Lexi is your typical 17 year old teen, and with her best friends Nova and Jake, she has the "perfect life", at least while she's at school. She wouldn't change a thing even if she could...except maybe her parents. What happens when she finds out she is Luke Hemmings' twin?


18. chapter 17

As usual, school went by way too slowly. And unfortunately the boys didn't always have time. They aren't currently on tour and they didn't plan their next tour yet but they still have interviews, photoshoots, and so on to go to. Like today. When I got home, my mum just told me that Luke and the boys went to an interview and wouldn't be home until late.


Shut up Lexi. Don't complain. You have an amazing life now.

I did my homework and went to bed. It's finally weekend tomorrow. Hopefully they'd have time.

Once I fell asleep I had a nightmare that the boys were taken away from me. I woke up with great relief as Luke poked my cheek.

"Wake up" he said playfully.

"Hi" I mumbled.

Luke laughed as he picked me up and carried me downstairs, bridal style.

He then grinned at me before dropping me on the sofa. I tried my best to look annoyed but I burst out laughing uncontrollably.

I was about to get up when Mikey dropped onto me.

"Hello to you too, Mikey. What a nice way to greet someone; just drop onto them" I rolled my eyes.

"Shut up" he laughed.

To say I was happy when the guys told me they didn't have any plans for the weekend is an understatement.

The weekend flew by and it was now Sunday evening. We were all sat in Ash's living room watching a movie when Ash's phone vibrated. He picked it up and read a text, I think, before an extremely excited look appeared on his face.

"GUESS WHAT?!" He yelled.

"Calm down mate, what is it?" Cal asked.

"One Direction invite us to go on tour with them again"

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