How did we get here?


2. How it all began...

We had finally arrived in Australia, we were now on our way to the house.


As the car pulled up to a house a smile crept up onto my face. My dad nudged me to get out of the car. This whole time my eyes have been glued to the massive house in front of me. My father walked up to the door, with me slowly walking behind, he gently knocked on the door. We waited about 30 seconds just staring at each other in suspense as the door slowly opened to reveal Anne, she was smiling away as she just looked at us examining our faces for a while. She finally pulled me into a massive hug and led me and my dad inside. "Noah, long time no see" Anne said sternly "Hello Anne, it's good to see you again after all these years" she just scoffed. They haven't even been with each other for 2 minutes and there already at each others throats. "ASHTON. DOWN HERE NOW" Anne said keeping her eyes on Noah, my father, the whole time. You would of thought there was a earthquake the way he ran down the stairs. When he had reached the bottom of the stairs I looked up slowly only to see that there was 3 others. "Woo, who's this?" one with red hair said Ashton just stayed completely still looking at me then our father. "Ashton, you do remember me right?" I said jokingly he ran up to me and picked me and spun me around, he gently put me down and kept hugging me "Ashton care to explain who this actually is?" said a boy with dark hair, Ash pulled away and looked at the 3 confused guys standing in front of us "Lads, this is my twin sister Lily" he spoke "Ahh so this is who you wont stop talking about, ehh shes decent I suppose" smirked a blonde boy. I coughed awkwardly "Anne I'm pretty tired, do you mind showing me my room?" she nodded and took me upstairs.

As we reached the top of the stairs Anne said "Hey, don't worry about Luke. He's just got out of a relationship that was not healthy, they fought everyday all day, so don't let him get to you" my mum spoke softly "Thanks mum" I gave her a small hug as she continued to show me to my room.

I got into my new room and there wasn't much but that's only because we were there for a few months then we have to leave again. I sat down on my bed just starting to shut my eyes when I heard something hit my balcony window. I slowly got up and opened the balcony door, I looked down and saw Luke looking up at me laughing "I Hate You Luke, Nothing Will Change That!" I shouted down but not to loud "Hey, chuck my football back?" I picked up the ball "nah I'm ok" and walked back inside to my room. After that I really get to sleep.

A/N: So this chapter really sucked just like the first one if any of you have any ideas on what I can do with this story please comment. Also if you want me to update then also comment :D x

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