Miss Independent

She Is Clothed In Strength And Dignity, And She Laughs Without Fear Of The Future.She Holds Her Head Held High, in fear of her tiara falling.

Cleopatra Sofia Costello, CEO of Costello enterprise, The boss of them all.

As she strides down the long hallway of her building, they all look up to her, in there eyes she is everything they would want to be and more.

Then there is Justin Drew Bieber, the CEO of Bieber and Co.

Both alike in dignity and work, except there is one problem, a problem that is held deep in the likes of these two company's.

But the only way they will find out that there is a problem, and it needs to be solved is if they are together.

But can that ever happen?

Will it ever happen?

And if it does will she still be 'Miss Independent'??


8. Chapter 7; Comfort


Watch out!

My breath got caught in my throat and I was lost for words. My mind had thousands of thoughts running through it, I couldn't keep up. Who was this?? What did they want?? So I went to the only person who could have any idea or who would be able to understand what I am going through. I walked backwards almost scared of my work phone that was hanging from my desk, nearly tripping through my doors and out into the corridor. My chest started to ache as I rubbed it desperately trying to get every thing to slow down for a minute.

My chest was rising up and down quickly and I could feel a panic attack coming along. I looked around my top floor everything was moving in slow motion. One of my employers came up to me and asked if I was okay as I lent against the nearest wall. I nodded my head no before taking off in a run, needing to get to him before it all got to much.

I raced to the elevator and pressed the button, waiting their for a few seconds before remembering that there was no power so it wouldn't work. I screamed in frustration and ran to the stairs. Racing down them as if time was running out, I didn't want this, I didn't want any of this all I want is Isaiah. Once I got to the bottom floor I opened the door and ran out rushing past everyone as they checked I was okay. I raced past Cindy telling her that I would be back and raced out of the doors.

I breathed in New York city and breathed out slowly trying to calm myself down, the sound of myself saying I wanted a divorce was playing over and over again in my head. I wiped away the tear that fell down my cheek before starting off through the middle of the road.

I know whoever said don't tell anyone or go to anyone but I don't care...

I need him..

I have never once in my life imagined the day that I would say that but right now he is the only person that understands me and that knows everything that is going on and he gets it. He actually gets it. As I stood outside I noticed their power was off too except everyone was calm and just sat there. I shrugged my shoulders before pushing the door open and walking towards the stairs, peoples stares was all I could feel on my back but I didn't care.

Walking up the first set of stairs I realized that at 19 I didn't have to be perfect, I didn't have to be strong all the time and that it was okay to break, it was okay to cry and that it was okay to ask for help. My tears came falling down my face as I tried to hold a sob in, I started to run up the stairs now desperate for some sort of comfort, for someone to help me. I came to his floor, the top floor and opened the door walking quickly past some people and down the corridor to wear I knew his office was somewhere. Just as I spotted it at the end a voice told me that he didn't want visitors at the moment but I just ignored her and pushed past.

I pushed his door open and stumbled in my knees feeling weak all of a sudden, "Please help me" I rushed out as I watched him jump up out of his chair from my sudden abrupt entrance. "Cleo? Whats wrong" He questioned coming over and shutting the door. I shook my head crying into my hands, finally giving up with the whole nobody can see me cry thing. "Hey, hey, hey Princess why you crying. Don't cry" His soothing voice said as his arms wrapped around me, my tears soaking his shirt.

We stood their for a few minuets, as he whispered soothing words into my hair while stroking it, squeezing me every so often. He pulled away ever so lightly and moved a strand of hair behind my ears, running his hand then from my ear to my jaw, then lifting it up and plating a soft kiss on my forehead. I looked into his eyes, his piecing right through mine, almost questioning me. I then watched as his eyes wandered around my face his thumb wiping away my tears under my eyes.

"Whats wrong?" He questioned his voice soft and gentle. I took a deep breath looking into his eyes one last time before speaking, "I had this really bad feeling this morning" I started looking at his face to see if he was listening, he nodded his head at me as if to go on so I continued. "So I came to work and as you know I don't work Thursdays. Anyway I got there a-and my security guards weren't t-there. They had been beaten u-up." I explained seeing Justin's eyebrows furrow in confusion.

Just as I was about to speak again he put his finger to my lips and pulled me towards his desk. he sat down on his chair and pulled me onto his lap, my breath hitched and I found myself playing with the bottom of my dress again. He then nodded at me to go on so I did "I went in and all the power was off so we had no photocopiers, elevator, everything. Everything was off. I went to my office and it was trashed, everything w-was on the f-floor and b-broken." My eyes watering at the thought of it all, he bung me into his chest and told me that everything was gong to be okay but its not.

He went to speak but I cut him off "Wait i'm not finished yet?" I said he nodded his head and gave me a small smile and told me to carry on. " Anyway I watched you pick up the phone and you seemed angry and then you pulled out this piece of paper from your desk and I watched. I watched everything. Then my phone rang and t-they told me n-not to tell a-anyone and they described the n-note that I got w-was under a p-picture of me and I-Isaiah. W-what do I-I do?" I questioned looking at him.

All I got was silence, it looked like he was thinking. I tugged on his tie while calling out his name, his head snapped up and his eyes met mine. "Was this the note you got" He questioned me his arm going round my back to support me while he lent forward and pulled out the scrunched up note in his bin. I read it and it said the exact same as mine did. "What the..." I whispered taking it out of his hands and nodding my head slowly. "Did you get the phone call? Was that the phone call you got before?" I questioned reading over the letter again then looking at him just as he nodded at me.

I took a deep breath a nodded slowly "What happened if they are trying to take down the company's?" I questioned him, my mind and heart racing, the panic in me beginning to strike, its not fair why can't this be someone else, why does it have to be me? "What happens if they hurt Isaiah or something else Justin what are we going to do?"

He looked me in the eyes before pressing a reassuring kiss to my forehead, "I'm sure its nothing okay? Its probably just kids messing around or someone is probably just jealous of how high up we are. Please don't lose your mind over this , I will deal with it you just make sure you and Isaiah are okay at all times alright?" His voice came out caring and soft as I nodded my head not really knowing that was what I was going to do, I gave him a small smile and thanked him quietly, over the next few minutes we were just sat in silence, he was probably thinking about what he was going to do next, and I just had everything running through my head.

I looked at him while he was thinking, and he was a very calm person in general, calm, caring, soft and gentle. Its funny because you wouldn't see this side of him unless you knew him, I mean I didn't know him know him, but I knew him enough for him to let me see this side of him. He was a very attractive man with his sharp sculptured jawline, in fact his whole face was sculptured and so was his body from what I have herd, he has a button nose, his plump pink lips that I swear he licks every 0.2 seconds.

He has gorgeous honey brown eyes that reflect every single colour in autumn - depending on his mood, his hair looks so soft and fluffy and its a beautiful golden colour. He was a very very handsome man I wasn't going to deny that and with the way I knew him which was a self centred cocky asshole I wouldn't look twice but as I have gotten to know the real him any woman would be a very lucky girl to have him.

I asked him If I could use his office phone quickly, to which he agreed, sat back and watched me. I walked over towards it and put in the number of Mille's and waited while it rang. "Hello?" Her confused voice came out from the speakers, I almost laughed at the thought of her not recognising the number but then remembered that she had never had a call from Justin. "Hey Millie its me. Is everything okay?" I questioned her facing out towards my company opposite Justin's, "Oh, hey! And sort of I mean I think he is having proper mamma withdrawal symptoms, he won't even take his bottle I think he wants the nip nip" She laughed down the phone!

"Awh bless him, he is probably really confused as it is our day and we normally get out all of his toys and trash mummy's living room until he flops" I giggled smiling as I imagined his little giggles filling the room as I pretended to be a pig. "I really miss him" I pouted. "Awh bless, can you here that Isaiah mummy is having Isaiah withdrawal symptoms" we both laughed as I herd him blow one of his famous raspberries. "Could you tell him that I will be there soon, I will be leaving soon after we come off the phone so I should be there shortly okay?" I said flicking my hair behind me and pulling the bottom of my dress down a little feeling it rise up my legs.

"I will don't worry" She replied telling Isaiah off in the background for sucking his fingers and that if he was hungry he could have his bottle... he just replied with a raspberry. "I'm sorry that I you had to have him today I know it was your day to chill and study." I said remembering that she was supposed to study today. "Its fine the whole day hasn't gone and I would rather have Isaiah any day than study to be honest with you" She said moving around being herd in the background, I hummed in reply not completely sure she was telling me the truth, I know how badly she wanted to get over uni and out into the proper work world.

"Anyway is everything okay with work? You looked so worried when you dropped little man off?" She blurted out. "Yeah its going to be" I answered looking at Justin and smiling as he winked at me. "I hope so" I murmured looking back out and over my company.


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