30 Days ( Calum Hood )

She was a bet for money. Cal saw it as an opportunity to find some love. Will he regret agreeing to this bet?


11. Once In a Lifetime


It's been a couple days since we had visited my so called 'girlfriend' at her work and basically humiliated myself in front of everyone and her! I'll be remembering that for the rest of my life. Yes, I just said girlfriend because ever since we left the place all the rest of the boys have been thinking about is how this girl will eventually end up to be my girlfriend and Michael betted each of the boys $20 on when exactly I would be popping the big question to her. The second most biggest question in being in a relationship.


​They reeeeally want me to be with this girl. ​I shrugged to myself. Well let's be honest here for a second Calum, you even want to be with this girl. Am I right or am I right? ​I roll my eyes but I can't really deny anything, I won't, yes of course I wanna be with her and I'm not lying either, I really like her and might actually want to ask her to be mine one of these days. Who knows, anything can happen.


We were chilling in Mike's and Ash's room for the day, doing what we do best besides play instruments and sing songs, being lazy, playing video games and eating junk food. It's also day before we head back on the road for the next show of the tour. When Michael offered her to coming on tour with us. I was feeling nervous to be honest. Yes, he's right that I'd love for her to come with us but she's right with the media thing, I mean eventually it's gonna get suspicious that we let a fan join us. When I said that we'd take care of it, I don't honestly know how I'm gonna take care of it like they'll ask questions like who is she, where she come from. What am I gonna say that'll make it sound believable?


​Relax Cal. Everything is gonna be fine. Worry about that when you actually know if she can or not. Don't stress yourself out.


"...Yo! Calum!" I shook my head, bringing myself out of my trance and I see the rest of everyone looking at me. "Damn, dude. Mike's been calling your name for like 5 minutes now, what are you thinking about that you couldn't hear him?" Ashton raised his eyebrow at me.


"You alright bro?" Luke asks, getting up off the floor and came to sit next to me on the bed. I nod as he rubs my back, "Anything you wanna talk to us about mate?" Luke adds looking at me.


"Yeah, we all know when Michael offered her to come on tour with us?" I paused and everyone nods.


"Yeah, what about it?" Michael asks.


"Well, I'm kinda nervous about that. With the media and all, they're gonna eventually find it weird that we let her join us. What are we gonna say if they ask one of us questions; who is she, why is she with us? I don't know, what could I or one of us say that would be at least semi true?" I look at the boys all in turn, who all fall silent at the point I bring up.


It was quiet in the whole room, all except for the background noise the game the boys were playing was giving off. "Well I don't think it would be that difficult. Could say something like that she's a close friend of one of us and she's coming to visit, that's believable, it's not anything awkward and the fans won't be bothered by it because she'll just be a best friend." Ashton suggests.


"Hmm, I actually like it but who would be her best friend?" I asked everyone


"Why not Luke? Because we don't really wanna draw too much attention to you and her because I think that would be a little bit too suspicious." Michael suggests and adds on.


"Yeah I-" I was interrupted when my phone rang. I leaned over to look at it and her name lit up my screen. "It's her.." I inform them.


"Answer her, maybe she has an answer. Put it on speaker, I'm sure she won't mind to speak with all of us." Luke nudges me.


I pick up the phone and answer her, taking his suggestion and putting her on speaker phone so the lads and hear and speak to her too. "Hi Sierra!" I greeted her, then followed by 'hellos' and 'hi sierra's' from the lads.


"Hey Calum, hey rest of the band! What's going on with you boys today?" She asks casually. Her voice filling my ears, making a smile form on my lips and hear some snickers from the boys.


"Nothing much really, just chilling in the room, watching the lads play some games. What are you up to?" I casually ask her back.


"Nothing worth sharing. Except for the fact that I got some news for you guys and since the rest of the band is listening, this can be said once. I'm able to come with you guys on tour! I was able to get a few weeks off of work and now I can spend that time with you! How does that sound Caly?!" I could literally hear the smirk in her voice when she calls me that. ​Nickname maybe? ​I couldn't help but cheer along with the other guys. "Now my only question is, what are you guys gonna tell the press? They're gonna find out about me eventually."


"Funny, we were just talking about that Sierra and since you're becoming close friends with us, referring to the band and all, we thought that you would be like a best friend of Luke's just coming to visit us for awhile. I think that's a good idea since it's believable and something people won't freak out about as much. How does that sound?" Ashton says to her.


"I really like it! Okay, when do I need to come by because I know you guys leave tomorrow." She asks.


"Pack at least a month's worth of clothes, then tomorrow come to the hotel. We're staying at the Holiday Inn by the mall, wait outside and we'll come get you. We're heading out on our Gus Bus, so come by at least 4 because we're gonna need a good head start to be there by the following day." Luke tells her.


"Luke did you really just bring up Gus Bus?" Michael looks at him.


"Yes I did." Luke retorts back.


"Anyway, that's amazing you can join us! It honestly makes me happy. This once in a lifetime experience you won't regret, I promise. I can't wait to see you." I gushed into the phone to her, ignoring the fake gags from the other boys.


"Sierra laughs, "Aww Caly. Can't wait to see you too. It'll be fun, I know it. Well I'm gonna start packing, see you tomorrow boys! See ya, Calum" She quickly says and hangs up.


​Well Calum, your 'girlfriend's' coming. How do you feel? ​Amazing, I can't wait to play for her more and maybe eventually see the world with her.


A.N. Hey guys! I wanna thank you for reading this story, I honestly can't thank you enough! I hope your enjoying it. Now I have a request, on my homepage my recent mumble has a couple new covers for this book, I want your opinion on which one you like best and which one I should make the final cover. Pleeease and thank you! Love you guys!


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