Sammy, I'm back...

Genevieve goes out to find her ex-boyfriend, Sam Winchester. Genevieve goes on an adventure with them but they are presented with the choice of giving up hunting. Will they take it and live a normal life?


3. A rekindled romance?

We stand there after the kiss. I'm still pressed against the wall and he's staring into my eyes kindly. I blush but kiss him back, ignoring the burning in my cheeks.

"I've missed you." Sam whispered into my ear. I nod my agreement and we continue kissing, it gets more and more intense until we move to the bed and it's a full make-out. We start sweating slightly and he removes his shirt and I see his amazing muscles. I remove my shirt and we both kick off our shoes. We remove our jeans and are laying there in our underwear.

We wake up in the morning  still mostly undressed and comfortably in each others arms again. I kiss him tenderly and get up to make coffee. I put a large shirt on just as Dean knocks. I look through the curtains and open the door. He notices my attire. He grins and I slap him lightly. I hand him a cup of coffee and make some eggs. Sam awakes a few minutes later and is greeted with the smell of eggs and coffee. He gets up and gladly accepts both.

"Bobby called me." Dean said suddenly.

"Yeah?" Sam answered, "What'd he say?"

"He had a case and wanted us to come help." Dean explains. I sit there and listen to the conversation. "I'm leaving to meet up with him after breakfast." Sam shoots coffee everywhere and I shield my face and grimace in disgust.

"What?!?" Sam exclaimed, "You are not going by yourself! If Bobby asked for our help then he needs us both!"

"I told him you were caught up in something but I'd go down. The only reason I'm telling you is because I don't want you to think I was kidnapped or some shit that you usually think when I leave without telling you." I sit there quietly and drink my coffee.

"This is because of me, isn't it..." I ask quietly. Sam shoots daggers at Dean with his eyes.

"Yes." Dean replies bluntly, "If Bobby asked for us then it means it's either more than a one man job or it's too dangerous. He was fine with Sam staying but I don't want to put anyone else's life on the line! I am not bringing either of you and that's final!" Dean yelled. He slammed down his coffee and stormed out of the room.

Sam and I exchanged looks and finished our breakfast silently and cleaned up. We decided to go look around, we're in L.A. after all. We find a movie theater and watch a movie we both wanted to watch. Then we went out to lunch and went for a walk. We held hands and walked casually down the street. We went to see a lot of tourist attractions. It was about 5 in the afternoon when we got back from our day. We were happy and smiling. We took off our shoes and cuddled on the couch, watching T.V..

"I haven't done this in forever." Sam said.

"What?" I ask curiously, "Hang out?"

"Sit on the couch and watch a T.V. show that I chose." We laugh. He leans down slightly and kisses me. It was a light peck but I still loved it.

"I love you Sam." I say in a hushed tone.

"I love you too Genevieve." He kissed me again but long and tender. I swing my leg over his lap so I'm straddling him. We kiss and the T.V. is completely forgotten as we get more into the kiss. He removes his shirt and I remove mine. We remove our jeans and move to the bed. We get into it intensely and becomes more than PG-13. After a while, we lay there, naked, sweating heavily and breathing like we just ran a marathon. Dean enters suddenly without knocking and we lay there, covering ourselves with a surprised expression.

"It's coming." Dean says. Sam jumps up, throws on boxers and grabs salt and begins lining the doors and windows with salt making sure they're firmly closed. Castiel appears and I'm laying in bed covered with a sheet.

"Well isn't this lovely." I say dryly. Castiel and Sam look at me (Dean's too busy demon-proofing the apartment). Castiel looks away and Sam apologizes with his eyes. I pull on clothes while still under the sheets. "So, what's coming?" I ask them. Sam and Dean looks worried and surprisingly, it's Castiel who answers.

"Demons. And lots of them. Powerful ones at that." He explains. I bite my lip and grab the knife. Preparing myself for a fight.

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