Tips on falling in and out of love


1. Tips on falling in and out of love

When he tells you he loves you,

Don’t believe him.

When he tells you you’re all he thinks about,

Laugh on his stupid face.

To him you are just a battle which he has to conquer,

To him you’re just a bottle of alcohol,

A slice of pizza,

A prize.

He would want to touch your skin first.

Don’t let him.

Wear something that hides your skin

But make sure it hides your soul too.


When he tells you he’s in love with you

And you feel like a car alarm is going off in your heart,

Learn to dance along with it.

At first it’ll be difficult and outright awkward

Because let’s face it,

Who dances to car alarms 3 am?

But soon you’ll figure out all the claps and clicks

All the lefts and rights and all the cha cha chas to this car alarm.

So dance

And make him dance with you.


When he tells you that you should not hold on to things so tightly,

Do nothing.

Don’t fight him, don’t question him,  don’t provoke him.

He doesn’t realise that the only reason your ship is sailing is because

You are the anchor that’s holding it down.

He sees you as a trophy of achievement and not for the




That you are.

Don’t worry.

He will see it if it’s meant to be.


When you feel like you’re drowning in your love for him

And he doesn’t turn into a lifeguard

Then stop.

Find your way,

Grow fins,

And be the mermaid you are meant to be.

You are nothing less than a supernova

Swimming in the oceans of what’s called love

So do cartwheels inside the water

And no matter what happens,

Never forget that your heart is still beating.


Listen to that thumping in your chest.

Don’t let the incompetence of a man make you feel small.

You are not small.

You are not what he calls you when he’s drunk and angry.

You are not what he screams at you.

You are not any of that.


When he tells you he doesn’t love you anymore,

Let him go.

Don’t hold onto him any longer because

The toxic words that come out of his mouth

Are enough to make you forget how to breathe.

When you’ll try to rearrange your dictionary for someone else,

The only thing that will be left of you will be your rotting insides.

So when he tells you it’s over,

Let him go.

Let it go.

It’s okay if he doesn’t see the constellations that run through your veins

Or the way your eyes shine brighter than the sun anymore.

If he doesn’t see it,

Someone else will.

For all you know, someone else has already seen it.

Love that has been taken away from one place

Will be put in another place

So put it in yourself.

Love yourself.

If you are going to fall in love then it might as well be with

Your fingers, your nose, your eyelashes,

Your entire existence.


When someone else comes along,

Stay prepared.

It might feel like a bomb shelter,

You won’t be able to ask him for more than what your rations will allow

But please don’t let the fumes from the bombing outside your little home suffocate you.

The war will be over soon.

Know that it’s okay to be scared of love.

I hope you never forget that falling in love over and over again is not wrong.

Love is not wrong.


When they leave, tell them to not close the door behind them.

Keep it open,

Let the fresh air in.

Rise from the rubbles again.

And when another person comes along

And you see their soul instead of their hair or arteries or skin,

Invite them in

Because you are too damn beautiful to not be loved again.






Hello! Here's a poem I wrote last year. Please comment what you think. Feedback is always appreciated! Also check out my other stuff and follow me if you like. I'd love to have a chat with all you lovely people!

Thank you. :D

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