Lexi is your typical 17 year old teen, and with her best friends Nova and Jake, she has the "perfect life", at least while she's at school. She wouldn't change a thing even if she could...except maybe her parents. What happens when she finds out she is Luke Hemmings' twin?


19. chapter 18

"We're going on tour with One Direction again!"

Those words kept echoing in my mind. Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy for the boys, but now if be left all alone with no friends. My nightmare was becoming true.

The guys must have noticed because why they said next instantly cheered me up.

"Don't worry Lex, we'll ask if you can come with us. Provided mum and dad allow you to" Luke told me.

Okay. Now I was screaming. In a good way, obviously.

I was too excited for words right now. Oh my god. Oh my fucking god.

Please say yes mum and dad. Please say yes I mentally begged while me and Luke asked of I could go too. One Direction already agreed so now it was all down to my parents.

"Okay" my dad finally said and I literally jumped on him, attacking him with a hug.

I'm so excited for this. I still cant believe how lucky I am.

A/N: again, sorry for the short chapter. Would you rather have Lexi date one of the boys from 1D or 5SOS? Let me know please (: next update will be on Luke's birthday (16th July)

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