Sammy, I'm back...

Genevieve goes out to find her ex-boyfriend, Sam Winchester. Genevieve goes on an adventure with them but they are presented with the choice of giving up hunting. Will they take it and live a normal life?


4. Relaxation?

The windows shatter and a wind blows the salt away. The demons enter with their hosts and we begin fighting. The line by the door gets blown away and soon we're surrounded by demons. I'm a killing machine, Dean and Castiel are doing the best they can while Sam recites the exorcism incantation. We don't let them leave until all we have are very confused people. We get them on a bus to the emergency room and we head back. Sam and I collapse on the bed, Dean falls onto the couch and Castiel disappears. We sleep for a while and when we wake up, everything is normal. Well... As normal as it can get with us.

"I..." Sam begins

"What Sammy?" Dean asks his younger brother

"I don't want to fight anymore. I just... can't. I mean, I'll do exorcisms but only in one town. I don't want to keep moving around. I want to settle down and live life." Sam explains

"Yeah well Sam, that's not really an option for us. We were born into this and if we don't do this then there will be no life to settle into." Dean argues

"Both of you shut up!" I yell, "Listen..." They pause and listen. We hear a small humming sound. It's almost too beautiful.

"What is that?" Sam asks.

"It's the voices of the Angels." Castiel explains. "I can make it so that two others are given your path. You will keep your knowledge and will have all your memories but you will not have the burden of having to save the world." Sam nods excitedly but Dean is cautious.

"Who would you give it to?" Dean questions. Castiel pulls up a picture of two siblings, a boy and a girl. They're both hunters and about Sam and Dean's age. Dean looks at his brother, Sam is nodding to Castiel. Dean is hesitant but finally says yes.

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