yandere crazy

Sadoku is a girl who is well...Yandere... And once she moves to Tokyo and met's Nathen or,Nate she fall's in love with him but it goes wrong...


2. New school...New senpai.


          "Hmmm...There it is! My locker!" *Mumble's* "AHA!" *Cling* "Here we go!" I put all my stuff in my locker and headed to class.  I noticed that there was a vary, VARY cute boy starring at me...Wait, does he like me? Because he seem's to be a grate guy to be my 'new' senpai! I'll talk to him..."Hi!" I said. "Huh?...Oh! Hi." He seemed to stumble on his words. "I'm new and I was wondering if you could show me around?" "Huh,oh! Of corse!" "Come with me." He said with his beautiful eye's shimmering in the sun light. "Thank's!" I noticed the girl who he was talking to seem upset about me asking him to show me around. If he dose become my senpai she'll have to DIE! *giggle's* "Anyway, what is your name?" He said. "Sadoku..." "Oh, like the game?" "No like my name." "Oh...?I was kiding." "I know." 


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