Guardians of the galaxy: The Red Hood

Jason Todd gets sucked into a portal towards a parallel dimension where he meets the Guardians of the galaxy in an insane quest for the cosmic seed. Along the way Jason gets along with Rocket raccoon where he finds out that their torturous past isn't the only thing they have in common.


1. Chasing the clown

It was raining at late night in Gotham city as Red Hood formally known as Jason todd was chasing the clown prince of crime down the streets. "JOKER! GET BACK HERE!" "HAHAHAHAH Catch me if you can Red face!", Jason growled "DON'T CALL ME THAT!" shouted Jason as he withdrew his pistol and shot at the joker who avoided the bullets and crackled in insanity "STOP LAUGHING! I'LL KILL YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME!" said Jason as he ran after the joker "awww is the little bat-side kick crying bout the bruises and cuts?" "SHUT UP!" shouted Jason as he shot joker through the leg and the joker gasped and fell on the puddle on the street, and started to crawl back towards a wall "now now Jason, you don't want to kill little ol uncle J now would ya" he smirked, Jason loomed over the Joker and combined his dual pistols into a custom rifle and pointed it to the Jokers head "never again, will you live to torture people like you did to me YOU'RE FINISHED CLOWN!", the joker sighed and looked down "oh well...I guess the circus has to finish at one point" Jason cocked his rifle "good riddance, Joker" but as Jason pulled the trigger the Joker vanished into thin air in a bright flash of light. "huh? where'd you go? No, no,no,no,no!!!!" Jason looked at the sky and screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! JOKER!!!!!!" in Jason's head he heard the Jokers demonic laugh haunted Jason. "I will find you and I....WILL....END YOU I SWEAR IT! YOU HEAR ME JOKER!!!!!!!"

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