiously.

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