Now I Won't Forget (Sequel to 'You Never Know')

Years later, this couple has two little miracles.


4. The Break-in

 Jeremy and I rushed inside. Principal Morsa was waiting by the door. TJ ran up to us and hugged us.

 "How could any of you let this happen?!" I growled.

 "Ma'am, fights happen all the time, no matter how closely we watch them."

 I picked up TJ and held him close.

 "My son has a black eye, and you say you couldn't have done anything?!" I growled.

 "Who was the other kid?" Jeremy asked, his face getting red.

 "We are not allowed to tell you that information."

 "Well, are they getting any punishment?" He growled.

 "Yes, 5 to 6 days of detention." The principal said and walked away.

 I held TJ closer.

 "TJ, honey, are you okay?"

 He nodded.

 "Let's go home and get you some ice." Jeremy said.

After we tucked TJ and Zach in, Jeremy and I sat in our bed.

 "Do you think we should tell them tomorrow?" I asked.

 Jeremy looked at me.

 "I'm not sure. Do you think they're ready to hear it?" He asked.

 "I think so." I smiled and he held me. 

 We heard a load bang on the door.

 "I wonder who that is." I said.

 "I'll go see. Make sure the kids stay calm if they wake up." Jeremy said. 

 I nodded and ran to their room.

 A loud pop pierced the air.

 TJ and Zach woke up.

 "Mommy what's happening?" Zach asked.

 "Don't worry." I said calmly. 

 My heart was beating out of my chest. My eyes were welling up.

 I held my kids tight.

 "Is daddy okay?" TJ asked.

 "I'm going to make sure. Lock your door, okay?" I asked and they nodded.

 I grabbed a baseball bat and slowly went down the steps.

 I saw Jeremy holding a gun by the door, frozen.

 "Honey?" I asked and slowly walked up to him.

 I saw a dead body on the ground with a lighter.

 "Call the cops." He said and I ran to the phone.

 As we waited, I held him.

 "What happened?" I asked.

 He held me tight and kissed my forehead.

 "Is everyone alright?" He asked.

 "Yes. The kids are in their room." I said.

  "Let's go check on them." He said and carried me up the stairs.

 "Kids, It's safe." I said and they opened their door.

 They hugged us tight.

 "What happened?" They asked.

 "A very bad man tried to break in but he didn't." Jeremy said and held them tight.

"Is it going to be okay? Is he gone?" TJ asked.

 "Yes." Jeremy said.

 "Can we sleep in your room tonight?" Zach asked.

 "Of course." I smiled and we carried them to our room.

"I'm going to talk to the police. I'll be back up soon, okay?" Jeremy asked.

 We all nodded.

 Jeremy kissed me and hugged the boys.

 TJ and Zach cuddled up next to me. I held them close.

 Jeremy came up later.

 "It's all okay." Jeremy said and cuddled us.

 I kissed him.

 "Thank you for protecting us. We love you." I smiled.

 "You guys are my life. I'd do anything for you. I love you guys too." Jeremy smiled and held us close.


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