I Can't Remember

A short Calum Hood story
He saw her as a potential love interest, but to her he was just a neighbour.
He wanted to get to know her, He wanted her.
But he didn't have her name of her number.
Can a party change that fact?


6. Chapter 6

She stood impatiently next to his mother. Their plane was an hour late and she was starting to worry. Eleanor perked up slightly when his mother pointed to something, but she was just pointing to the coffee shop.


"I'm going to get a drink. Want anything?" she asked.


"No thanks" Eleanor whispered and his mother left with two of the other mothers who were also waiting for their sons to return from their latest tour.


A while after their tour with one direction they went off on their own tour. 5 seconds of was a popular band all across the word not and they had a large fan base of many different ages, but mainly teenage girls. But she never doubted his love for her.


She trusted him completely, and even though the magazines told all sorts of rumours she still waited to hear what he said. She knew not to listen to newspapers, and she would believe what they said unless he told her that what they said was correct.


She sighed as another 15 minutes passed. She was really starting to worry. What if something had happened to him? What if he was hurt and she didn't know? She felt a tear trickle down her cheek and she brushed it away. She had to think positively about this.


She looked up when she heard teenage girls hysterically screaming. There he was. He was looking at the fans and waving, but he wasn't smiling... he hadn't seen her yet. Was she not here waiting for him to arrive? Had she gone home because he was late back?


Luke, Michael and Ashton grinned ahead of them as they waiting for the reunion but Calum hadn't noticed her yet and she couldn't get through the fans to see him. Luke nudged Calum and he pointed in Eleanor's direction. 


Calum smiled widely and ran towards her, the fans parting as the boy ran past. He grabbed a hold of her as soon as he reached him and spun her around as she giggled. After 7 months apart they couldn't bare it much longer, he placed her on the ground and held her tightly. His arms were wrapped firmly around her waist and her arms were tightly around his neck. She only reached his shoulders so he was on the tips of her toes. He gave her a sweet kiss before resting his forehead against hers.


"I missed you" she whispered.


"I missed you too." He replied.


"I love you Cal."


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