Sammy, I'm back...

Genevieve goes out to find her ex-boyfriend, Sam Winchester. Genevieve goes on an adventure with them but they are presented with the choice of giving up hunting. Will they take it and live a normal life?


1. In the Beginning

I checked the newspaper again. Corvallis, Oregon. Sam and Dean were supposed to be here, checking out this murder. I waited patiently, watching for any signs of them. That's when I saw the '67 Impala pull up along the road. I hid behind a tree, hoping to not be seen. That's when a hand clamped over my mouth and dragged me down the sidewalk. I kicked and screamed even though the stranger had a tight grip over my mouth. A second later, the grip lessened and I scrambled away from my attacker. I saw Sam and Dean stab the demon and leave him in the bushes for authorities. They looked at me, that's when the recognition sparked in Sam's eyes.

"Genevieve?" I nodded

"Hello Sam." I said in my charming British accent as he looked me over, all 5'11" of me. From my sloppy black bun to my black heels. He closed the distance in two quick strides and pulled me into an embrace.

"Uh, you two know each other?" Sam's older brother Dean asked. Sam laughed.

"Dean, this is Genevieve, my ex-girlfriend... before Jess." Dean looked at me, checking me out.

"What're you doing in town, Genevieve?" He asked, his eyes lingering on my breasts. I snapped his attention to my face.

"Looking for you two." They exchanged a glance and I smirked.

"Looking... for us?" Sam asked me, stepping away slightly. "Didn't you go back to England?"

"I did but then my parents saw my marks and I decided it'd be safer in the states. I saw the murder in the paper and decided to check it out, knowing what you two do." I replied. Dean looked at Sam, puzzled.

"You told her, but you didn't tell Jess, who you were going to MARRY?" Dean yelled the last word into his brothers face.

"Yes, I told her Dean." Sam said, wiping his brothers spit from his face. "Before I was going to marry Jess, I was going to marry Genevieve but then she went back to England." Dean looked astonished.

"Well boys, I'd like to ask you a favor." I said cautiously, knowing that they'd probably deny my request.

"What is it Genie?" Sam asked, his brown eyes looking into my blue ones.

"I want to hunt with you." They stood there, gaping at me.

"You, want to come... with us?" Dean said slowly.

"It seems you understand what I'm asking." I say with a smart look on my face. The brothers exchange a glance.

"No-" Dean says before he gets hit over the head with my heel. I'm standing in a fighting position. His posture changes immediately. "Let's see what you got." Dean says cockily. I start with a punch to his gut with my left hand but switch to my right and aim for his face. I hit him and his eyes glean in respect. He issues a series of punches and kicks which I dodge and block all except the last, I catch his fist and twist it, my true strength showing. I flip the rest of his body and he's laying flat on the ground.

"Ughhhh." Dean moans from the ground. I pull him up and stand there with one hand on my hip, it jutting out in my natural stance.


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