Miss Independent

She Is Clothed In Strength And Dignity, And She Laughs Without Fear Of The Future.She Holds Her Head Held High, in fear of her tiara falling.

Cleopatra Sofia Costello, CEO of Costello enterprise, The boss of them all.

As she strides down the long hallway of her building, they all look up to her, in there eyes she is everything they would want to be and more.

Then there is Justin Drew Bieber, the CEO of Bieber and Co.

Both alike in dignity and work, except there is one problem, a problem that is held deep in the likes of these two company's.

But the only way they will find out that there is a problem, and it needs to be solved is if they are together.

But can that ever happen?

Will it ever happen?

And if it does will she still be 'Miss Independent'??


2. Chapter 1; Stressed Out


The sound of my little boy crying woke me up from my slumber, I looked over at the clock on my bedside table to see 6 o' clock written in red letters.

"Jesse..." I mumbled rolling over and covering my eyes from exhaustion, nudging him in the process. He rolls over to face me his eye's fixed with a glare, " What?!"he sneered.

I moved my hair to behind me so I could talk to him properly "Can you please go and check on him. You never ever get up with him unless we are with mine or your parents" I pleaded feeling so tired that it was making me ill.

He scoffed quietly "No! Why don't you get up off your fat ugly ass and go and sort him out. While your at it get him to stop fucking crying I can never sleep!" He ordered before turning over, I flinched at his harsh tone and the words coming out of his mouth defiantly stung.

"You know what? Your a useless father and you don't deserve that amazing little boy in there. I am going to go and sort my son out!" I blurted out before even thinking about it, I scoffed as he didn't move a muscle and stomped out of the room slamming the door shut on my way out.

I walked down the hall tying my hair up in a bun to get it all up and out of the way, his blue bedroom door coming into view as his cries got louder. I opened it and went towards his cot as he came into view. He was just lying there with his little tears rolling down his face his watery gorgeous brown eyes meeting mine. As soon as he saw me he stopped and just stared back at me.

"Hey little man why are you crying" I cooed reaching down to pick him up, I moved him so I was cradling him in my arms. "You gotta let mama sleep baby boy" I soothed wiping away his tears and rubbing his checks.

I continued to coo at him while walking down the stairs so I could feed him the living room coming into view, I sat down and adjusted Isaiah in my arms so I could sort my top out. Once I was comfortable Isaiah latched onto my boob without a problem as always.

He was always good from the minute he was born, my gorgeous little boy. He was a complete mama's boy - but then again his father doesn't exactly do anything. Only when the family is round so he can look like the 'perfect husband and father'. Only he isn't any of them.

I looked down to see him staring intently at me, he loves it when you hold eye contact when he's feeding wether its through breast feeding or a bottle.

After holding eye contact for most of his feed foot steps coming down the stairs broke me out of my trance. I looked up to see Jesse walking down the stairs in his suit and tie. See he does the same job as me except he has his own company and its not as high up as mine - or Bieber's.

"I'm off to work now." his voice cold as his face held no emotion.

"Ok" I sighed, just tired of all this, I have never been fully happy with my life, the only good thing about my life is my adorable son.

"Ok?" He scoffed. "Is that it?" He questioned.

"Yes! I have nothing else to say to you Jesse." I mumbled just wanting sleep.

"Whatever" He sighed, maybe in defeat I don't know.

He walked towards the sofa and leant down to try and kiss me on the forehead but I moved away from him not wanting him to touch me, he frowned before he went to give Isaiah a kiss but I moved him as well.

He huffed before mumbling Bitch under his breath and walking away, the door slamming meaning he had finally left. I know some people think that what I did was harsh but when he only steps up when other people are around what do they expect me to do. I don't even trust him with Isaiah on his own as I think he would just completely ignore him.

Isaiah goes to my best friend Millie everyday as I have my own company, I only really work when I have to and just enough for me and Isaiah. I would just get a 'nanny' or a 'childminder' but when she was even there when he was born and she loves him why would I. She adores kids and she loves him and having him she says 'it gives her something to do".

She's in uni for only 2 days and they are the two days that I don't work so its all good, plus I pay her as she isn't working at all, she doesn't always except my payment so I end up putting it in a draw or something and then leaving a sticky note for her.

After I made sure that Isaiah was full I winded him before making my way upstairs to dress him, I just put him in a sleep suit as he would just be playing today. I put him back in his cot before making my way to my bedroom so i could shower and get dressed.

40 minuetes later and I was just strapping my last high heel on having cheeked on Isaiah 3 times to make sure he was okay and he was fast asleep. My phone ringing made me jump in surprise and knock into my bed side table, I cursed under my breath before picking my phone up.

"hello" I answered a bit breathless standing up straight and sorting my skirt out.

"Good morning Mrs Costello I was just calling to see if you were coming in today?" Cindy my receptionist asked me.

"Yes why wouldn't I be?" I questioned rather Confused.

"Mrs Costello you do realise that you are late don't you?" I sighed rubbing my temples.

"Shit! You didn't hear that okay? um..." I bit my lip while looking for my bad and keys trying to hurry so I wouldn't be any later.

"Yes, Yes I will be in today I'm just running a little late that is all" I rushed out, quickly packing Isaiah's bag.

You see I'm 19 years old , don't ask me how I do everything because I really don't know.

My parents passed my company down to me as my 16th birthday present I wasn't very happy at first but as I learned everything I realised how much fun it is to do my job - apart from the stress of course.

So as I was keeping the company at the top I was finishing high school and doing my collage qualifications. I passed just after I turned 18.

"Okay Mrs Costello, We shall see you shortly" Cindy replied.

"Yes you will. Good day Cindy" I replied before hanging up and going to grab Isaiah.

It was hard work dropping Isaiah off to Millie's and then going on to work. The traffic was bad in New York as it was but today of all days was probably the worst - of course it would be the day I'm running late.

I mean I already had a headache and my day was only just starting it was probably just from no sleep but I usually don't get one until at least the middle of the day.

I drove into my parking lot and parked my car in the space that said 'Boss' and quickly shut the engine off. I grabbed my bag from the passenger seat and got out of the car before locking it and making my way to the font of my building.

I entered and the warmth immediately relaxed me that was one of the reasons why I had the place so warm so it was a calm and relaxing environment. Of course i had air conditioning but we only put them on in the summer.

I walked up to the front desk sending Cindy a welcoming smile and collecting my coffee before making my way over to the elevator.

As I was waiting I got lots of 'Good mornings' and 'have a nice day' which made my day a little brighter than it has been. I smiled in return and replied back to some as well.

See some people think by being soft people will take advantage of it, but not here... really. I mean if your treat me with respect than respect is what you will get. You treat me like shit... well then my psycho temper will come out.

The doors opened signalling that I was at my floor - the top, and I was meet with two of my employes arguing.

"Would you to stop! We are in the work place not a play ground for two year olds. If you want to go and argue go and take it outside I will not have it in my work establishment! Do you understand!" I shouted my voice booming off of the walls. Some jumping in fright and some just staring wide eyed at the situation occurring.

I shooed them off and sighed turning and walking down to the end of the hallway to my office. I got to my door then opened it to come to my beautiful office. It was spacious and big and defiantly had room for other things but I just didn't feel the need to put anything else in here.

The window was huge and took up most of the space on the wall as it faced out to New York city, the only downside was that I was facing Bieber's place.

I hate the boy or should i say man... Why?? Because not only do we both have the two highest company's but he is just a downright self centred jerk, he is way to cocky for his own liking, he is ignorant, and all he cares about is what people think about him he doesn't even care about other people.

I closed the door softly behind me and and dumped my bag next to my chair before collapsing in it. I sighed before putting my elbows onto my desk and starting to run my temples hoping this headache would go away even for a few hours so i could get some work done.

"Tired?" A voice came out.

I shot my head up to see Justin leaning against the wall before he came and sat down in front of my desk on one of my chairs. "I mean Mrs Costello you have only just got here... And you were late as well" He tutted with that stupid smirk on his face.

"Do you not have anything better to do with your time Mr Bieber than pester me all the time?" I stated while turning on my Apple computer and getting all the documents that were emailed to me sent to the printer.

"I mean you do have your own company to run don't you?" I pouted at him before smirking myself.

He clenched his jaw, his hazel brown eyes turning slightly darker than usual.

He picked up the picture of me and Jesse on our wedding day. To be honest with you that was the worst day of my life, I didn't get to chose or decide anything: The theme, my dress, who was there, the cake... everything. My mother and Jesse's mother did it all.

I didn't get to have the excitement of planning my own wedding, my special day... the one every girl dreams of from about the age of 4...5.

I hated my dress I will admit that, but I don't even look happy in that picture, in fact I don't think I look happy in any of them. There was Jesse in his suit with a big grin on his face. Then standing next to him was me looking like a fat cupcake in he worst dress with the biggest fake smile anyone has ever seen.

"Well don't you look happy" Justin chuckled before putting it back down but still staring intently at it.

At his words my whole body just slouched, my face went blank of emotion and my eyes watered at the fact that my life wasn't perfect like very one though it was.

The one day that was meant to be not only my day but Jesse's as well just turned out to be our parents and his day.

I honestly regret marrying him.

The tension in the room grew thicker after he said that as i just played with my hands on my lamp trying to get the lump forming in my throat to go away.

Justin cleared his throat before he spoke "Sorry" he muttered.

"Really! Are you sorry though because all you seem to do is come here and just point out every negative in my life" I shot back as i stood up and walked over to me filing cabinet.

I scoffed before speaking again "If you came here just to make digs at me, I suggest you leave. I have clients today Mr Bieber and I'm sure you have too"

"Look if I knew that, that was a sore subject I wouldn't bring it up, I don't want to upset you" He frowned.

"I came here to ask you about pairing with my company" He murmured while rubbing his chin.

"And why would I do that?" I questioned him.

"Because me and you have the most successful businesses in the world if we came together as a team we would be unbreakable. It would be amazing." He chuckled like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"So what you are saying is that if we don't pair up then our businesses are going to go down the drain" My questions still coming out.

"Well mine isn't I don't know about yours" He smirked once again.

I scoffed before walking over to him and grabbing him by the blazer then dragging him to the door.

"I suggest you get out of my building and focus on your business rather than mine" I spat.

"So shall I take that as a no?" He smirked at me again as I was now pushing against his chest trying to get him out of my office but he wasn't moving at all.

He looked down at me in amusement before I shouted at him.

"Out now!" I pointed to the door, before walking over to it and opening it for him.

He smirked making his way slowly towards the door, when he finally reached it I was stood there with a bored expression on my face.

He lent down towards my ear before whispering "You have sexy legs Mrs Costello" then leaning back up with that smirk still on is face.

I gasped as he walked out, his laughter being herd down the hall.

"Fucking perv!" I shouted out to him before slamming the door shut!


Hi, I'm new on here so I don't really know how this works and stuff...

But um... Thank you for taking your time to read this...

It means a lot...

Hope you like it..

Lots of love,

Sophie XOXO

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