Lexi is your typical 17 year old teen, and with her best friends Nova and Jake, she has the "perfect life", at least while she's at school. She wouldn't change a thing even if she could...except maybe her parents. What happens when she finds out she is Luke Hemmings' twin?


12. Moving Out part 2

"So" I said, "thanks for staying"

"Your welcome, but uh, where am I going to sleep?" He asked.

I would have told him to go to the guest room, but that would ruin the whole point of him even being here.

"Uh, we'll get a mattress" I replied.



We sat there in silence. It was really awkward.

"So where so you go to school?" He asked me.

School. Shit. How could I just casually tell my friends that I was Luke Hemmings' twin? Could I tell anyone at all? Would I even be able to keep going to the same school?

"Oh um, I go to a boarding school in Perth" I said quietly.


We talked for an hour before the part that I dreaded came: dinner.

I only dreaded it because of my fake-parents,by the way.

We went downstairs and I could tell Luke was just as nervous as I was.

"Do you think they'll kill me?" Luke whispered to me.

Usually, I would've laughed at something like that, but right now... I mean, from the looks of it my fake-parents literally could kill him.

"Well if you're going down I'm going down with you" I whispered back.

No one said anything after that.

We walked into the kitchen and I was literally scared for my life. Without even thinking, I grabbed Luke's hand. To my surprise, he held my hand back.

My parents turned around, and looked at me and Luke.

"Don't you dare try anything with our daughter!" My fake-dad yelled at Luke.

"Dude, chill. I'm not your daughter, and holding hands doesn't even mean anything" I said but he completely ignored me.

"I'm warning you, if you -" my fake-dad started.

"She's my sister" Luke cut him off.

My fake-dad looked a bit surprised, but then nodded and took a seat.


The next morning Luke woke me up at 8am.

"DUDE! ITS TOO EARLY!" I yelled at him.

"Sorry, but mum an dad will be here in 30 mins" he laughed.

"Oh crap" I said, jumping out of bed, leaving Luke laughing to death. Personally, I don't see whats so funny. Whatever.

I quickly took a shower, blow dried my hair and put on some jeans and a Greenday shirt.

Then we headed downstairs to get breakfast.

Soon enough, Luke's...I mean my parents showed up.

Luke and I went up to get my things, I only had 2 boxes since the furniture wasn't mine.

We all went outside to the car.

I turned to my fake-parents.

I really didn't know how to say bye to them.

I went, gave then each a hug, before going to the car. As the engine started, I opened the window.

"Peace out!" I said to them, being my fake-parents, as we drove away.

No, I didn't forget to bring Smokey. I have him here.


Soon we arrived at the house. And my god, it was really beautiful.

We went in, and they showed me to my new room.

It was amazing! I just had to add a few posters and thing and then it'd be perfect.

They gave me a tour of the house, and then left me to unpack.

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