30 Days ( Calum Hood )

She was a bet for money. Cal saw it as an opportunity to find some love. Will he regret agreeing to this bet?


13. Truth Is...




The boys and I were currently in the dressing room getting ready for the show with approximately 4 minutes till show time. Luke and Michael were all laughing at Ashton when he ran down the steps of the arena before soundcheck and literally took Sierra off her feet and Ashton about as red as a girl's lipstick I spotted in the crowd. I was just sitting there on my phone ignoring them, wasn't too into the mood to speak to Luke quite yet. I know he probably had no intention of it coming out like that but he should've at least known that I'm clearly not ready for her to know.


​If he knew he wouldn't have said anything at all. Maybe he knew, maybe he didn't. The one thing that bothers me, knowing that all of the boys know I like her; obviously, and any one of them could tell her straight out if I don't tell her myself.


"Yo! Calum!" I heard Michael shout at me, breaking me from my thoughts again. I looked up at him giving him my attention. He chuckles, "Bro you okay? You're staring at your phone as if you hate it! Did any of you see his face?!" Michael looks at me in some sort of astonishment. ​What's so interesting about my face?


"You alright Calum? You seem pissed off. Like if you thought it wasn't obvious, you're wrong. You can tell us bro, what's got you steamin'?" Luke glanced at me, clearly concerned.


If we weren't about to start a show I'd hit you right now Luke... You are the issue. ​I glanced at him, hoping the pissed off look gave him the message. I stood up and rolled my eyes, "You're the issue, Luke" I spat, the words rolling of my tongue.


The look of confusion crossed his face, he raised an eyebrow at me, "What? Me? What did I do?" The rest of the boys just as confused as Luke was.


I was just about to open my mouth when one of the stage managers came by, "Boys, you're on in 60 seconds get your things together and let's go!" I sighed. I tried to change my attitude for the sake of the concert. I couldn't have the fans concerned about me and the band; it'd probably ruin it, all because we're getting in a mini 'argument'; about something irrelevant. I took my bass and slung it over my head, putting my ear pieces in, and having a quick mental conversation with myself. Within the minute I had to myself I was ready and forgot about the problems occurring.


"Ready boys? 3... 2... 1, go on, go!" The stage manager motioned us on stage and we all ran out while the stage lights were all still off, all of us getting into our places. My slight hatred towards Luke dissipating into the back of my head. We all then started playing the beginning of the intro, getting the fans riled up. Which is always a wonderful feeling for me to hear and see. The lights all came on jus as we all started singing End Up Here, I watched as everyone in the crowd jump and sing along with us, a real smile spreading across my face.


Throughout the show, I have felt a weird heavy tension between me and the boys. Normally we're all running around messing around with each other, we were still doing that but most of the time we stayed in our spots. Luke didn't really make any contact with me. Ashton still spoke to the crowd every now and then, he always does; he likes to include everyone. I know this is all happening because I brought up Luke being my problem at the moment, now he's not looking at me. This will be some talk later.


Towards the middle of the show it all started slightly going back to normal, everyone was bouncing around having a good time, well I hope everyone was. We then finished playing 'Rejects' and it was 'my turn' to speak to the crowd. I don't mind, I love it.


"Hi-ya! How we all doing tonight?!" I paused looking out into the crowd. The screams of everyone coming at me, obviously giving me an answer they're capable of giving. "That's amazing! See I happen to feeling the exact same if not better, so I could say we all have quite the connection right now. How about you boys, you all feeling good?" I glanced across the stage at the boys, hoping they'd follow my lead and cover up our previous problems.


"These shows never fail to impress, aye Calum? I'd say nothing would quite feel the same without all of these gorgeous people in the crowd." Michael thankfully did.


"You're right, Michael, you make all the difference because if you all weren't here, playing for ourselves would be pretty pointless." I grin, the crowd erupting muffled words and laughs.


"Yeah, how about it! Thanks for showing up everybody! Would've been pretty lonely without you. Now we're gonna tone it down just a bit and play an old favorite for you guys, this is Heartache on the Big Screen." Ashton joined in and we all started playing.


For the remainder of the night was played just how we normally do, nothing was out of ordinary anymore. I'm pretty sure the fans could sense something was off about us tonight but as most things, it'll blow over and be forgotten in a day or two. Luke was communicating more with me and everyone else besides doing his part and singing when needed to but I could tell that what I said to him, he took to heart.


I guess I didn't really mean to put it the way I did, he's not really the problem but he probably took it that way, he thinks he's done something wrong. In my mind, yes he did but it isn't something I should make a big deal out of. ​Sorry Lucas. ​So after the show, I'm gonna give him my little pep talk and apologize.


It was now the end of the show and we were just finishing up on our last song of the encore 'What I Like About You'. Ashton came up from behind his set and met up in the middle with us in the center of the stage to do our little bow we like to do. "Thank you for coming out tonight Kansas City, we had a blast, hope you did too and we'll see you next year! Goodnight!" Ashton spoke. We looped arms and bowed to the crowd to the crowd and headed off towards backstage. The crowd screaming their hearts out one final time while they were still able to see us. We all ran back, Ashton staying out a little longer than the rest of us.


When we got backstage Sierra was there to congratulate us. "Great show tonight you guys! Another great success, wouldn't doubt it for a second," She beamed at us.


I smiled, "Thanks lovely, it was a pleasure to play." I walked over and gave her a sweaty hug, the grin still plastered on my face.


"Aww ew, gross your all sweaty and now it's all over me. Great, now I have to shower!" She protested, playfully gagging as she pushed me off.


I chuckled and watched her greet the other boys. What I'm glad about is that the boys like her nearly as much as I do. So if we do start dating it won't really bother them when I wanna do something with her instead of them because they already know what she's like. It's almost like instant girlfriend approval. So I guess having her on tour benefited all of us.


I watched Luke depart from her and decides now was a good time to talk to him. I walked up to him, grabbed his arm and dragged him after me towards the dressing room. None of us said anything on they way. Opening the door and pulled him in with me and shut the door. "Calum, why are you mad at me? What did I do?" Luke asked me as soon as the door shut.


"Luke, do you realize you kinda told Sierra that I liked her right?" I asked straight out.


A confused look crossed his face for a moment but then it went away. "What are you talking about? I never told her anything."


"That's absolute bullshit, Luke. During the first round of hide 'n' seek I saw you texting her. Now I at first thought it wasn't a big deal but what you hinted, crossed a line." I crossed my arms over my chest staring him down.


A look saying 'oh, shit' flashed across his face. "So is that why you were acting all snippy. Isn't that what you wanted, bro?"


"No! That's not what I wanted at all. I'm not ready for her to know yet that I like her, but it's too late for that. I understand she likes me back but I just don't want to rush her into anything." I sighed, running a hand through my hair plopping down on a nearby couch.


Luke followed and sat beside me, "Shit, I'm sorry Calum. If I had known, I wouldn't have said anything. But you know, the longer you wait on telling her the more risky its gonna get. Michael or Ashton could be way more blunt than I was and tell her instead in no time. I would do it either tonight or tomorrow. To be honest, if I was you I would tell her tonight to get it off your chest and out of the way. Even though she may have to sort out her feelings, at least she'll know from you and not one of us. You get where I'm going with this right?" Luke put an arm around my shoulder.


I nodded, knowing he's right. I do have to tell her soon, the other two would make it far more obvious than Luke did. "Yeah, you're right. I'll tell her soon. I just have to sort out my ​feelings first."


"What is there to sort out? You're in love, you love Sierra and your in this situation six feet deep. Bro you're all set." He chuckles, nudging my side obviously trying to lighten the mood.


"Yeah, I'm in love alright. I'm not gonna deny that." I giggle, not even bothering to fight the blush heating up my cheeks.


Luke cooed some incoherent words at me as I try to sulk further into the couch. We were then interrupted by a knock on the door. "Luke? Calum? You alright? Can I come in? Are you naked?" Sierra's voice came through the door.


We both laugh at her last question. "Yeah you can come in and no we're not naked." I called to her.


"Do you want us to be?" Luke asks as the door opens.


Her melodious laugh rings through my ears, making me smile. "I'm all good, thanks Luke. What's going on? Aye boys?" She walks over and wiggles her way in between us.


"We were just talking about stuff, nothing to worry about. Oh and Calum has something to tell you. I'll leave you to it, have fun Calum!" Luke jumps up, running out the door and quickly shuts it.


​Shit, thanks Luke...


​Hi-ya! It's me, hope you liked this new chapter. Keep commenting your thoughts, plz! This story is coming to an end soon, anyways I'll keep working on the chapters and try to keep you posted. See ya!

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