Now I Won't Forget (Sequel to 'You Never Know')

Years later, this couple has two little miracles.


2. School

This Chapter is told in TJ's point of view

 My brother and I rushed across the street.

 "Do you think Sandy would still be home?" I asked.

 "Hopefully not. She's the worst cousin ever." Zach growled.

 We saw Sandy talking to her friends on the porch.

 I stopped in my tracks.

 "TJ, what's wrong?"

 "Humans... and worse, FEMALE humans. I'm going home." I said and turned around.

 "TJ!" Zach said and grabbed my arm. He pulled me to Uncle Kai's house.

 "You need to stop being so shy." 

 "I'm not shy, okay? There's just a small amount of humans on this earth that I trust." I said.

 "Mom, dad, me, Uncle Kai, and Grandma?" Zach asked.

 "All of those are true but you're still a question mark." I said and rushed inside the house.

 "Wow, I totally feel loved." He said and followed me.

 "Uncle Kai, we're here for breakfast!" I shouted.

 "Have some pancakes." Uncle Kai said and handed us each a plate.

 Sandy walked inside.

 "Hello my wonderful cousins." Sandy smiled.

 "Hello Sandy." Zach said.

 Sandy glared at me.

 "Mhmm." I said with my head down.

 I finished my pancakes and waited at the bus stop. Zach followed me.

 "Do you think there'll be candy?" He laughed.

"It's school, not a candy buffet." I said.

 "I NEED SUGAR!" He shouted.

 "Yes, yes, it's impossible to go 8 hours without a piece of candy."

 "TJ, I need something to get me friends." He said and rummaged through his bookbag.


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