30 Days ( Calum Hood )

She was a bet for money. Cal saw it as an opportunity to find some love. Will he regret agreeing to this bet?


16. Lost Boy


Today was a bit of a chill day for us, which we're always glad for with us constantly going from place to place and playing show to show, it gets pretty tiring after awhile but I wouldn't trade any of this for anything. So getting a day off every now and again is always a good thing. Normally when we have a day off we would use it and see the town, adventure around see something new we haven't seen before due to our super busy schedule but we decided to stay in today.


I was with the lads in Ash's and Mike's room messing around being our normal selves, you know how we are. We had just finished a twitcam; those are always fun. Sierra didn't want to join, that's understandable so she was hanging out with Liz doing whatever them girls do.


Her and I do share a room but she still isn't too comfortable sleeping with someone yet, a bit sad. But I'm not gonna rush her. I just want her to feel comfortable. I respect the space she wants, though I do want to hug her at night, have her know that she's safe and protected. Though being surrounded by three other protective guys all above 6 feet she's got all the protection she needed. In reality though it's all just because I wanna cuddle her.


With the time of her being with us I've learned that's she's a very independent person, like me in a way. See, she's a fairly short girl and even with her being short she still wants to do stuff herself. She doesn't like people doing stuff for her that she's capable of doing. It was yesterday and we're on our way to our show in Utah and it was in the morning. I wake up and walk to the kitchen area and I see her climbing on the counter trying to get a glass that was on a high shelf. So she climbs up and gets it herself.


Another reason I love her. I also love how she's eager to go on adventures with us. If we do have a day off and we want to go out, she'll be right there ready to go. We were in Colorado and it was me, Ashton and her and we spent all day seeing new places together. Anything with her in it is always a good time in my opinion. Sorry not sorry. ​Luke's right Cal, you're in this 6 feet deep... Anything involving her and you're all googly eyes. ​What can I say, I love her!




So we were all still in the same room as before and we're still just screwing around. Michael was playing video games, again. When does he ever not. Ashton was on his phone probably doing a daily update on Twitter on what 5sos is doing today. I was doing whatever, not in the mood to do a whole lot, so I'm just watching Mike.


It was relatively quiet in the room all except for the sound effects coming from his game and the occasional grunt of frustration from him. It was a comfortable quiet, almost to the point where I'm drifting in and out of sleep. A familiar ding breaking the silence in the room, it wasn't mine because I left mine in my room. I glance around the room and Ashton is staring at me. "What? Why are you staring at me?" I ask.


Luke and Michael stopped what they were doing and looked at the both of us, just waiting for something interesting to happen. It's not gonna happen.


The tension between me and Ash felt heavy, I could feel it. The way he was staring at me was as if I did something wrong and he was trying to intimidate me. Whatever it is, it isn't good. "You know your time is up right?" Ashton said to me.


I was confused. Michael and Luke were also. I furrowed my eyebrows trying to remember what I had planned. ​Was I late for something? Did somebody not inform me of something? ​I was raking my brain to see what in the world my time could be up for. What the hell? Just tell me already, goddamn it.


I looked to Michael and Luke for help, maybe they knew. I had no idea what he was talking about. Either I forgot and I have terrible memory that I don't remember or I really don't know and he's just messing with me. They both just shrugged; figures. Ashton then goes back to his phone and begins to type something. Looks up seconds later back at me. "Did you get it?" Ashton asked.


"Get what?" I said confused.


"My text." Ashton states bluntly.


"Why can't you just say it out loud, Ashton? There's really nothing to be secretly talking about. We're all bound to know anyway." Michael looks at him.


"Because it's something he ​should-" Ashton begins but then gets cut off by the door swinging open and Sierra comes in with something in her hand.


"Hey! Sierra! How's it going! Haven't seen you since yesterday. How's cute lil blonde doing?!" Luke cheers smiling at her. I mentally throw daggers at him for flirting with her while I'm in the same room.


She doesn't answer him and mumbles something under her breath that none of us could catch as she marches her way over to us. I got a glance of her face and she was clearly pissed off. What happened... Did Ashton spill the beans? I swear if he did, Imma kill him. ​She rounds the couch and comes to stand right in front of me. I open my mouth to greet her but a hand flashed across my vision striking my cheek, a painful sting following right after. ​What the hell?! She just slapped me! ​I looked at her, shock evident on my face and she's furious.


"What the HELL is this Calum!?" She yelled at me shoving my phone in my face. I took it from her and the text Ashton was talking about was on my screen and what it said made my heart sink;


​Ashton: Yo! Calum. Time's up. You won, we all owe you $300, good job man!


My cheeks heated up more than they already were. He was talking about the bet... Shit! I had totally forgotten about that! What do I tell her?! The truth that's what. ​"Huh!? Calum? What is this? What's Ashton talking about and don't you dare lie to me." She yelled causing me to flinch.


My hands began to shake and the tension in the room was too dangerous the others were afraid to speak. "U-um well. A-a month ago b-before we met we-we all made a bet," I forced myself to stop as all of the pressure in the room was weighing down on me. All eyes were on me and for once I didn't like it.  


"What?!" I was a fucking bet!" She screams. Her eyes probably throwing daggers at me.


"I only made the bet to help him," Ashton piped up quietly, just barely talking over a whisper.


I watched as she whipped around and didn't hesitate to slap Ashton across the face. Damn she's dangerous when she's mad. ​"That doesn't make it ok Ashton!" Sierra yells at him, "I thought you were better than this, call me the fool, I knew this was too good to be true but no I was dumb enough to go along with it. Luke, Michael did you know about this sick joke too?" She spat looking at the both of them.


I watched as their eyes go wide but they shamefully nod. " Did any of you think that this would be wrong?! I hate you, all of you. I can't believe you'd all stoop this low but for what? Nothing. I'll never be able to look at you the same-"


"But Sierra, the feelings I grew for you weren't fake. Not at all. I had completely forgotten about all of this! Please, I know you hate me but please believe me that the love I feel for you is real. 100% real. I love you, I truly do love you." I was brave enough to cut off her rant of hate.


"But you didn't bother calling off the bet, did you? If you truly did love me, which absolute bullshit, then you would've called it off. You would've taken looking like a coward then having to deal with this a month later because with the little that we had, is over. Hell, we never even began. I thought I loved you but falling for a rockstar was my mistake." She glared at me. Pure hatred in her eyes and in her whole being, I could feel it. My heart tearing with ever word. An invisible knife repeatedly stabbing me in the chest, each stab hurting more than the last. "I've had enough of this, I'm leaving. I hope you feel accomplished Calum. I really truly loved you." She turned on her heels and marched towards the door.


I watched her but I didn't wanna give up yet, I'm not done. I forced myself up from my spot on the couch and raced after her. I grabbed her hand, stopping her from reach for the handle, "Sierra wait, please. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I don't wanna lose you, please don't go. I'm sorry you feel betrayed, I-if I c-could go back I would, p-please-" She raised her hand and it came flying across my face. The pain coming back stronger than ever.


"Don't fucking cry over me, Calum. This is your own fault. If you knew this was wrong in the first place you would've stopped it before it got this far and we would be having this issue. Fuck you Calum. Fuck you." She yanked her hand from my grasp and quickly exiting the room, slamming the door behind her. The walls rattling as it did.


At that moment my heart sunk down to my feet and it was painful. Feeling it tear the whole way down. My chest hurt bad and it made breathing difficult. I felt the tears I've been holding brim my eyelids. I didn't bother holding them back anymore and just let them flow. I stood there staring at the door, tears streaming freely down my bruised cheeks, I stared hoping, just maybe she'd come back. But I know she's dead set on what she wants and she wants to get as far away from me she as possible.


I sunk down onto my knees. I sat there and cried the last of my emotions that I didn't need. I had her and now she's gone and I have no one to blame but myself.


For awhile the room was quiet. I jumped when I saw Luke sit on the floor beside me. I didn't care if he was her. I kinda wanted it. I didn't care if he saw me cry. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and brought my closer to his side not saying a word. I continued to cry out my feelings, I didn't care if I looked weak, strength doesn't appeal to me anymore. "It's gonna be ok, Cal, let it out." He tried to comfort me.


I shook my head. He's wrong. I'm not gonna be ok because I screwed up my chances of having a genuinely great relationship with a wonderful girl. I loved her, I really did, I still do. I love her. The first girl in so long that I've truly grown to love is gone. "I'm not gonna be ok, the girl I actually loved is gone. I loved her, I really did and I don't think I'll be able to find another one like her." I sighed as I looked down at my hands.


​Nothing will ever be the same. I'll fall back into the depressing hole that I was in, if not deeper. I hate myself for agreeing to this stupid bet. I knew it was a bad idea from the start. I said I better not regret it and I hear I am fucking regretting it. I was dumb enough to accept it and I broke a girls heart in the process; way to go me. Could I be even more of a dumbass? Truly only good things come to those who wait and I let the good thing go to waste and it happened quicker than I even realized. It's obvious to me now that I need her 'cause without her I'm a lost boy.


​Hey all! This is the second to last chapter. I hope you liked it. Hope it was good and not shitty. I tried to make it not shit. Now at this point I want to know if you want a sequel or not. Even though there will be another chapter after this, but I'd still really like to know. Pleeease let me know if you want one of not. Happy ending or nah? Your choice really. I really enjoyed writing this story. Who knows, it might not be the end... So as always, leave your comments and the next chapter will hopefully be up by the end of the week. See ya lovelies!

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