Mirabelle Snape and the Legends of the Time Turner


1. Part 1

In a house at the end of spinners end there lived a family. It was the perfect family. I wouldn’t really say it’s a small family.  There’s my mum Cialin and my dad Severus, then there’s me  and my twin Winifred, and then my little brother Rubeus and his twin sister Claire. Well I bet by now you’re wondering who I am. If you’re not then you were probably smart and read the title of this book. Anyway my name’s Mirabelle Minerva Snape. Yes my father is ‘the evil deatheater that killed Dumbledore.’  But people I’m only gonna say this once so listen carefully. OK.   IT WAS APART OF DUMBLEDORE’S PLAN  IT’S NOT MY FATHER’S FAULT SO LET IT GO. Thank you for listening to my tiny rant. Also one thing you need to learn right now is NEVER CROSS ME. I am the Queen of Pranks after all.


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