I Won't Tell-Zayn Malik AU

Zayn's body towering over my small frame, his eyes were dark and unrecognizable.

We were inches apart, I felt his ragged breath hit my face. "Now you listen to me, you are to not tell anyone about this, do i make myself clear?" He say through gritted teeth.

My back pressed against the door and both his hands gripped my arms. I choked on a sob, barely a word came out. His grip on me tightened causing me to whimper. "I said, don't i make myself clear?"He growled lowly.

"I-I Won't T-Tell." I whimpered out
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41. chapter

Chapter Forty

~Zayn Pov ~

Along the drive home from Harry's, what Liam said to me at the gym still came to me. I don't know what made him snap but it sure as hell surprised me that he changed. He did gave me something to think about along the ride home. I don't like what i'm doing, it was only a payback for what happened four years ago and it still stayed with me. And not just that, many other things.

I pulled up in the driveway of my house, I could see the living room lit through the thick drapes, so my mother's home. I stepped out of my car, slinging my gym bag over my shoulder, making my way up to the doorstep.

I fumbled with my keys, unlocking the front door and walking inside, dropping my bag onto the floor.

"Mum?" I called out shutting the door behind me and setting the keys in the key bowl on the table. "Mum, I'm home." I called out, but was surprised by no response.

I walked inside heading towards the living room to check if she's in there. "Mum?" I said peering in.

That's when I see the back of someone's head, well a man. Who is the guy? Is my mother expecting him over?

I could see his head slowly turned in my direction and our eyes locked. I could feel anger seeping through. What the hell is he doing here?

He stood from the couch his eyes not tearing away from mine, as mine not tearing away from his. He's quite tall as i remember and broad shaped. I still can't get the fact what he's doing here, standing in my mother's living room; in her house.

There was an uncomfortable silence between us, neither of us don't know who will speak up first. So i broke the silence. "What the hell are you doing here?" I hissed, my jaw clenched.

"Hello .. son" He spoke.

"No one asked you to come here. So i suggest you leave." I glared at him, anger already taking over.

The sound of footsteps entering the room but i didn't bother turn around. "Zayn," I hear my mother's voice. "Please let me explain-"

My father raised his hand for her not to go on any further. "Its okay, Trish." Then he turned back to me, letting out a sigh. "I want you to listen carefully to what i'm about to say."

"No, there's no listening to you! I want you out of our house now!" I yelled pointing to the direction of the front door.

"Zayn, I understand you don't like me. And its okay to not like me. But i am your father-"

I shook my head not wanting to hear that part because as far as i know he's not my father. He's a selfish bastard who walked out on me and my mother. He hurted us both and i'm not letting that happen ever again. My mother found happiness ever since he left and I'm not letting him ruin that.

"No you're not, my father. I don't want you come around us. You abandoned us both, so just leave." I said, fuming.

My mother sighed. "Zayn, just listen to him.."

I turned to her not believing she's standing up to him. "Did you invite him over?"

She closed her eyes briefly letting out a sigh. "We needed to get a few things cleared up. As a family, why don't we just sit down and talk about this-"

"No!" I hissed. "Have you forgotten already, mother? He has hurt you and me. And you gonna stand there and let him back in after what he has done?"

"I didn't mean to hurt you both-"

"Shut up!" I shouted at him angrily. "You stay away from me! You hear, just the stay the hell away!"

I turned away from both of my parents, storming down the hall grabbing my keys from the key bowl and walked out to my car. I could hear my mother calling after me but i didn't dare turn around.

"Zayn, please-"

"No, just let him go." I hear my father told her.

I got into my car, sticking my key into the ignition starting up the engine and soon i drove off to who knows where.


Feeling too flustered with my 'father' who decided to be in the picture, I decided to stop at a nearest pub. There weren't hardly anyone inside, so i plonked down onto one of the bar stools.

"Well, hello gorgeous." I hear a feminine voice.

I looked up to see a brunette girl, quite busty i should say, giving me a flirty smile follow by a wink. "What a hot lad like you doing here all by yourself?" She asked, leaning on her forearms in front of me, flashing off her teethy smile, showing off her goodies.

I'm not here to talk or start up a conversation with anyone at the moment, I just need something to drown all the pain. "I need a drink please." I said trying not to sound harsh.

She lift her eyebrow, leaning back. "Sure," She say, "what can i get you?"

"A beer, please. Thank you."

"Okay, coming right up." She gave a small smile, walking over to one of the tall-built fridges behind her, pulling out a chilled glass of beer i requested. She popped the cap and slid the bottle in front of me. "There you go."

Without hesitation, i picked up the bottle, pulling the top off and bringing the bottle to my lips, gulping back a long sip.

"Bad day, huh?" The girl behind the counter asked.

I took another sip of my beer, letting the bitter cool liquid go down my throat.

This is going to be a long night.

~Perrie Pov ~

Tom and I were laying in his bed naked at his flat. I was too tired to open my eyes so I kept them closed. All of a sudden the corners of my lips lifted into a smile.

I felt someone leaned over and brushing hair away from my face. Then i felt a kiss on my cheek. "Did you like that?" I hear Tom's husky voice in my ear.

I slowly opened my eyes, craning my neck to look at him. "Oh yes," I said. "It was great."

"As always," Tom smirked.

What i really wanted to say was, 'that was the most mind-blowing fuck I've ever had, thank you very much.'

He cups my bottom and pulls me closer to his body heat. I ran my hand over his bare back. I always remember his body ever since we've been together and I will always remember his body for as long as i live. Its perfect. Slightly tanned and muscular but i don't mean in a built kind of way. He's nice and fit.

I hadn't noticed i was too mesmerized of his body until i heard him cleared his throat. "Wanna do it again?" Tom says, trailing wet kisses up and down my neck.

"Can you?" I smirked.

"I don't know. What do you think?"

I can already feel his erection hardened against me. Before i could say anything, my phone rang in my bag on the floor with the rest of the thrown clothes. "That's my phone, let me get that," I say.

I leaned over, extending my arm out and grabbed my bag and pulling out my phone, not checking the caller ID . Tom began stroking my bum, so gently, I find myself getting pretty excited again. So i opened my legs just a little bit. "Hello," I say.

After i found out who it was on the other end, i quickly sat up, struggling to kept the sheet up my bare chest. "U-um, where are you?" I asked, tucking strand of hair behind my ear. I looked over at Tom who sat up as well, mouthing who it was on the phone but i held up my finger. "I-I don't understand what you're saying, I'm coming to get you, stay put." Then I ended the call, jumping out of bed finding my clothes on the floor and putting them on.

"Who's that?" Tom asked. "Let me guess, is it that Zayn?"

"My boyfriend? Yes. I gotta pick him up at some pub, he's drunk." I rolled my eyes, putting on my shoes.

Tom chuckled lightly. "You know, I was your boyfriend, before he was."

I sighed, quickly fixing my hair and grabbing my bag, slinging it on my shoulder. "I'm sorry but i have to go. I'll call you." I reached for the knob of his bedroom door and soon left.


I gave the taxi driver directions of where the pub was located and we were soon pulled up in front of it as i recognized Zayn's car parked in front of us.

I thanked the driver as i paid him for the fair. I could see two men standing outside the pub smoking their cigarettes and looking my way but i rolled my eyes and ignored them making my way inside. It was quite dim inside and thats when i recognize a figure with a leather jacket on his back turned. He also has raven black hair, so i knew right then and there its Zayn.

I walked up to the counter and tapped on his arm. "Zayn,"

He turned to me through half closed eyes, i could tell he's must have a good buzz. There were four empty bottles of beer in front of him and he's halfway on his fifth bottle. "Perriee," he slurred. "what you doing here?"

I raised an eyebrow at him. "Oh you've forgotten i see. You called me." i say, attempting to take the bottle out of his hands. "You have too much to drink."

"No!" He said harshly. "Its mine you can't have it."

"Oh my god, you're such a baby. Give it," I sighed. "You have too much, you should stop."

"I'm not done it," He say, taking another sip. "You can't have it. This only my fifth beer. I can do whatever I want to my body and you don't tell me what to do. Got it."

I watched as he drink down the rest of his beer and set the bottle down onto the counter. There was a girl bartender picking up the bottles and I paid her whatever the total was.

I put my arm around his waist to hold up his balance while he slung his arm around my shoulders. I could smell beer under breath causing my nose to scrunch up. He gave me his keys, soon we were both in the car and i drove us to his house.

As we got to his house, I woke up Zayn who passed out on the passenger side and helped him inside, shutting the front door behind us. We walked upstairs, straight to his bedroom. I set him carefully on his bed as he fell backwards with his arms sprawled out, while i took off his shoes as i took mine off as well.

I got into bed with him, and i could hear his soft snores letting me know he's fast asleep. I heard my phone vibrated in my bag, i pulled it out to see i got a text from Tom. I opened it to see that he left a goodnight message and that he had a really great time along with a wink. I didn't bother text back but turned my phone off. I stole another glance at my boyfriend to see he's obviously out of it. I sighed, climbing into him and fell asleep shortly after.

~Zayn Pov ~ *next morning*

I woke up with a severe pounding in my head. And whenever i made any kind of movement or divert my eyeballs under my eyelids, then the pain would only get worse. Why did i feel this way? Oh yeah. I was drunk last night. All because I was so fucking angry that my father showed up in me and my mother's home.

I pried my eyes open, looking over at my dresser to see the time it was ten-fifteen in the morning. I averted my eyes to the white ceiling, then i closed my eyes for a brief second before opening them. I wanted to just lay there and maybe the pain would go away but it was no use.

I slowly rose up so i was sitting up and there goes my head. The pounding feeling erupted again, but more immense and unbearable. I let out a groan, only to realize my throat was dry and sore. I put my hand to my head and closing my eyes, praying for the pain to go away.

I looked around and found a sticky note on the pillow. 'Hey babe, Sorry, I would have stayed but my dad called wondering where i was, so i had to leave. You were drunk last night and so i drove you home. Call me later. Perrie xx'

I got up from bed and trudged out of my room and carefully made my way downstairs to the kitchen. I went into one of the cupboards and grabbed a glass and filled it up with water. I need a fucking asprin, my head's killing me.


I heard a familiar voice from behind. I turned around to see my no one other than Yaser standing there holding out two pills to me. If my head wasn't pounding right now, i'd seriously go mad.

"What are you doing her-"

"No time for that. Take this, you need it." He said still holding out the pills to me.

I looked down at the pills, then back at him; not sure if he was going to poison me or what not. He gestures the pills in his hand and so i took it, popping them in my mouth and gulp down my water.

"I believe it was your girlfriend. She told me you were drunk last night and that you were still sleeping before she left. I figured once you wake up, you might want to take something for the headache." He said stuffing both his hands in his pockets.

I set down the glass quite harshly before glaring at him. "What are you doing here? How did you get in?"

Yaser sighed. "Your mother let me stay the night. She let me sleep in the guest room."

"I don't want you here." I say getting quite annoyed, hoping he would get the message and just leave.

"Zayn," He pulled up a stool at the counter and took a seat. "you're upset with me and i understand-"

"I'm beyond upset. If you would just leave and i would feel a whole lot better. Just like you did before."

"You know, we're new to this, uh, father/son dance. I know you don't like me, and i understand that. I was wrong for what i've done to you and your mother. I regretted since the day i left, thats why i went to get help, to get my life back on track. And maybe become a better person." He say. "So go ahead and hate me.. but i am your father. And you will respect me."

"Well, i don't respect you, because a real father doesn't go around and hurt his wife and son whenever he gets a chance, and then abandon them."

"It was a mistake, Zayn. I'm sorry. And besides, what do you know about being a father, or a man, for that matter?" He asked.

I rubbed my face with hands roughly, trying so hard to contain all of my anger. As much as i want to yell, shout, and scream at him, i realized my mother's still asleep upstairs. I didn't want to disturb her. "Its all about you, isn't it? And the money, thats all that you care about."

"You and your mother is who i care about."

"I see you for who you really are-- just empty ... shallow, no character." I hissed.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and closing his eyes briefly. "Zayn, please you got to listen to me-"

I scoffed. "You are clueless, aren't you? You have this incredible wife-- a smart, beautiful woman-- but thats not enough for you. You got to go and maybe messed around mum and got drunk-"

"I did not cheat on your mother. Is that what you're telling me?"

I shrugged. "Those nights when you come home so late from work. I don't know, maybe you were."

He stood up from the stool, placing both the palms of his hands firmly on the counter top. "I did not cheat on your mother. I love your mother. I would never do such thing."

I scoffed not wanting to believe his shit.

"You don't know what the hell you're talking about. I come here to make peace with my only family and this is what i get in return? From my only son? I have seen stupid people before, but i never thought one of them would be my own son."

"Maybe if me and mum didn't kiss your ass so much, you could take a little criticism."

"Is this what you really want is to pick a fight with me, and i don't like that. especially from my own son. Is this who you are? Is this what you want to be?"

"What is going on in here?" My mother say entering into the kitchen, looking in between me and my father. "I could hear all this from upstairs. Zayn, you apologize for overreacting."

I scoffed. "No, thanks. I'll pass."

"Trish, i got it from here." Yaser said turning back to me.

All of a sudden something snapped in me, I launched forward, grabbed at his shirt and yanking him forward so were at nose level. "I don't have to repeat myself. I want you to leave and stay out of our lives." I growled.

"Zayn let go of him." My mother gasped pulling me away from him, while i never took my eyes off him.

"Let me point something out to you. I was wrong for what i did, i never wanted to be the way i was. When i walked out, it wasn't the last you heard from me. I kept in contact. Your mother didn't tell you. I would call to check up of you both and make sure you all were okay while i was getting the help i needed. So i can get my life back on track." He said his eyes not leaving mine.

"You know what you're problem is, Zayn? You see yourself as a victim. I don't like that. You disrespected me. I like that even less." He said with calm in his voice. "You don't ever put your hands on your father. My father? Brutal. The worse. And there are many times i wanted to choke the life out of him. Did i ever do it? No. You want to know why? I was on the earth because of him, so i owed him at least that much." He said. "You're acting like nothing but a punk. And if this i what i expect from you, then i wouldn't come around then."

I felt some sort of regret and guilt at the same time. I didn't expect to hear this, so i continued to listen.

"When i gotten the help i needed, it changed me. I didn't do it for me -- I did it for you and your mother, the only two important people in my life." Yaser said taking a step towards me. "You overstepped big- time. I can cut myself out of your life, whatever you wish. If you have any decency in your heart, son, and accept me back into your life? Or you want me gone?"

I feel wet tears filling up my eyes, my throat closed tight. "We're done here." My voice quivered. "Now get the hell out." I moved right past him and out the kitchen, finally letting the tears spill over.

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