I Can't Remember

A short Calum Hood story
He saw her as a potential love interest, but to her he was just a neighbour.
He wanted to get to know her, He wanted her.
But he didn't have her name of her number.
Can a party change that fact?


2. Chapter 2

Calum had been distracted all afternoon and it was worrying Luke, one of his best mates and band mates. At the moment the two were sorting through Ashton's music to see what was most suitable for a party whilst Michael and Ashton were at the shop, getting some food and drink.


"You alright mate?" Luke finally asked, snapping Calum from his thoughts of 'pretty girl'.


"Yeah, fine. Why?" Calum asked looking at the blonde haired, blue eyed boy.


"You've been distracted all afternoon... I was worried." Luke muttered and Calum chuckled.


"Yeah I'm fine... I talked to her earlier" Calum said, Luke stared at the older boy wide eyed.


Luke seemed to be the only boy who had noticed Calum's crush. Luke could be quite observant and, while eating a bowl of cereal at Michael and Calum's place, had caught the boy starring at the girl from the window.


"How... when?" Luke questioned, knowing that Calum could hardly even spit out a sentence whilst in her presence let along hold a conversation. 


"Before I came here. I invited her to the party tonight" Calum muttered.


"Wow, well tonight could be the night" Luke exclaimed.


"Yeah, I might have the balls to talk to her finally" Calum admitted.


"You might need some alcohol in your system before that could happen" Luke chuckled.


Calum was a confident, smooth talker with most girls, so it surprised Luke that this girl left Calum so nervous and speechless... but Calum told him that she wasn't like any other girl. But he hadn't really talked to her before so he was basing her personality from her looks, facial expressions and body language.


After today he knew that she was perfect. After that one conversation, she was the one he wanted and he wasn't giving up until he held her in his arms and called her his girlfriend.


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