Miss Independent

She Is Clothed In Strength And Dignity, And She Laughs Without Fear Of The Future.She Holds Her Head Held High, in fear of her tiara falling.

Cleopatra Sofia Costello, CEO of Costello enterprise, The boss of them all.

As she strides down the long hallway of her building, they all look up to her, in there eyes she is everything they would want to be and more.

Then there is Justin Drew Bieber, the CEO of Bieber and Co.

Both alike in dignity and work, except there is one problem, a problem that is held deep in the likes of these two company's.

But the only way they will find out that there is a problem, and it needs to be solved is if they are together.

But can that ever happen?

Will it ever happen?

And if it does will she still be 'Miss Independent'??


3. Chapter 2; Emotionally Exhausted

3 Months Later...


"You have to remember these things Cleopatra, you can't just forget these things you stupid bitch" Jesse shouted towering over my small frame.

"Yes I can, your the one who sorts out the money for the house, gas, electric etc, so don't come in here and accuse me Jesse. Your being so fucking immature!" I cried feeling desperate to get my point across before he just dismisses me - like always.

"Don't you fucking dare turn this on me, I am fucking sick of you, you keep turning everything on me!" He roared making me flitch.

The whole building could hear our conversation but I was passed caring right now.

"Because we agreed that you would do the money, don't try and turn this on me for your stupid fucking mistakes, and you know what I can fucking forget as I am looking after Isaiah 24/7 so excuse me if I forget seen as its not my job. I'm looking after him and coming to work why don't you try and do everything that I am doing. But wait you can't because you don't do pressure do you. You would fucking crack like a little boy with no balls. So why don't you get out of my office. Get out of my fucking building. Go and grow some fucking balls." I shouted finally feeling myself snap.

This has been going on for months now, arguing back and fourth and Im sick of just sitting there like a naughty little girl getting told off by her dad.

He laughed a mockery laugh " Cleopatra my darling, your a fucking bitch, at the moment I don't feel anything for you, nothing , nada , none. I hate you! Do you know why?" He asked a taunting smile on his face as he leaned down so we were face to face.

I swallowed the lump forming at the bottom of my throat and pushed away the tears forming in my eyes, wanting to be strong so I could beat his fucking ass. "Why?" I whispered.

"Because your a lazy, fat, ugly bitch. Nobody really likes you. Everyone hates you, behind your back they all laugh at you... about you. Your so fucking lazy I have to do everything for you, it's like your still a fucking child. Your fat because, you just are okay have you looked at yourself I mean look at all this baby fat you still have on you. It should be gone by now Cleopatra! Your so fucking ugly I mean sometimes - most of the time I'm ashamed to even leave the fucking house with you! I hate it! I fucking hate you! I mean your fucking shit in bed as well, your fanny is like so lose, I can't. Okay." His face held no emotion, nothing.

"Your -"

A knock on the door interrupted us as I was trying to hold my tears back, and somehow turn them into the rage that I knew I had.

Although I was struggling. The door opened and Justin popped his head round.

"I can come back if this isn't a good time" he spoke softly pointing his thumb backwards, although I think he knew it wasn't a good time.

He must of herd everything.

"No it's fine Jesse was just leaving" I spoke towards him and gestured for him to come in.

He came in and shut the door behind him quietly.

"No I'm fucking not, we haven't finished Cleopatra" he shouted his eyes blazing into mine.

I could feel my temper rising even more way past probably legal and I was about to shove my foot up his ass if he wasn't careful.

"No you know what we're not done, no where fucking near" I shouted adrenaline pumping through my veins.

Jesse went to speak but I held my hand up "Shut the fuck up"

"For once in your life just shut the fuck up!" I shouted.

"Your disgusting. You are a disgusting excuse of a fucking man! I'm fucking lazy are you being for real.

I legit do everything in that house. I cook, I clean and I look after Isaiah all by myself even though I'm pretty sure when the father is meant to be involved that means you have to do something to help all the time and not just when other fucking people are around. That's fucking lazy isn't it!

I'm fat! Okay let me educate you it's called curves. I have no baby fat left on me because I breast feed so it's all gone so I'm sorry for thinking that men or boys like you would prefer actual real curves then fucking bones to Hold onto!

I'm ugly okay, whatever helps you sleep at night you horrible old fart! I don't care if I'm ugly, that is not any of my worries, oh and just to prove a point for your information I'm not ugly but I'm also not the prettiest so yeah.

If you are that fucking ashamed of me why are you even with me? If you hate me why are you fucking with me??

Also if I'm shit in bed why do you beg for it like a fucking dog every night. Huh? I'm so so sorry that I don't have the tightest vagina in the fucking world but I think your forgetting that I have given you a fucking child, so I'm sorry if it's a bit stretched.

Now I swear to god that if you do not get out of my fucking face in 0.2 seconds I will not hesitate to rip your balls off, shove them down your throat and push you out that fucking window." I shouted taking a step closer to him with every point until I was face to face with him.

"But still having a vagina doesn't stop me from believing that my balls are bigger than yours" I breathed out, shrugging and sending him a wink.

"Damn that took like...some steel hard balls" Justin muttered scratching his chin as he was lent against the wall.

His little statement made a small smile come onto my face before it vanished when I looked at Jesse's face.

"No do you know what, I'm done!" I said puffing out a breath of air before shaking my head.

"Well guess what fucking smart ass? So am I Cleopatra" Jesse shouted.

"No I don't think you get it!" I Muttered almost angrily.

My shoulders slouched in defeat, my head pounding and urg I just wanted my bed right now.

"I'm done with everything." I paused "This, us. Just everything. I'm not doing it anymore.

I can't physically, mentally and emotionally do this anymore. I'm tired so so tired." I started.

"What do you fucking want Cleopatra, stop going on about you being tired all the fucking time, just tell me and stop being a week bitch!" Jesse shouted.

"I want a divorce!" I screamed.

"There you go I want a divorce" I whispered

He just stared at me before laughing, he was actually laughing.

Tears stung my eyes at the thought that by 19 I got married had a child and was now getting a divorce.

My life was fucked up.

"You know, I think one of the worst feelings is finding out that you didn't mean as much to someone as you thought you did, and you just feel stupid, because you looked desperate, about caring too much." I whispered, looking over at Justin and then back at Jesse to see that he'd stopped laughing.

"Wait your serious!" He questioned, only this time it was me who laughed.

"Yes, of course I -" I spoke to only get cut off by my mobile phone ringing.

I was surprised as my mobile never rings unless it's an... Emergency...! Oh my god what if something bad has happened?!

I gasped and reached for it, my fingers slightly shaky as this has never happened before.

I looked up at Justin to see him with a worried look across his face before I answered, "H-Hello??" I spoke trying not to worry and reassure myself that it was probably just one of them stupid company's calling.

"Good afternoon Mrs Williams this is the New York City hospital and I was just calling to inform you about your son Isaiah Williams" The lady on the phone spoke politely.

"What about my son, is he okay??" I rushed out the colour from my face draining and the panic beginning to set in.

Justin's eyes widening as Jesse's head snapped up.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you over the phone could you please get here as soon as possible" The woman rushed out going to hang up the phone.

"What!! Why?? Just tell me please" I begged only to hear the beep to signal that in fact she had hung up on me...Bitch.

I cursed quietly and looked up to see Justin about to say something and I raised my hand to stop him.

"Yes I am fucking serious, now if you please excuse me I have somewhere to be" I spat and turned around to face Justin.

"I don't have my car and Isaiah is in hospital can you please take me??!" I pleaded, he nodded his head silently before making his way towards the door.

"What??! What is wrong with him" Jesse shouted as I was packing my bag quickly just wanting to see my baby boy.

"Oh please, it's to late to start caring now" I spat, "I also don't want you there so don't even bother turning up" I said with that his eyes darkened and for I second I was scared.

Until I remember that my little bundle of joy was in hospital...then I was scared.

I picked up my bag a fled past him as Justin opened the door for me, until Jesse grabbed my wrist and pulled me back harshly.

I flinched before my hand came round and a loud smack filled the room.

"I'm sorry" I squeaked out, fear finally filling my body as I tried to step back.

"Actually I'm not but..." I mumbled but Justin herd as he snorted in response.

I wriggled my hand out of his grasp but he only tightened his hold on my wrist causing me to whimper as Justin watched in silence.

"Get off me!" I spat feeling my temper rise once again at the thought of him laying a finger on me.... Boy would he have to run a fucking mile.

"Don't ever hit me again, do you understand!" His roared making me flinch once again as he smirked in victory that he had finally shut me up.

I nodded my head pathetically trying to hurry up so I could see what was wrong with my little angel.

Only Jesse had other plans as he start to shout at me again saying I was a stupid little girl and that I shouldn't have hit him and then he swung his hand up to hit me and I squeezed my eyes shut waiting for the hit...only it never came.

I opened my eyes to see Justin holding Jesse's wrist stopping him from hitting me, he came up so his front was against my back and took a hold of my waist before pulling me so I was behind him.

"You don't want to do that, or I will be forced to rip your balls off, shove them down your throat and push you out of that fucking window, okay!!" Justin growled making my eyes widen at his tone.

"Have some fucking respect for your lady, oh wait she isn't yours anymore" He paused and put his hand on the bottom of my back and pushing me towards the door as he held it open again.

"So I'm guessing you will see her in court! Have a lovely evening and I hope you can actually live without her. But sorry bro she doesn't need yo ass no more!" Justin laughed and put on some gangster accent at the end.

He then led me out the door and slammed it behind him, as I stood there in shock that he just did that.

"He was going to hit me" I whispered trying to register what just happened, I gasped and went for the door but Justin grabbed hold of me and held me back.

"That little bastard" I gasped once again then I herd him laughing from inside my office.

I growled ready to go for the door again but Justin whispered in my ear.

"Isaiah" he spoke softly, my breath hitched and then we were both running for the elevator, I ended up kicking it in frustration when it wouldn't hurry up so we took to the stairs.

My breath was heavy

Trembling hands,

palpitating heart

my vision starts to fall apart

my leg wont stop shaking

No, im not faking,

I'm just nervous.

Before I knew it we were in the car and were speeding through the traffic, he hornked the horn every 5 minutes or so it seemed.

My thoughts were invading my head making it hurt, the tears gathered in my eyes as I fought to keep them at bay.

I'm probably over reacting, he probably just knocked himself or something...

But then why wouldn't she tell me over the phone??

It must be serious then...

But she might just be a bitch...?! ...Most probably

I huffed at my own thoughts even in the most like, life changing moments I still find a way to either be violet or mean... Oh well.

I hadn't even realised that we were here until Justin was at my door, holding it open... Awh cutie.

I looked from him back to the hospital unsure of if I wanted to go in yet. I wasn't sure I was ready for whatever I was going to be told but then my little boy needs me.

"You don't have to go in straight away if you don't want to" he softly mumbled, worry clear in his eyes.

I nodded my head no "No, I have to do this for him" he nodded his head slowly and waited for me to get out.

I climbed out slowly and he shut the door and locked the car,we walked in as he held the door open for me and I thanked him quietly.

I looked up and was meet with everyone rushing around, blood, crying, screaming, silence, depression, anxiety, bipolar, crazy, angry, upset and....crushed - broken even.

I sucked in a breath and held it in for a moment as everything sunk in.

My son, my baby boy, my angel, my everything...was in hospital.

I kicked into action and ran to the desk quickly asking them for his room and was sent to the top floor... The children's unit.

It was all becoming more real as I walked passed all the sick, ill, dying patients. The disinfectant smell that hospitals have filled my nose.

I hated hospitals but then again who liked them??

The only good thing is that it helps people, but it doesn't always...sadly.

When we got to the top floor I was running, faster then I ever have before as Justin was running behind me saying sorry to everyone I bumped past as all I cared about was my little boy.

As I got closer to the end of the corridor Mille herd my heels and immediately stood up.

"I'm so sorry, I swear I only left him for a minute just to put the bottle back into the fridge as he didn't finish it all" she rushed out tears streaming down her face.

She kept whispering over and over that it was all her fault.

"It's okay, it's alright what happened?? This was none of your fault Mille, what happened??" I asked.

I felt Justin's hand on the bottom of my back rubbing softly and I silently thanked him for the comfort.

"Okay I gave him his bottle as normal but he didn't really drink it, normally he gulps it all down before I can even blink" she paused as we both giggled quietly as it was true he was always hungry.

"So then I left him on the bean bag that you brung - he loves it and I went and put the milk back in the fridge. Only when I came back he was crying and he was all red and blotchy and he was gasping for air like he couldn't breathe and" she spoke as I cried silently thinking of my baby struggling for air.

"Mrs Williams" a doctor called and we all whipped out heads round.

"It's Miss Costello now" I mumbled slowly as I walked up to him.

"Right sorry, I'm Dr Valentine" he said shaking my hand, I shook his hand back and greeted him.

"Can I see him! You can tell me everything when we are in there but please can I just see him" I begged. He nodded his head and made us all follow.

When we were outside of the door he asked if I wanted the others in there and I said yes as I didn't know what I was walking into. I took a hold of the door knob and slowly turned it.

I gasped at the sight, in the middle of the room was a cot like thing it was clear and you could see inside it, it was open.

Around it were all these beeping machines, and nurses in blue uniform. And in the little cot thing was my gorgeous little boy.

I walked further into the little room and saw him, he had no clothes on just a nappy with a thin white blanket over his legs and half way up his stomach.

His tanned skin was covered with red blotches all over him. His face - well mouth and nose was covered with this this mask thing that helped him breath and he had tubes everywhere.

I stroked his dark slightly curly hair back and softly kissed his forehead, he was awake but still, really still and I didn't like it, it scared me.

"How old is he?" I herd Justin ask quietly a soft tone to his voice as he came and took his little hand with his finger, softly gazing at him.

"3 months" I whispered feeling my heart break at the sight of him.

"Isaiah has suffered with quiet a major allergic reaction to the milk he was fed" Dr Valentine spoke.

"That's impossible, I breast feed and when he goes to Mille's I pump so he can have it in a bottle" I said completely confused.

Dr Valentine furrowed his eyebrows and looked back at his clipboard also confused.

"Oh no" I herd Mille say quietly, we all turned to look at her.

"Oh my god Cle I'm so sorry, but I had my sister round last night and this morning before you came and she has formula milk, I must have given Isaiah the wrong bottle" Mille cried.

I herd Dr Valentine mutter that it explains it all, I sighed and told her that it was fine.

After about 20 minutes of reassuring Mille that it was an accident that anyone could make I sent her home to get some rest so now it was just me and Justin.

"He's so cute" Justin mumbled

"I know" I whispered.

"My precious baby boy" I mumbled brushing his hair away from his eyes as he looked straight at me.


Hey guys miss me?

I'm so sorry for not publishing or being on here at all just a lot of stuff happened so yeah.

But I'm back! Yay!

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and don't forget to comment and like!

Thank you so much for reading

Love you all

Sophie XOXO

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