30 Days ( Calum Hood )

She was a bet for money. Cal saw it as an opportunity to find some love. Will he regret agreeing to this bet?


12. Along For The Ride


We've been back on tour for about 2 weeks now and I have to say, having a girl along with us besides Liz feels pretty weird, especially when said girl happens to be the girl I like. I'm sure Liz enjoys another female on the tour bus with us and she's really taken an interest for her, almost like her mother way from home, also I think she thinks of her as her own daughter. Finding a spot for her to stay was difficult but Luke being Luke, he was kind enough to let her take his bunk so now she's resting above me, which I don't mind.


Also I think she's starting to get more comfortable with being on tour with us because I remember the first few nights she'd be so quiet and nervous just thinking someone would notice her and question her but Liz assured her that she's gonna be alright and so far no one has seemed curious. I'm really glad Liz is with her because a lot of times I can't always get to her, even though I would much rather be by her side as much as I can.


So right now we're on the tour bus making our way to the next destination which was Kansas City, I was currently in the main part of the bus with the rest of the boys. Not really sure where Sierra was, haven't seen her since she was forced up by Ashton screaming that there was a spider in the area of the bunks then saying it was just a joke, never saw a hair of her since. I hope she's ok. ​Well you never know until you actually know. She could be crying and you wouldn't know. ​I shook my head from my thoughts, just the thought of her crying makes my heart hurt. I would absolutely hate to see her crying. If she ever was I would be there in a heartbeat and hold her close.  


I hope she's alright.​ I said to myself.


"Yo! Cal!" I heard the voice of Michael break through the inside voice of myself.


"Hmm? What?!" I looked at him, giving him my attention.


The room was then quiet while the boys were all grinning at me, "You're doing is again Calum, you and inside head thoughts. What's got you in a trance this time?" Michael's grin turned into a smirk.


"How much you wanna bet it was about her? She's the main reasons he goes out like that." Luke retorted.


"I think it was about her by the way how hard he's blushing right now. Better watch yourself Calum, one of us could easily go tell her that a certain Kiwi boy likes her, someone like me even." Ashton smirks getting up from the couch and slowly heads towards the back of the bus.


The current blush and embarrassment was quickly changed by a quick flash of rage when what he said registered in my head. I stood up, my eyes flickering to Ashton and was in front of him in seconds pinning him to the wall, both hands on his shoulders, "Don't you dare tell her Ashton!" I scowl at him, my eyes pouring into his.


"Whoa! Dude, haven't seen you act like that out of nowhere in like ever." I watch as Ashton's eyes go wide for a moment then back to their normal size; due to the sudden shock. "You sure you don't want me to tell her for you? It would save you the humiliation and embarrassment for when you do tell her." He chuckles.


"Don't fucking tell her, Irwin. I'm perfectly damn capable of doing it myself. I'm not a little boy that can't do anything on his own. If you tell her I won't hesitate to get you back." I seethed at him.


"Alright bro, calm down. I won't tell her, no need to kill me, I was just teasing." He held up his hands.


I sighed as I let him go and sat back where I was putting a hand on my cheek. "I want to tell her but I don't want to rush her into anything."


"It's alright bro, I understand. There's no need to rush, a rushed relationship doesn't go as smoothly as one that isn't rushed. But if you want an opinion, I'll give you one whether you want it or not, I think she likes you as well Calum, to be honest. I see the way she looks at you. If I were you I wouldn't wait too much longer." Ashton claps a hand on my shoulder and giving it a squeeze, flashing me a calm smile.


​When is a good time to ask? Like is there a moment I wait for so it isn't awkward? I want her to be mine but I'm just not sure how to ask her.


We were currently in the arena getting ready for the show tonight, right now though we were just having some fun around in the arena before we do sound-check in about two hours. So me, Sierra and the lads were about to play a few rounds of hide 'n' seek.


"Ok so for this first round, I say Calum should count first and the rest of us will hide. Now the boundaries will consist of the lower floor here, the stands, and up in the upper seats up there anywhere up there is fine. No hiding backstage, bathrooms or in any room in the venue. Calum, you'll be counting to 50, for this round it won't be timed but as the rounds go they will be. I'll explain those later, any questions?" Ashton looked around at everyone.


"Yes, can we hide in pairs?" Luke raised his hand.


"No, you can't. You also can't hide within 20 feet of another player. There's plenty of room guys. Anymore?" He asks again.


"Yeah, why do I have to count first?" I asked.


"No reason, just because you happened to be the first to pop in my head. Now stop complaining. Go stand facing the stage and start counting. I wanna play, I'm sure Sierra is sick of all these stupid questions." Ashton chuckled, glancing at the quiet girl observing everything and I'm pretty sure judging everything too.


She laughs, "Come on Cal. You can count can't you?" She sassed me. ​Well at least I know she can handle our jokes and teasing...


"anyWAY! Let's get started shall we! Calum your dilly dallying, face the stage and start fucking counting already!" Michael rolled his eyes, walking up to me and spinning me around forcing me to face the stage.


I copy his eye roll but closed my eyes and started counting anyway, "1... 2... 3... 4..." The sound of footsteps start running further and further away from me. I heard someone stumble and a chair falling followed by muffled profanities making me chuckle a bit. After a few minutes the area around me was quiet and I had to admit being in an empty arena is pretty eerie, especially when we just get to a new place and some places are bigger than others, the bigger arenas are more creepier. "...48...49...50! Ready or not, here I come!" I shout after I've spent 5 or more minutes counting. I'm sure counting to 50 is enough time for 4 people to hide.


I reopened my eyes and looked at the intimidating arena and its multiple levels. I looked around the bottom level first, slowly going around seeing if any of them stayed down here, I doubt it none of them are ​that ​stupid. I found the chair that someone knocked over and decided to look in the stands.


I walked up and down steps looking under everything, down all the rows and still nobody. Playing hide 'n' seek is definitely much harder in a big building. After a little bit of climbing another set of stairs going up I finally found someone; Luke on his phone sitting on the floor at the far end of the row in between the wall and a seat. I walk over behind him standing over him and looking at what he was doing. What was on his screen caught my attention though, he was sitting there texting someone but not just anyone someone, he was texting a certain blonde haired girl named Sierra. ​Why was he texting her?


A part of their conversation made me very curious,


​Sierra: I really like him Luke, it's only been a short time though, is it normal to feel this way?

​Luke: Of course, don't worry about it. I don't think you're the only one.


That little bit made me slightly worried and a little bit furious. Worried because they're talking about me I'm sure of it and furious because Luke kinda hinted that I liked her. I'm gonna have serious word with him after the show about what he is and isn't allowed to say.


I decided to put that aside for now and keep playing before I take too long and he notices I'm behind him and things get ugly very fast. So I quietly moved away from him and back to the stairs where I came up. "Hey Luke, you're found!"


Luke looks up and over at me, "Damn it, am I the first one?" He asks getting up. I nod. "Fuck! I'm always found first. I'll go wait back at ground zero while you go find the rest. Oh and just a hint, S is on the top level." Luke said as he approached me, S hinting as Sierra. He walked passed me and down the steps.


"Thanks." I said in a monotone voice. The rest of the game was played normally, the rest of everyone found pretty quickly. It went from Sierra; thanks to Luke's hint, then Ashton, and Michael. The rest of the rounds were the same way but I was kind of avoiding Sierra, though I didn't really want to avoid her or ignore her. I'm just sort of afraid what she'll say if she does talk to me and I'm not ready for the embarrassment.


​Calum, stop being a pussy and live up to the fact that she likes you and tell her so. Yeah, Luke may have hinted that you like her but the girl is bound to have some doubts, you know? I mean she's a fan of the band of course she's gonna doubt it, she was probably going bonkers that you all invited her on tour. Think about it Cal. ​My thoughts speak to me as I'm sitting in the dressing room away from everyone and drowning myself in my head. I shrugged going back over the possibility but I'm still gonna remind Luke.


​A.N: HEY! It's me. I have a feeling this story will come to an end very soon. I still want to know if you all feel like there should be a sequel, I really want your opinion. Also keep sending me your thoughts on the story in general. By the end of the book though, I want to know if you want one or not, mk! Also. Can we take a moment and think that there is only a few shows left to SLFL?! It makes me really sad but happy cuz I went. If you went to a show, which show did you go to?

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