30 Days ( Calum Hood )

She was a bet for money. Cal saw it as an opportunity to find some love. Will he regret agreeing to this bet?


6. First Date Pt 1


Once we got back to the hotel I decided to take a shower before even thinking about going out with her because she doesn't deserve to have me smell like sweat. I was the only one in the room, Luke went across the hall to hang with Ashton and Michael, so I took my clothes and portable speaker into the bathroom to do my business.


I shut the door and locked it, stripping myself of my clothes, turning on my speaker and chose a song, the music echoing throughout the room, I stepped into the shower and did my business. As I was washing my hair, I had a couple of things on my mind, 1. my overall feelings in general and 2. Sierra. All I could think about these past couple days was he. Is this normal? Yes it's obvious that I like her but will she like me? ​No shit, Calum. That's a dumb question, of course she'll like you, wait no correction, she'll love you. You got nothing to worry about.


I sang the words to the current Green Day song as I continued to clean myself, thought about my life and having a mental conversation on what I wanted to do with her if she wants to go out or date as the boys like to call it, what would she like to do? ​Just something simple, it's the first 'date' Calum, don't need anything too fancy but if the girl likes fancy then sure go for it. ​Considering that I don't know much about her yet, maybe I could do something like the fair but then again that's a place some people go for a fun but romantic night out but since this is pretty much a hangout, maybe not.


Also, I wasn't planning on taking her to the movies because with the movies, you sit there in a dark room forced to be quiet obviously not to disturb other viewers and then when the movie is over it's more than likely time to take her back to her house and what good is that date? Not very good if that's all you do.


I shrugged, thinking maybe I could ask the guys what they think I should do.


So I finished up my shower and turned off the water, grabbing the towel from the rack beside the shower and wrapped it around my body, stepping out humming to the words of Blink-182 now flowing through the room. I went ahead and threw on my clothes and exited the room, turning off the speaker in the process.


I made my way over across the hall to Ash's and Mike's room and pushed the cracked door open and into the room. Mike and Luke were all clustered in front of the T.V. playing Mike's X-BOX that he literally brings everywhere. I casually walked in and in front of the T.V. causing Mike and Luke to start screaming at me, "Move you fucktard!" Mike yells at me, shoving me out of the way. "Wow thanks shithead, caused us to lose the fucking level!"


I chuckle and shrug, not giving two fucks, "Oops." I move over towards Ashton as he's sat on the bed behind them.


"What's up bud, you gonna hang out with her tomorrow? Did she accept?" Ashton turns to me, nudging me in the side with his elbow.


"I hope to but I'm having difficulty figuring out what to do, I haven't asked her yet because of that reason and I was actually coming to you all to see if you guys had any ideas." I explained my little dilemma. Ashton put on his casual thinking face, Luke and Michael still focused on their game making me roll my eyes. I smacked them both on the back of the head, causing them to drop their controllers, profanities coming from them, "That means you two as well, I'm not just asking Ashton."


"What you need man?" Luke asked, finally facing towards me.


I took a deep breath, "The one time I ask for your help and you don't listen. The next time I need help, I won't ask."


"Sorry, I didn't hear you." He held up his hands in surrender.


"Right, well what I technically asked as, I'm having difficulties finding out what to do if I were to take her out tomorrow and I want your suggestions." I repeated.


The room was then silent as the three of them began thinking of ideas, I watched them all at a time as I fiddled with my phone, aimlessly looking through Twitter to Instagram as I waited.


After a couple of minutes, Ashton broke the silence "I think I have something you and her could do," we all looked at him, the silence giving him approval to keep going, "you could do something simple and fun like bowling or something where you both can have fun and maybe take her for something to eat after before taking her back home."


I shrugged keeping that in mind, I looked at Michael and Luke to see if they had anything. Michael shook his head, " I got nothing, sorry bro, but anything that sounds fun I think she'll love."


"What I think you should do, since it's summer I would say taking her to the beach or a waterpark and then take her for some ice cream since it's fairy warm today and tomorrow." Luke suggested with a shrug.


"Luke, their not dating. They hardly even know each other that well, going to the beach isn't a good first date idea, to be honest." Ashton commented shaking his head.


I nodded, "Yeah, that's a good idea but we're pretty much gonna be hanging out, that's more of a couples thing."


"Ok, ok damn, it was just a suggestion." Luke holds up his hands.


I ignored his comment. "I guess I could go with a simple day at the fair, that's not too bad and it's still fun. It could work right?


The boys all nod. "Yeah, I think so. it's still something fun without having too much of a romantic feeling that some people like to have but yeah, go for it man." Michael nods.


I thought about it and all the things her and I could do while there, even though a lot of boyfriends give their girlfriends one of those cheesy plush animals at those games but I don't care I wanna be one of those guys that does that and plus she might even want one so who knows. "Yeah, I'm gonna take her to the fair and then dinner afterwards to a restaurant of her choice." I nod and smile at the idea.


The boys then cheer and throw themselves at me, making me blush furiously making my face feel extremely warm, "Cal Pal is going on date!" Ashton chants over and over several times.


I chuckle shaking my head, embarrassed. "What are you waiting for man, ask her!" Michael shakes my shoulders.


I laugh, "God damn, I will." I take out my phone and text her,


Me: ​Hey Sierra, it's Cal. Would you wanna hang out tomorrow?

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