Fire Betrayal

Roscoe, a crestfallen girl from slums ends up in a palace and falls in love with the prince but as she discovers love and her life in the palace with the prince she discovers she is not a ordinary girl, but a mistake never meant to happen. As she discovers herself, she suffers betrayal, she sacrifices a lot of things but is love one of them?. She is about to find out.
Awesome cover by Christina.H


14. chapter 13

12 hours.
Wade didn't wake up for 12 hours.
Roscoe was worried. Wade was a good friend, her only friend.
She didn't talk to Nestor after that because she was busy with Wade. She cleaned him up and patched up his wounds. Wade was shot 3 times. 2 bullets hit his arms but they were not deep and the third bullet just gauzed his left leg. After this she slept for 2 hours. She hadn't slept in a long time. When she woke up it was like nothing had ever happened. Her room was cleaned up and beside her table was a tray for food. That always appeared beside her in the mornings for the last few years. She gingerly woke up and went for the bathroom. After washing her face for the tenth time she finally came out and sat on her bed ate the food Nestor had given. She very quietly made her way down and could hear some voices coming from the 

Roscoe, had never eavesdropped on her brother and she would never do it but then Nestor was not her brother. Not anymore. She tiptoed her way to the kitchen and tried to make out the muffled voices which went like this.

We can’t ….. risky….. not ready……. Die…….prince…….control…


Roscoe went a little closer to hear what else the voices said but as she took another step her foot bumped in the nearby side table on which stood a ugly vase which dropped to the floor and gave her away.

She always hated the vase, after today she cursed it’s very existence. But before she could curse out loud. Nestor’s voice boomed through the kitchen.

“ There is no point in eavesdropping anymore, Roscoe come out now.”

So she like a 6-year-old made her way towards the kitchen. Even through roscoe, knew Nestor was not her brother anymore, she didn’t feel hostile towards him nor did she had grudging emotions but a plain sense of grayness and sadness that she didn’t have a brother and that she was lied to all these years.

As she entered the kitchen she saw that the kitchen was cleaned up and did not match the destructive house anymore and in the middle stood a table for four, on which were seated Nestor on his usual seat and Wade on the chair meant for her mother, on which no one sat for years. She looked more closely at wade now as she was forced by his aura. He didn’t look anything remotely closely to the boy she had met on her first day. Wade who was always so composed, now looked rough and ragged, his hair was going in all directions, even his soothing black eyes looked now bloodshot.

Roscoe, quietly made way to her usual seat. But as Nestor prepared to answer her unasked questions. Wade beat him to it.

“ We can’t stay here anymore. We have to head for the Fuoco Château. As soon as possible.”

“ We are not going anywhere. We are staying right here. Where we are safe.” Nestor snapped. Roscoe, looked from her brother to her friend trying fruitlessly to make sense. Until she finally asked

“ What is going on here? And Wade how are you out of the palace and why are you shot?”

" Now is not the time to ask questions, Roscoe. We don't have time. " Wade replied.
" We have plenty of time, Wade. Tell me what you know? " Roscoe said. It was followed by a sigh from Wade and he launched into a story of his own, that how he too like Nestor was there to protect her. After Nestor, Wade was the second line of defense for Roscoe's protection but before he could continue Roscoe interrupted him by asking a question.
" How did you know I was going to end up in the palace."
" I didn't. " was the simple reply.
" then why were you there?" Roscoe pushed at that Wade paused and looked up at Nestor for explanation, in which Nestor just looked down. So, Wade told Roscoe after a second sigh.
" I was there to spy on the House of Brine." But before he could continue 
Nestor stood up abruptly and announced.
" Go pack your packs, Roscoe. We are leaving right now. " this drew a reply from Wade.
" I thought you just said We are gonna stay here." 
" I changed my mind." 
" Will someone please tell me what is going on here? " Roscoe asked.
" We are going home. " Nestor replied.
" Home? This is home." Roscoe said.
" For people like us? Maybe. But for you it's not." Wade said.
" I don't understand. "
" Roscoe, you are a princesses. You belong in a palace not in a slum like 
this. We are taking you home. We are taking you to Feu Palais." Wade said. 
" Palace of the fire and the dragon."


20 minutes later. Roscoe found herself packing her bag for a long trip. 
From what Wade had told her it would take 16 hours by a carriage but 37 hours by foot. Nestor insisted on going by foot as would make us far less noticeable. Roscoe had no problem but Wade resisted rather aggressively because of the bullet wound, but after much argument finally agreed. As Roscoe made her way downstairs, she let her finger glide over the rough surface of the walks, because this was the place that last held her parents. She wasn't sure she if would ever see this place again. When asked Nestor and Wade, both remained silent.
Roscoe, stood in the kitchen for her other commarades to join her but they took their own sweet time. As she sat there waiting, she used this time to think about her powers. She watched her hand rather carefully trying hard to set it on fire or waiting for a miracle regarding fire.
" It doesn't happen that way. " 
Roscoe looked up as Wade came towards her and set a heavy bag on the table and sat beside her.
" What? You an expert." Roscoe asked him. Wade looked at her funnily, which led to Roscoe asking once more.
" What? Why are you looking at me like that? " 
" Because I am a expert on fire powers."
" Say what?" 
" Yes, I have read every book on fire, so that when the time is right I 
could teach you how to you use your power." 
" So, tell me professor, how can I use my powers?"
" Well for some time you wouldn't be able to summon you powers, they would only come in intense or difficult situations. If you are in danger, the 
powers will come and will serve as your line of defense."
Roscoe didn't want to wait but this was a matter in which she could not do anything. Soon afterwards Nestor came. As the 3 of them prepared to leave the house behind when the door was half- broken into. The 3 of them froze in fear for a few seconds. 
Then came the and adrelaline.
The 3 of them bolted towards the back door and out in the open, when Wade pulled Roscoe with him and the three of them instead of running away, ran towards the small place behind their house. It was a dirty place and Roscoe had never been there, Nestor ran forward  and into the half fallen roof of the cramped place. Roscoe followed him inside, where Nestor pulled of the cloth of a machine and there stood a bike. Roscoe had only seen one in magazines but had never seen one in real life.
It took her breath away.
It had s beautiful metallic body pained chrome black and  silver.
" Close the trap, kiddo." Wade said smiling, as all three of them sat on 
the bike. With Wade driving the bike, Roscoe cramped in the middle and 
Nestor siting on the last edge. Before Roscoe could even get comfortable, Wade took of on full speed. With the three of them bouncing on each pebble and turn.
Air hit her like the freshness she had never felt before. They continued to 
travel on the bike and left the guards of the palace behind. They went on 
for some hours till they came into the wild part of the country. As far as 
Roscoe could see it was covered with trees till the horizon.


For the first night they all slept in a little cave just outside the forest. The three of them spread whatever clothes they had brought to make the hard surface of the cave a little softer. They lay in for the night. With wade sleeping at the edge, Nestor sleeping in the middle and Roscoe in the other corner. When Wade asked about this arrangement to Nestor he just simply said that he didn’t trust boys around Roscoe, which Roscoe thought was best left unanswered.

That night Roscoe dreamed about fire and dragons and a thing she never wanted to think again.


In the dream Lance kissed her and as Roscoe was about to stop him, he strangled her and roscoe cried in her dream when it suddenly shattered and she woke up panting only to find Wade was shaking her awake. His eyes had dark circles beneath and his eyes were wide because of fear.

“ Wake up, Roscoe. We have to get going. They have found us.”

Roscoe bolted to her feet and began stuffing her things into her bag and ran towards the bike which was hidden deeper into the cave. Wade quickly climbed on the bike, with her coming second and Nestor coming third. Again Wade took off on full speed hardly slowing the bike as they crossed the rough entrance of the cave.

As they rode out, Roscoe found herself catch a glimpse of the eyes she now hated the most in the world.

Not exactly blue or green but somewhere in between.

It was the eye of the devil.

Roscoe, didn’t want to turn around but she did and she regretted it. Lance did not look like the boy she had feel in love with, he now had a crown on his head with a huge red stone in the middle that reminded Roscoe of blood.

Lance now had a twisted expression of anger, sorrow and revenge. He lifted his right hand and something shiny glittered in his hand but  Roscoe could not make it out because of the glare of the sun until it was too late.

One shot.

One noise.

One hit.

One sickening sound.

Shattered her world.

 The bike picked up speed because it became light, because one body fell over the it.

The better twin. The hardworking one.

Nestor fell face first on the dusty ground of the forest and never moved again and neither did Roscoe’s heart.

That day not one but two people died in the forest by one bullet. One gone to heaven and the other promising to make earth her hell.

As the bike drove on.

The other person never looked back again.



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