Life After Death

Laura Hayes makes the mistake of giving up when she feels like the world is against her.

She thinks her death brought her happiness.

Until she falls in love and can't do anything about it.


1. Chapter 1

With each step I take along the bridge, a new memory surfaces.
It started with the whispers.
Then the tripping.
The blood from my broken nose.
The mysterious trips to the hospital. 
My parents' ignorance.
Eventually, I get to the memories of Carl. Helped me pick up my books. He walked me home. He said he loved me. He took me out for my birthday.
He broke up with me.
When I asked him why, he said he saw my scars and that I embarrasses him. So I ran. And now I can barely see through the tears in my eyes.
I hear a shout that snaps me into action. I don't turn to see who it is and I don't remember climbing over the railings. I don't even hesitate. I just jump...

I sit up and notice the difference immediately; I feel so light. I don't want to but I stand and look down at my body. Blood pools around my head, soaking my dark hair. I hoped I'd be lying face down but I'm not. I look more peaceful than ever and I know I did the right thing. 
There are crowds of people gathering round my body. Several mums are trying to shield their children from the mess and one guy is calling the police. In amidst the chaos, I remember the shout. When I look up at the bridge, I see a boy around my age - he looks familiar but I can't put a name to his face. 
I panic and silently will the boy to move but he just stares at my broken body. A few police cars skid to a stop and the officers jump out as if they can still save me. One sees the boy and races up the steps to arrest him. The others start to clear the area and position the cars in a circle that takes up most the road. About ten minutes later, the road is deserted except for one car. I watch guiltily as the boy gazes out the back seat, wearing an expression I've never seen before.

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