Lexi is your typical 17 year old teen, and with her best friends Nova and Jake, she has the "perfect life", at least while she's at school. She wouldn't change a thing even if she could...except maybe her parents. What happens when she finds out she is Luke Hemmings' twin?


20. chapter 19

A/N: sorry I'm a day late ):


I still cant believe I'm going to go on tour with the boys and One Direction. Oh my gosh. Unfortunately it's still like 4 months until we actually go on tour. I hope I don't go crazy as soon as I meet 1D. I really hope I can control myself.

"Lexi!" Mum called, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah?" I called back.

"Ready for school?"

"Yeah" I said, running downstairs.

Lessons went by quickly and now I'd be faced with sitting alone at lunch again.

"Hey, mind if I sit here?" A voice said.

I looked up to see a girl standing next to my table. She had one earphone in and was wearing a Panic! at the Disco t-shirt.

"Sure" I replied.

"So, you're new?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm Lexi" I told her.

"I'm Mara" she smiled.

We talked all through lunch time and I learned a lot about her. I think I've finally made a friend.

"Hey, wanna come over to my house?" I asked Mara after school. I'm a little nervous to what she'll think when she sees Luke but hey.

"Sure" she replied.

We walked home together and talked about all things related to Harry Potter, since we're both fans.

Once we arrived at my house I saw the boys sitting on the couch watching TV. I turned to Mara to see her mouth hanging wide open as she recognized them.

"You didn't tell me you knew 5SOS" she said.

"Uh, yeah, Luke's kinda um my brother" I said.

"Seriously?" She said, shocked.

"Yep" Luke chimed in.


"Hi" Ashton said randomly.

"Hey" Mara said back. I'm surprised she didn't fangirl or freak out.

We all talked and Mara became good friends with the boys as well. I'm glad they all get along. I can tell Mara's going to be a great friend. Probably even my best friend.

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