Miss Independent

She Is Clothed In Strength And Dignity, And She Laughs Without Fear Of The Future.She Holds Her Head Held High, in fear of her tiara falling.

Cleopatra Sofia Costello, CEO of Costello enterprise, The boss of them all.

As she strides down the long hallway of her building, they all look up to her, in there eyes she is everything they would want to be and more.

Then there is Justin Drew Bieber, the CEO of Bieber and Co.

Both alike in dignity and work, except there is one problem, a problem that is held deep in the likes of these two company's.

But the only way they will find out that there is a problem, and it needs to be solved is if they are together.

But can that ever happen?

Will it ever happen?

And if it does will she still be 'Miss Independent'??


4. Chapter 3; A Little Help

1 Week Later...


Its been a week... A whole week and Jesse hasn't even dropped by.

Hasn't even phoned me.

Haven't even texted me...asshole.

I mean I don't really want anything to do with him but, you would at least think that he would want to see Isaiah but maybe I was right. He doesn't even give a shit.

Isaiah's okay now, I mean he had to stay in hospital for 2 nights so they could make sure that he could breathe properly and that there was nothing else wrong.

I stayed with him the whole time, didn't leave his side. I was scared...scared that the minute I went and got something to eat or went for a shower, something would happen.

I know they said he was fine but... He is the only thing I have now in this big bad world. So I'm even more protective of him. He's come with me to work everyday.

It's not that I don't trust Mille with him anymore because I do, I know it was an accident. I could even do that without realising, anyone could. So I didn't blame her.

I just felt like I had to be close to him at the moment you know? I was just worried and I'm probably worrying to much but... That's what us mums do.

That's what I'm here for, to worry about him, to protect him, and to love and care for him. Thats everything I have to do... So I'm going to do it.

Justin stayed with me both days and nights at the hospital I don't know why but he said he didn't want to leave me alone. I also think it was because we were both expecting Jesse to show up... But he never did.

I'm glad that he stayed because then I wasn't just entertaining myself, and it gave me someone to talk to... Even though we barley talked.

I had to breast fed while we were there as they needed to make sure he was okay with breast milk, and both times that was when Justin went to go and get us some food.

Right now I was at work going through some paperwork and contracts...my favourite, and I have only just gotten Isaiah off to sleep as he cried for about an hour. Now I'm stuck with a pounding headache.

I've been trying to get him into a sleep routine but he doesn't want to know, he just sleeps whenever Isaiah wants to sleep.

About an hour later I was still doing all the paperwork and contracts, I think I have only gotten through about 4 or 5. I rubbed my temples feeling my headache get worse and my stomach churn sending a wave of nausea through me.

A knock on my office door cut me out from my little daze as I lifted my head to see Justin come strolling through the door.

"Just come on in" I said sarcastically, still feeling a little light headed.

"Are you okay?" He questioned looking at me before walking over to the moses basket with Isaiah in. "Hey little man" I herd him mumble before he walked over to the chairs in front of my desk and sat down.

"Yeah why?" I answered confused.

"You just look like your gonna be sick" he shrugged, I just shook my head no.

"So why are you here??" I questioned, looking through all the paperwork I have to do before whining. I herd him chuckle quietly.

"I've been thinking and its none of my business" he shot sitting up quickly and putting his hands out in defence as I raised an eyebrow at him.

"But have you told Jesse about what happened to Isaiah??" He asked propping his elbows on my desk and holding his chin up.

"Why?" I replied as I nodded my head no.

"It's just" he paused scratching his neck... Maybe a nervous habit or something.

"I just think that maybe you should tell him, I mean Isaiah is his so-" he spoke while looking at me and then at Isaiah.

"No" I cut across him sharply.

"Why not? I mean if he was my son I would want to know" Justin tried standing up as I stood up to walk over to the filing cabinets.

"Exactly" shouted... He looked confused for a moment.

"If you were his dad, but Jesse is and he doesn't care" I said sitting down once again.

"Have you even tried to contact him??" He shouted now, his hands on my desk as he towered over it.

"No, and I don't have to. If Jesse really cared or wanted to know he would have called, messaged or dropped by and he hasn't done either fucking one. So don't come in here and tell me what I should tell him because you don't know what he's like, okay!?" I spat, feeling just upset and tired now.

"Okay, okay I'm sor-" Justin murmured only to get cut off by the sound of Isaiah crying. I groaned and buried my head into my hands, the feeling of wanting to cry from frustration was slowly rising.

Isaiah's crying slowly stopped so I looked over to see Justin picking him up and cradling him in his arms.

"What are you doing?" I questioned.

"I'm sorry for what I said okay? Fist I want you to know that." He spoke softly, gently rocking Isaiah in his arms. I nodded my head for him to continue.

"And I'm going to look after him so you can get some work done okay" he stated sitting down on the floor before asking me if he can sit on his own yet.

"No" I sighed.

"You can put him on his front though and he will roll around. You just have to make sure you watch him otherwise he could knock into something" I spoke as he nodded his head taking in the information.

I sighed before looking back down at all the paperwork I had to do, only when I was about 1/4 in the office phone rang.

I picked it up and Blowed a quick kiss to Isaiah as Justin was tickling his feet.

"Hello Miss Costello's speaking?" I answered, signing another contract and then buzzed Cindy to come up.

"Hello, Miss Costello this is Freddie Markman, I was just calling to see if you have got round to read and consider my contract." His voice made me cringe because it's so like....creepy and pervy.

"Ahhhhh yes Mr Markman" I spoke my professional voice back on. Justin snapped his head up at the name. You see Mr Markman has been trying to get into either mine or Justin's company for the past 2 years... We both know what he is like.

I smirked at Justin who just chuckled at me before continuing " I have and to be completely honest with you, I don't understand how you want to go for so much. I mean I completely understand that you want to take over either Costello Enterprise or Bieber and Co but that simply isn't possible." I sighed before laughing quietly.

"Hang on one second Mr Markman" I mumbled as Cindy popped her head round the door after knocking.

"Oh yes Cindy could you please contact Mille for me and get her to come and pick up Isaiah asap. And also get Sasha and Jade to photocopy all of these please. They need to simply understand that everything in this building is work related." I stated giving her a small friendly smile.

"Of course. Anything else Miss??" Cindy asked politely.

"No that's all" I giggled. With that she was just about to close the door when I called out to her again. "Cindy!" I called out to which she replied with a yes.

"You can go home at lunch" I smiled, feeling happy all of a sudden.

"Really!?" She asked her eyes lighting up, I knew she had a date at lunch.

"Yes" I replied, turning to look at Justin who was watching closely how I am with my employers. I herd her call out a thank you.

"Have fun on your date!" I giggled hearing the others outside the door laugh.

"It's not a date" she shouted out from behind the door.

"Yeah yeah" I waved her off before returning back to my phone call.

"So Mr Markman to bring everything to an end my answer is No and it will always be No just like it has always been. Now I would love it if you would stop sending different offers, sending me different contracts and contacting me in general. It would be a general relief to my life"  I spoke while putting all 17 of his contacts in the shredder completely getting rid of them.

Justin smirked at what I was doing as Isaiah was trying to blow raspberries into the air, giggling afterwards, he was such a cutie I could just awh at him all day,

"Ahhh now I Don't think that is necessary Miss Costello, I mean we can sort a little something out can't we??" He pleaded, desperation clear in his voice as he knew that I was cutting all ties between him and my company - I mean he never really was involved but he has been after it for years so...

"Nope I'm sorry Mr Markman but it's time for you to move on, and that does not mean go on straight to Bieber and Co because if I hear that you have been after that business after this I will file a restraining order and get you arrested for harassment. Now you don't want that do you" A teasing smirk on my face as I sat down at my chair again.

"Oh..u-um n-no I don't M-Miss Costello" he stuttered out.

"Right well then, it was nice doing business Mr Markman" I dismissed him and hung up the phone.

I sighed as I saw Justin mouthing a thank you as he now didn't have to deal with him - as knowing him he would lose his temper with him quicker than I would...ish.

I got up and walked towards where currently Justin was tickling Isaiah, his little giggles filling the room.

I peered over Justin to look at him his smile wide and his eyes so bright, his skin was glowing urg my boy.

"Hey baby" I cooed as Justin looked up at me smiling.

"Are you happy huh??" I said picking him up and kissing his chubby cheeks he turned his head towards me so I then kissed his nose.

Justin was just standing up as Isaiah grabbed onto my necklace and started to cry.

"Could you get me his dummy please??" I murmured bobbing Isaiah up and down to get him to stop crying.

I herd him mumble a sure before going and getting it out of his Moses basket.

"There we go" he cooed putting it in Isaiah's mouth which he then stops crying.

I wiped away his tears and smiled at him as his big brown innocent eyes were staring into mine God he was so cute, I could talk about him all day.

I felt a stare to the side of my face and turned to see Justin staring at me.

"What??" I questioned.

"Nothing" he murmured smiling and rubbing his chin.

I just smiled and then went towards his bag so I could start packing it.

"Could you hold him for a moment?!" I asked.

He nodded his head and mumbled a sure then I passed Isaiah over to him.

He took him into his arms and started swaying him.

Isaiah was looking up at him - probably wondering why he kept seeing this strange man that he had never seen before. I mean he never put up a fuss, he didn't even cry for him.

Maybe he has a special charm I don't know.

I snapped out of my trance and began to pack his bag, going to the draws and getting out nappies and going to the little fridge and getting out all the pre pumped milk and putting it all in his bag.

"You pumped all of them?!" Justin asked wide eyed, I giggled at his expression, "Yes I pump daily and store them in the freezer, then they can last up to 3 to 4 months." I smiled at him putting them all in the changing Bag before going through everything to check everything was there.

"Shít! Does it hurt??" He questioned sitting down.

"No" I paused, "It only hurts if my breasts become to full of milk say if I didn't pump when I usually do. And it hurt when I first started because obviously I had just giving birth and Isaiah was feeding from them!" I explained giggling at his expression.

He looked really interested.

"Oh" he mumbled looking down at Isaiah before looking back up at me.

"Does breast feeding hurt??" He once again questioned, "No not if you do it right" I mumbled just as the door opened and Mille walked in.

"Hey, thank you!" I exclaimed quickly pulling her into a hug and kissing her cheeks.

"It's okay you know I'd have him any time!" She replied.

I nodded knowing she would, "Right everything is in his bag, nappies, outfits, bottles, dummy's, blanket, Muslin cloths, everything. Okay you know his routine so yeah. I'll just pick him up normal time. Is that okay!?" I questioned unsure if she had anything planned.

"That's fine, stop worrying" she giggled I smiled and apologised while explaining that I was aloud to worry.

Justin handed him over after giving him a kiss to his forehead and I just basically kissed his all over his face, and within about 5 minutes she was in and out.

I sighed and sat down on my chair still having to go through all of this paperwork.

"Let me take you out to lunch?" Justin asked.

I looked up at him shocked, "um... I can't - you can't" I rushed out still shocked.

"Why?" He for rowed his eyebrows.

"Because I have all of this paperwork to do!" I exclaimed just before my stomach rumbled loudly.

I felt my cheeks warm up as I blushed as he raised his eyebrow, "Let me take you to lunch!" He said again more of a demand this time.

I nodded my head before mumbling a fine and standing up. He took my bag before I could protest and grabbed my jacket putting them both on his arm before going and holding the door open for me.

I walked past him and out the door mumbling a thank you.

"It's alright, so let's go get some food" he smiled at me.


Hi guys so this is chapter 3 and as you can see (read) she is starting to trust him a little more.

I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you guys in 2 weeks for the next update.

Have fun and stay safe!

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