Miss Independent

She Is Clothed In Strength And Dignity, And She Laughs Without Fear Of The Future.She Holds Her Head Held High, in fear of her tiara falling.

Cleopatra Sofia Costello, CEO of Costello enterprise, The boss of them all.

As she strides down the long hallway of her building, they all look up to her, in there eyes she is everything they would want to be and more.

Then there is Justin Drew Bieber, the CEO of Bieber and Co.

Both alike in dignity and work, except there is one problem, a problem that is held deep in the likes of these two company's.

But the only way they will find out that there is a problem, and it needs to be solved is if they are together.

But can that ever happen?

Will it ever happen?

And if it does will she still be 'Miss Independent'??


10. Chapter 9; Things Get Messy


"We are going to go home, mummy's going to flop and then we can play" I mumbled looking in my review mirror looking back at Isaiah. I was coming home from work and I just picked up Isaiah and I was so ready to finally have some mummy and Isaiah time.  I got the blow of a raspberry in return making me giggle just as we pulled up to the house. I turned off the engine and looked up, the breath being knocked out of me in the process. I wanted to cry and the sight of my home.

I got out of my car slowly and stepped onto the ground, my heart was thumping hard inside me chest and Isaiah had gone quiet his big curious eyes looking over what he knows as home. My heart broken as I watched his bottom lip wobble and I knew he was going to cry so I quickly unbuckled him and brought his into my arms. I was just about to walk into the house when I stepped and thought that what if someone was still in there? I can't go in with Isaiah because something bad could happen and I can't leave him outside.

I went back to my car and pulled my phone out of my bag and rung the first number on my speed dial. "Hello?" His voice came out confused, "Justin I need your help!" I cried as Isaiah began to cry the, fear was clear in his eyes. "What! What's wrong? Are you okay? Is Isaiah okay?" He rushed out I could hear him moving around quickly. "Someone has broken into my house and I don't know if they are still in there" I whimpered looking up at all of the smashed windows.

"What!" He said before a car being turned on was herd. "Where are you? Don't go in okay!" He rushed out the beep of a car horn was herd in the background as I looked around my street seeing no one in... figures. "I am just standing by my car outside on the drive way" I answered his question before he told me not to move and that he would be hear any minute. Over the next few minutes while I waited for him to get here I spent the time trying to get Isaiah to stop crying but nothing was working, he didn't even want to be fed.

The roar of a car was herd from behind me so I turned around just in time to see Justin park the car quickly and get out. "Are you okay" He said softly coming up to me and pressing a soft kiss to my forehead, I nodded my head and handed Isaiah to him "Hey bud! Stop crying little man, your scaring mummy" He soothed rocking him until he stopped crying and just stared up at him. "Thank you" I said softly looking up at him as he was still taller than me even in heels.

"For what?" He murmured moving my hair from the front to the back, "For just being here, you are always there when I need you! so thank you" I whispered before standing on my tip toes and kissing his cheek. He smiled and I swear I saw him blush but didn't say anything as that was the last of my worries right now. He handed Isaiah back to me and took my hand leading me the the door. "You ready?" He questioned looking back at me, I nodded my head and took a deep breath "Yeah". We walked in and the first thing I saw was everything was ruined. Broken glass was everywhere and everything was turned upside down.

My living room didn't even look like it was mine, nothing did. Justin went and wondered around the house to see if anyone was still here while I went and checked the kitchen. "Fuck off" was my first reaction to the kitchen, I then mumbled a sorry Isaiah as I swore around him. "You have got to be kidding me" I mumbled seeing all the breast feed milk I had pumped all over my kitchen floor. "Why" I whined rubbing the side of my face in frustration.

"Out of everything in the house could they not leave the milk alone" I stressed now knowing that I had now no pre-made milk for him. I turned around and caught Justin standing in the doorway leaning against the wall smiling at me. "What?" I questioned raising my eyebrow at him, he nodded his head nothing and murmured a nothing. "Well you are smiling so I guess no one is in the house then?" I asked huffing at the no milk situation. "Yeah no one is here, they are long gone." I nodded my head and looked around.

"Upstairs is a mess, there is graffiti written everywhere with things like revenge on the walls and broken mirrors are smashed everywhere, the doors are broken some of them are even in two pieces and all of your pictures have been smashed or burned or both. I'm sorry baby" He said softly while walking over to me and wrapping his strong arms around me, Isaiah in the middle of us. "What am I going to do?" I whimpered clutching his shirt in my hands, and taking a deep breath inhaling his masculine sent.

"Your not staying here thats final. I wouldn't let you if it was just you and i'm certainly not letting you when you have Isaiah" His voice was stern and left no room for argument as he took Isaiah off of me and began to walk out of the house. "Go and pack everything you need I will meet you in the car" He said before I blurted out "But where are we going to stay?". "You can stay with me baby, I wouldn't leave you on your own. Now go on, go and pack" He gave me a big cheesy grin while he was strapping Isaiah into his car seat and he was off out of the house.

I took one last look around downstairs before making my way up the stairs slowly, even seeing dents on the banister, I reached the top and everything was just on the floor, there was broken glass everywhere, anywhere that you stepped there was glass. Nasty things were written on the wall and everywhere I looked there was red graffiti. I walked straight towards my room and opened the half door not even taking my time in looking at my broken bed, as I just wanted to get out of here.

I went straight towards my wardrobe grabbed my biggest over night bag, I packed all of the clothes that I would need before swiping everything off of my dresser into the bag, make up and perfume included. I then ran back across the hall towards Isaiah's room and I didn't have to open a door as there was none, it was on the floor. I tried so hard not to look at the words written on his wall and the fact that his cot was broken and grabbed all of his clothes, nappies, muslim squares and dummy's. I then grabbed everything I would need to pump and all of the spare bottles up stairs.

I then remembered that his moses basket from when he was baby baby was at the back of my wardrobe. I got that out and made my way down the stairs slowly. "Cleo? Princess is everything okay? Why are you-" He said coming through the front door the car being herd in the background, although he stopped once he saw me coming down the stairs. "If you needed some help you could of called for me" He said running up the bottom half of the stairs to take the moses basket out of my hands. "I was okay" I giggled finally coming down the last steps.

He smiled at me before ushering me out of the house and down the path, I stopped by his range rover and waited for him as he was behind me , I looked at a sleeping Isaiah in the back seat. I awed quietly just as he walked past and chuckled, he opened the boot and put the moses basket in first before taking my bag off of me and telling me to get in, while he put the bag in the boot.

I nodded my head and opened the door before climbing in hearing the boot slam shut, before he walked round and got in the car. He strapped himself in and cheeked the back seat to make sure Isaiah was okay, then he looked at me and made sure that I was strapped in, and once he had checked everyone he mumbled sweet and backed out of the driveway. I watched as we drove past what was once what I loved to call home and where I felt safe, I watched it disappear and sighed, Justin looked at me and gave me a small smile squeezing my thigh for comfort.

I was thankful for him, as I honestly don't know where I would go because I wouldn't want to intrude on Millie as she has just had Isaiah for the past week and my parents are god knows where. I would have to stay in a hotel. The ride to Justin's house was consisted on Isaiah's soft little breaths and the soft roar of the engine. I looked over to Justin and watched as he licked his lips and turned the corner. He looked so attractive when driving, his strong arms flexing as he pulled the leaver and his sharp jawline clenching and unclenching.

"What?" He asked me smiling in the process, "Nothing" I mumbled chuckling slightly before biting my lip and looking out the window. His house was only about a 10 minute drive from my house and we were pulling up into his drive in no time. His house was beautiful from the outside, so tall and homely. Nothing like I ever imagined it to be like, especially as he puts up this cocky asshole front you would think that his house would look like millions. I mean it does but in the warm homely way not in the way that says I have lots of money and i'm an asshole about it.

He shut the engine off and opened his door as I unstrapped my seatbelt, Isaiah's little stirs were herd as he started to whimper a bit. Justin unstrapped the car seat and picked it up and out of the car, as I shut my door and walked round the back to the boot, Justin meeting me the other side. He unlocked it and the boot door went up, he put the car seat on the ground and pulled out my bag putting it on the floor before grabbing the moses basket, and taking that out. Once everything was on the floor he shut the boot and locked the car, picking up the car seat again and taking the moses basket in his other hand.

I picked up my bag and followed him up the path, he had a normal front garden, green grass, flowers and a water fountain. He put Isaiah down again and unlocked the door. "There you go, the living room is to the left" He smiled ushering me first, I thanked him quietly and walked through.

The house was spacious and big and it was clean and tidy which I praised him for in my head. Isaiah's cry's got louder as we entered the house and I mentally pre-pared myself for his screaming in a minute. It could literally make your ears bleed. "Thank you for having us!" I murmured still in awh with his house, he chuckled behind me "It's fine, honestly I would feel better if you are with me then knowing that you had gone to some hotel" He said just as we entered the living room.

He had gorgeous sofa's and they were absolutely huge, the carport was a soft ivory and it was so fluffy you could tell just by looking at it. He had a coffee table in the middle and a flat screen TV on the wall. Besides the TV he had glass cab nits either side and they both were full of pictures of what I presumed to be family and friends. He put Isaiah down on the floor and flopped on the sofa closest. Isaiah was still crying so I sat down next to Justin and started to unstrap him but he wasn't quieting down which was unusual.

"You have a beautiful home" I said while picking Isaiah up and popping him on my lap so he was facing us. "Thank you!" He said smiling and looking around, before turning back to Isaiah just like I did. I looked up at the clock and saw that he was due a feed before mumbling shit. "What?" Justin asked looking between me and Isaiah trying to get him to stop crying. "He is due a feed and I have no bottle's for him and he almost never feeds off of me when he is in this state." I explained trying to get him to calm down and stop crying so that I could feed him.

I herd Justin mumble a oh before taking him off of me and standing up, his cries quietened a little but not a lot. "Get ready" He said bouncing him up and down in his arms. "Get ready?" I repeated confused at what he was saying. "Get ready to breast feed and that" He chuckled clearly amused by my confusion. Isaiah was calmer now as I grabbed the bag and got out a muslim square I unbuttoned my shirt till about half way so that my bra was on show and then sat back and looked up at Justin to signal that I was ready.

He passed me Isaiah and then came and sat next to me so that he could see Isaiah, I unclipped my cup from my strap and pulled the cup down, so that Isaiah had access to my boob I then made sure that the muzzy was next to me and laid him down, until he started to cry. I then tried to get him to latch on which is normally really easy but he wouldn't. "See he's not going to latch on" I whispered feeling a lump form in my throat and tears pinch my eyes.

"What if its because I have barely seen him this week and he has forgotten me or something like that, or he doesn't like me any more or-" I said feeling my heart break at the thought of them things happening. "Hey he won't ever forget you and he won't ever not like you okay! He loves you so so much! Now I don't want to hear that ever again do you understand me?" He said kissing my temple before taking a hold of Isaiah's hand.

I nodded my head before focusing on him and trying to get him to latch on but he was still having none of it and as the time went by I felt worse and worse. I should have never left him for that long no matter how bad situations are. "I'm sorry" I whispered looking into his eyes and kissing his nose. After a few more minutes Justin spoke "Can I help and try something?" He asked looking into my eyes, I thought about it for a moment before agreeing as I would try anything right now.

"Do you trust me?" He whispered, so much taller than us now as he was on his knees leaning over us. I looked into his eyes and all I saw was concern and care. "Yeah" I replied nodding my head slowly. He nodded his head and took a deep breath before lifting Isaiah and telling me to lay back a bit and then he put a pillow under my arm and across my lap so it was under my boob. He then laid Isaiah on his side on the pillow and moved his head so that he was facing my boob.

He moved my arm furthest away from my boob and put it so I was holding his back and his neck, lifting it back a bit so he had a clear swallow. He then supported my hand that was holding his neck with his hand and moved his arm over me to my arm closest to my boob and took my hand. He then took a hold of my boob in a 'c' shape and squeezed making me take in a sharp breath feeling a bit of milk spill out. He then moved Isaiah's head so that it was to my nipple and he latched on. Just like that.

Absolutely amazed at what he just did I asked him "How did you do that?" Seeing that Isaiah was now happily sucking on my nipple and he was now feeding. "Magic" He whispered kissing my nose and sending me a wink. I sighed and looked down at him, his eyes fixed on mine though they kept flicking over to Justin's. "I'm going to cook us some dinner okay? Shout me if you need me alright?" His soft voice came out by my ear.

"I can cook, if you want just let me finish with Isaiah and-" I began feeling like he was doing way to much and I was doing nothing but he interrupted me "It's fine Cleo you just focus on little man and I can do it" He chuckled leaning against his door frame and smiling at me. I went to ask if he was sure but he beat me to it and said that he was sure, I giggled and whispered an okay. "Is it okay if we both sleep down here? He really screams at night and it goes straight through your ears and I wouldn't like to wake you up?" I asked looking at Isaiah and seeing his eyes drop letting me know that he was sleepy and then looked up to face Justin.

"Yeah of course, if you would feel more comfortable down here then sure but I really don't mind if Isaiah wakes me up baby. I knew that when I said that you both could stay here. Don't worry about it, alright?! Now I'm going to cook dinner" He said softly with nothing but the truth behind his words, as I blushed at the fact that he called me baby again.

He moved away and walked into the kitchen and I could hear things being moved around and things being turned on. I looked down at Isaiah and brushed back his little curls. His eyes opening and closing softly as he kept going in and out of sleep. He was such a cutie and I could stare at him all day."Baby Girl" Justin's soft voice brought me out of my trace, "Hmmm" Was what I replied with as I looked up at him to see he had two plates in his hands.

"You were just staring at him. Have you really been doing that the whole time I was cooking dinner?" He questioned putting the plates on the coffee table before sitting down next to me. I nodded shyly and looked back at my beautiful sleeping boy that was still sucking though. "Yeah" I confirmed smiling. He chuckled at me before telling me that we had spaghetti bolognese and he picked his plate up off of the table and started eating. I watched as he still slept but carried on sucking for a few minutes before deciding that he had, had enough.

I pulled down his bottom lip and he stopped sucking moving his head back as he knew that he was finishing, I popped the bra back to the strap, buttoned my shirt back up and sat up putting Isaiah in his moses basket and covering his little body with his favourite blanket. I flattened his hair and kissed his forehead before proceeding to sit down and eat the lovely dinner that Justin had made for us. Throughout the whole of dinner we were talking and laughing, I don't think we even stopped for a breath of air.

I lernt that he has two siblings Jazmen and Jaxson, his parents are divorced have been since he was a baby, he always wanted to be an artist but he got dragged into the whole company thing like I did. His favourite colours are purple, gold and black and he likes giraffes. He loves to sing but that is a secret between us and only some people, basically the ones closest to him. Then while I gave Isaiah his last feed for the night, he learned everything about me, from my favourite colour to my underwear size which he managed to get out of me.

"You have a big booty that you should be proud of gurl, flaunt it" He laughed mimicking a girls voice, I giggled hiccuping as I had a glass of wine with dinner, "You sound like some fake bitch that is trying to bum lick some rich fucker" I gasped covering my mouth from my language when Isaiah is in the room, even though he is asleep before giggling again. Justin watched me giggle for a few minutes before chuckling to himself, he looked back at me smiling as a warm look took over his face.

I looked into his eyes and all I saw was care, "Iv'e never told anyone half the stuff I just told you" I whispered his stare was intense as he watched me "Really" his deep voice questioned, "I get the feeling that you don't let people know the real you" He said his voice was deep but soft, almost soothing. I nodded my head no and looked down. "Did he know anything you just told me" he questioned scratching his chin before looking over at Isaiah to make sure he was okay, I smiled softly at him "No! Nothing. When we meet it was all about him and even if it wasn't it was about my company! He didn't even know something as simple as my birthday, or my favourite dinner or my favourite colour." I said trailing off at the end as it really sunk in, he knew nothing about me.

I smiled sadly at him before looking over at Isaiah, "He doesn't deserve him." I mumbled, "No he doesn't, he doesn't deserve you either! That little boy is going to be such a good kid! He would ruin him" He said making me look at him and smile. "Thank you" I whispered, "For what?" He asked turning round to face me as he was facing forward.

"You just have so much faith in me, nobody else does... its just different" I murmured looking down and playing with my fingers. I felt his fingers take ahold of my chin and lift it up gently making me look at him through my lashes. "I do have so much faith in you. Do you know why?" He asked me raising his eyebrows. I nodded my head no "Because you have so much love for that little bundle that you brought into this world, and he loves you so much. You have this bond that I have never seen before and I never see it with anyone else. Baby you need to learn to believe in yourself" He assured me placing a soft kiss of my cheek my eyes closing slowly.

Sleep took over me so quick, although I felt my clothes come off and something else being put on that was soft and warm. I felt myself be lifted up and then replaced and something warm cover me as I went into a deep sleep. The last thing I herd before drifting off completely was "Sleep well baby girl"


Chapter 9 and it's kicking off... who do you think broke into a Cleo's house??

Anyway that is chapter 9 and I hope you guys liked it

Comment any views, ideas or questions and share if you would like to!

I love you all and thank you so so much for reading 📖

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