30 Days ( Calum Hood )

She was a bet for money. Cal saw it as an opportunity to find some love. Will he regret agreeing to this bet?


7. First Date Pt 2



While Michael and Luke had resumed on playing GTA 5 and Ashton yelling at them to get away from the cops. I sat there staring at my black phone screen, waiting for a text notification from her saying if she can or not. I was hoping she can because I wanna do something other than watch these losers play video games the whole time we're on break. While I waited, I sat back and watched the lads play, while glancing at my phone very 5 minutes.


Every time my mind goes back to the thought that I could be going out with her makes me think how quickly things have changed these past few days, I was quiet, isolated and was never in the mood to do much, I was never in the mood to explore or do anything that requires me getting off my ass but in that time I realized what I was missing out on, yeah not a whole lot was happening but I was letting the world go by and I regret it.


I get drawn out of my trance by the familiar buzz of my phone going off, I looked down at it and her name lit up on the top of my lock screen. I smiled, unlocking it and reading what she wrote back with, eager to know if she could hang out with me or not. Here's what she said,


Sierra: ​Hey Calum, I would love to hang out tomorrow!


I smile wide, happy that she was able.


Me: ​Awesome!


Sierra:  I can't wait! How should I dress?


Me: ​Just dress casual.


"Sooo, Calum, do you got a date tomorrow?!" I jumped when I felt an elbow nudge me from beside me, I look and there's Ashton and the rest of the boys wiggling their eyebrows at me.


"Huh? Do ya Cal? Did she say yes?" Michael pressed on.


I blushed and nodded, "Yeah, she's said yes."


The three of them throw themselves at me again, chanting, patting my back. I blush harder and bring my hands to my face but over all really happy. "Calum is going on a date, with a girl!" Ashton squeals like a 12 year old girl overly excited.


* Next Day *


Late the next morning, I was up doing everything I needed to get ready, even though I don't need a whole lot of time in actually getting ready. I've been mainly thinking of today and wanting today to be perfect with no screw ups for once, I want to prove to her that I could be everything she has ever imagined, I want to be perfect for her.


Even though this is just the first date, I still feel pretty nervous but I shouldn't be it's pretty much a hang out but that's not what it was for the boys or my head, in my head, I liked to think thing that this was actually a date.


I got myself together and actually finally bothered to get dressed. I then stood facing the mirror looking at myself, the casual dark circles under my eyes from constant late nights and going to sleep at late hours of the night, only to get up fairly early to do it all over again. Though, I wouldn't trade any of this for anything regardless of how tired I feel.


I looked at myself, hands on the counter, my mind having a couple thoughts that have been bugging me since I woke up, 1. Will she have the same excitement as she did when she first looked at me at the meet and greet? 2. I hope I don't screw this up because if I do, I won't forgive myself and there's a possibility there won't be a second one. ​Relax Calum, you're fine. Of course she'll have the same enthusiasm, that doesn't change and as far as you screwing this up, you better hope you have your shit together and the chances of it happening is about 60%, so my advice to you, don't fuck up. ​I shook my head, my inside head voices telling me that I'm either gonna screw up or trying to talk to her or screw up in a totally new way.


I walked out of the bathroom thankful for the quiet because quite honestly, if either of the boys were here right now they would do anything to tease me just to make me even more nervous. I don't need to be more nervous than I already am.


I plopped on the bed, music moving through the speakers helping me calm my racing nerves while texting her back and forth, mainly to get information in order to get her because apparently I'm suppose to pick her up...from her house. For me, that's a bit awkward because this is a fans house and none of us has gone as far as getting a fan from their house and that lucky fella is me. I guess that's kinda why I'm a bit nervous because there's a chance that I'm gonna meet her parents, and they're gonna ask me questions and I'm not gonna know how to answer because my fucking tongue will get stuck in my throat and they're gonna think I'm some boy pulling a prank that claims to be taking their daughter out. ​Yeah good luck with that one, Cal.


I'm really hoping all turns out well...




I was in the bathroom again, doing a little more clean up before I have to go and head off towards her house. Stood in front of the mirror glancing at myself, nerve and anxiety set in my stomach to the point where I almost felt sick.


Just then the door to the room bursts open, in coming the rest of the boys. "Hey Cal, you ready?!" Michael comes prancing in the room, Ashton and Luke following in after him, crowding in the room with me, instantly making the room warm or maybe it was just me.


I huffed and shrugged, "Ready as I'll ever be."


"Hey, don't be so down, buddy. You're going on a date! It's exciting, you should be more excited then you are. You like this girl don't you?" Ashton looks at me through the mirror.


"Yeah, I do." I nod.


"Then you should be fine. It's obvious she likes you too because as we speak I've been hearing your phone go off several times and I know it's her because you switched your text tone you have for her to Bruno Mars' 'Treasure' and I've heard that go off like 6 times in the past 2 minutes." Ashton laughs, nudging me.


I blush, putting my hands to my face, knowing I shouldn't have changed it just yet. The boys laughing at my reaction. "Thanks Ashton but that's not why I'm nervous. You guys do realize that I have to go to her house and pick her up. None of us have done that to a fan before and there's a chance her parents might be there and ask why there's this random kid they don't know asking for their daughter. To me, that's the most nerve racking part."


"Well that's why you're doing it. It's a new experience for you and you honestly need it. Get out there and do something new, but honestly bro, you can do it. The nerve you have will go away. You're just having a hard time believing you can, we believe you can." Michael says seriously. "It's okay to be nervous but it won't last long. Just hope her parents aren't home but if they are don't fuck up like you did trying to talk to her, if you have to practice what you're gonna say, then do it."  


I look from Michael to Ashton to Luke all in turn and they all nod. "Honestly Calum, it's not as bad as you think of it to be. You're gonna do just fine, she's just a fan, not the Queen of England. You've spoken to her before like bro you already have her number, the hard part is over, just get on out there." Luke clapped me on the back, giving me a reassuring smile.


I took a deep breath and glanced at myself in the mirror again. "Say it." Ashton says, staring at me.


"Say what?" I ask confused.


"That you can do it, you're not gonna believe it if you don't hear yourself say it." Luke butted in.


I faced myself, closing my eyes. I took a minutes to gather myself, reopening my eyes, "I can do this." For the first time I actually believed it.


The boys cheered and crowded me in a big hug, silently saying it over and over in my head. "You gotta finish getting ready by the way Cal, it's almost 3 now." Luke says, walking out of the room with the boys following him.


I finished getting ready, fixing my hair so it wasn't in the current mess that it was in after tugging on it. Took another deep breath and left the room. Going over to slip on my all-black vans. "Okay guys, I think I'm ready now." I announced to them.


"Aw yay! Calum, is ready for his first date!" Ashton coos, pinching my cheeks.


I chuckle shaking my head. "Have fun mate, treat her well, women like that." Michael winks.


I chuckle, "Of course, I'll be sure that she has the best time of her life."


"You do that bro, now go and have a good time too." Luke shoves me towards the door while tossing me the keys.


I chuckled rolling my eyes and exited the room. A new set of feelings settling into my veins as I walked down the hall. This is it, this is my first date with this new girl. I hope it turns out for her, hope where I'm taking her is good too. ​Shut up, Cal, of course it'll be fine, I'm sure she'll love it. ​I shuffled into the elevator, pressed the lobby button and waited in the painful silence. Once the doors opened, I went out the back way to the back parking lot where the barrowed car was. I walked out and found the black Jeep we rented, got in and started the engine. I checked her texts where she sent me her address, I put it into this GPS app I had and waited for a route to get there.


According to the map, it wasn't that far from where the concert was a few days ago. So I put my sunglasses over my eyes and made my way out of the parking lot and to her house, hopefully not making too many wrong turns. Finding a radio station worth playing, luckily there was.


Once I finally reached her house, I pulled into the driveway. I parked the car and sat there for a minute to gather myself, once I had, I hopped out and walked up to her front door. There was no bell from what I saw so I knocked hard to have someone noticed that someone was there. I stood there waiting, my heart nearly in my throat, my hands all sweaty and clammy, my nerves all the way up again. ​Calm down, Cal, you're gonna do fine, take a deep breath. ​I told myself.  


I was brought out of my trance when I heard the door start opening. I looked up and nearly felt my heart plummet back down to the middle of my chest when I saw her familiar face. "Hey Calum, you found me!" She cheered.


I laughed and nodded, "Yes, I did. Surprisingly I only took one wrong turn but here I am! Are you ready to go?"


"Mhmm, I'm ready What are we doing today?" Sierra asks as she stepped out onto her porch, shutting the door behind her.


"Well I was thinking of taking to the fair, is that okay?" I asked.


"Oh yeah, that's perfect! But the one we have around here is over, is there another one you know of?" She asked curiously, watching her walk off the porch towards the car.


I followed her, "Yeah, there's is. I sort of know where it is." I laughed a bit.


"Oo. awesome! I can't wait!" Sierra beams, getting in.


I got in as well. "I like your outfit today." I sheepishly said what was on my mind, a blush rising on my cheeks. ​Oh god, please let me not be awkward this whole date.


Her laugh filled my ears, "Thanks Calum. You're too cute." She said the last part quietly but I couldn't help but hear her. I couldn't help but smile as I pulled out of her driveway and to the fair.


On the way to the fair, I started chatting her up on getting to know her. Through the time it took to get there, I've found out that I have quite a bit in common with her, her favorite color is blue, just like me, I finally found someone who has the same love for Hawaiian pizza, finally! She loves tea, she's artsy and creative which fits in with my creative nature. Those are just a few of the things and this is just the beginning.


We got to the fair and parked. I hopped out, walked around and opened the door for her. "Thank you sir." She smiles, hopping out.


"Sure thing, love. Now are you still buzzing about the concert a few nights ago? Still think it was just a dream?" I asked her, casually putting an arm around her shoulder as we walked to the ticket booth.


"Actually no. I guess it was just a surreal type of thing in the moment. But with me being right here with you right now seems for like a dreams because everyday up until the concert I would constantly make up silly scenarios on what would happen if I were to hangout with you and here I am, at a fair, with you of all people, Calum Hood! I swear I don't think this is real." Sierra laughs shaking her head.


I laughed, "Well by the end of all this, I'm sure you won't be thinking that because I can assure you, this is 100% real." I paid the worker $40 buck for an all-day wristband pass. We each took our turns sticking our wrists into the booth. Once done, I lead her inside. "Alright, now that we're in here. What would the lovely lady love to do first?" I smiled at her.


I smiled watching her cheeks turn a light shade of pink, "Hmm, well the pretty lady thinks we should go to one of the bigger rides towards the back, I'm feeling a bit adventurous."


"Oh, are you one that likes big rides?" I asked, kind of surprised she wanted to go on them. Not that I thought she couldn't handle it, just thought she wouldn't like them, but surprise on me, she does, which is awesome.


"Yeah! Just because I'm a little short doesn't mean I don't like them. Let's go!" She shook her head, grabbing my wrist and gently pulling me through the crowd.


We walked towards the back of the park where the bigger rides were at, "Well which one you want to go on?" I asked her.


"Hmm, how about this one that looks like a huge pendulum?" Sierra asked pointing to the one that was called Sky High, typical name.


"Sure, that one looks like fun," I nodded, taking her hand and leading her over to the line which lucky for us wasn't too long. I stood beside her in line and engaged into a casual conversation forgetting the fact that she's a fan and instead found her more like a close friend now. Even throughout the short time I've known her personally, her calm and easy going nature just mends itself with mine and it feels like we've known one another for more than just an hour or so. Just standing with her and just talking about anything; I feel so comfortable with her.


"When do you go back on tour Cal?" She asks, looking up at me as we inch closer to the front of the line.


"I think what I heard we have like another week or so until we go back on the road, to be honest though I don't really know, I wasn't paying attention." I laugh, shrugging.


"Well that's good. You guys deserve a break, I mean you're only halfway through and still so much to go. I still would like to say thank you for all you and the guys have done, you've indirectly helped me find more of who I truly am without me even knowing." She smiles at me, coming closer and wraps her arms around my waist.


I smile and hug her back, "I'm happy to hear that, whatever you're going through, you can beat the shit out of it. You're a beautiful girl and you're to beautiful to have something break you. Also if you need someone to talk to if you're having a hard time, please text me and I'll be right there, okay?" I told her seriously.


I feel her nod against my chest, letting me know she understood. Just then I felt a tap on my shoulder, I look up and it was the ride volunteer, "Sorry to butt in but you're up next sir."


"Right, come on lovely." I head up the steps with her on my trail along with the next bunch of people. "Sierra come sit next to me." I pat the seat to my right before someone takes it before she did as I sit down, pulling the body guard over me. She makes her way over and sits next to me, pulling the bar over her. "You excited?"


"Fuck yeah, I love rides like these!" She nods beaming at me.


I couldn't help but smile back, her smile just makes me want to smile. So calm and genuine. I ran a hand through my hair as the ride started out slow and attempted to keep it out of my face. I put my hand down and it just barely brushed hers causing my heart to jump in my chest when she grabbed it and held it in place. I was actually kind of shocked at how open to this she was, most girls would be quick to pull back when the guy she barely touches he hand but she just grabbed mine and held it in her small one, my cheeks heating up. ​Yep, Calum, you're in love...


As the day went on, I grew more and more connected with her. Everything she wanted to do I was willing to do with her. If she wanted cotton candy, I was more than willing to give her some, if she said her feet were starting to hurt, I would carry her on my back; if she wanted to of course. To say that I'm a sucker for her now is an understatement and it's only been a few hours.


It was currently around 6:30 and I could tell that she was beginning to get bored by her lack of interest when I asked her about another ride, which was fine. "Hey Cal, before we do go I would like to play a game, like that one." Sierra pointed to a balloon popping game with big and small plush animals for the prizes. ​And what did I say the other day about wanting to do this? Hmm...she might've just read your mind, Cal. ​"Oo, I want that tiger!" She squealed.


I laughed and nodded, "Sure, I can try and win that for you." I walk over to the booth, looking at the board for prices and just smacked down $7 for the most darts. I threw them all, hitting all but one, which was enough to get the tiger she wanted. The volunteer hands me the tiger. "Here ya go love for you." I smile handing it to her.


She giggles taking it, "Thanks Cal! Now, I'm really hungry, can we eat something? I haven't eaten since like noon today."


I nodded, "Of course, then afterwards I'll take you back home."


After we left the park, I took her to a good restaurant in the area. Spent the time talking about everything as we winded down for the night. "So Sierra, I was thinking, maybe tomorrow or next couple days or something; which ever works for you, you can come and hang with me and the lads while we're still here. Would you like that?"


"That'd be amazing! I can't tomorrow though because I have work sadly but I can see about the following day." Sierra smiled, nodding at the idea while taking a sip of her drink.


"Oh, where do you work? Maybe we can stop by." I asked, picking up interest of where she works.


"I just work at a local restaurant in my little town called The WoodShop, you can come stop by if you want, I just happen to be a waitress."


"Oo, sounds amazing, we'll stop by tomorrow. When's your shift?" I was genuinely curious because I haven't heard of the place and sounded like a place the lads and I would like to come when we come again for tours.


"I go from 2 p.m. to 9. It doesn't matter when you come, since tomorrow will be a Friday it'll be quite busy around 6 so plan wisely." Sierra advises as she continued with her sandwich.


"Got it, we'll be there." I smiled as I finished mine.


I was now on my way to taking her back home. Her parents probably curious if not furious that she's not home. I'm hoping not to face the wrath of them, not knowing what they're like.


I pulled into her driveway and stopped the car and got out with her to walk her to her front door. "Thank you so much Calum for a wonderful day. It was really fun and I really hope we can see each other more, even though you are going on tour in like a week." Sierra says as she looks up at me with her bright eyes.


"You're welcome, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I hope the same as well. I'll hopefully see you tomorrow and hope you can hangout the following day." I smile down at her.


"I'll see you then." She puts her things on a chair not far away, came up to me and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back, wrapping my arms around her waist gently lifting her up off the ground a bit, and nuzzled my face into her neck; savoring the moment.


I set her down after a bit and she looks up at me and I meet her gaze, keeping it for awhile longer. There was this feeling in my stomach and a thought popped in my head: I want to kiss her. ​No you idiot it may be too soon, she may not be into the 'kiss on the first date' shit. ​But her actions said different when she lifted up on her tip toes, put both of her hands on my chest and started to lean in. Her eyes fluttering shut and what's happening; she wants to kiss me and I couldn't let her just do it. I leaned in as well going with my gut feeling and our lips met. I closed my eyes, a tingly sensation erupted in my stomach when we kissed, something I haven't felt in so long. I cupped her cheek with one hands, pulling her a bit closer with the other on her waist. I smiled into the kiss, not sure if I was enjoying it more or she was, but I think I was.


Our lips moved in sync as the both of us deepened the kiss. I pulled off of her, a wise smile spread across her face. I couldn't help but let a giddy smile spread across my face and a giggle leave my lips. "I'm not the only one thinking that it was definitely a good first kiss?" I asked her.


"Oh yes. The was pretty much the best kiss I've ever had." She giggled nodding, "Anyway, I really have to go, thanks once again for today, I'll se you tomorrow, Cal." She beamed up at me and pecked my cheeks this time.


"You're very welcome, good night, Sierra." I smiled wide at her.


"You too, Calum." She smiled, grabbing her stuff and walked inside.


The door shut and I stood there for a minute longer and took a deep breath, the beat of my heart still at a rapid pace. I spoke aloud to myself, "I'm definitely in love." I smiled wide. Turning around and walked off her porch to the car, the smile never leaving my face.

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