I Won't Tell-Zayn Malik AU

Zayn's body towering over my small frame, his eyes were dark and unrecognizable.

We were inches apart, I felt his ragged breath hit my face. "Now you listen to me, you are to not tell anyone about this, do i make myself clear?" He say through gritted teeth.

My back pressed against the door and both his hands gripped my arms. I choked on a sob, barely a word came out. His grip on me tightened causing me to whimper. "I said, don't i make myself clear?"He growled lowly.

"I-I Won't T-Tell." I whimpered out
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54. chapter 53

~Gabriel's Pov~

"Well, Gabriel your grades and credits are fine. Nothing for you to worry about." My counselor, Ms. Chapman say scrolling on the computer in front of her before her eyes landed on me and my mother sitting in front of her.

"So I'm okay? Does this mean.." I was about to say.

"Yes, dear. You're graduating this year with your senior class. So everything's just fine." Ms. Chapman say with a smile.

"That's wonderful news," My mother spoke up her hand placed on top of mine. "I'm so proud of you, Gabe." She said with smile.

I closed my eyes, feeling of relief came over me. This the news I've been wanting to hear. All this time I've been out of school but I'm still graduating with my class. I've turned in all my work from all my classes on time and I'm graduating. I wasn't going to let this pregnancy or what I'm going through right now get in the way of my studies. My plans of going to college is out of the question, I have a child to raise and I can't think about that right now. After talking with counselor of University of London as soon I've found out about the pregnancy, she told me the doors always open for me or they have online courses, that I thought would be better. I don't think I wouldn't stand leaving my child behind if I were away.

When our meeting was finished, my mother and I shook Ms. Chapman's hand and left the office. We walked down the empty hall on our way out to my mother's car parked out front. I hear faint sounds of classes still going on to my relief. I don't think I was ready to face everyone, there were a few wandering the halls. I feel eyes on me but I didn't look their way, I kept my eyes to the ground.

My mother wrapped her arm around me as we were walking, that way I was clung to her side. "Are you alright, honey?" She asked with concern in her tone.

"Uh, yeah.. sure." I say. That was a lie. I just wanted to get out of this forsaken place before-


I heard my name being called causing both me and my mother to stop in our tracks and turn around just to see who it could be. It was Zayn. "Gabriel," He said my name again making his way over. But my mother turned us both around before he took another step, with her arm still held around me. My heart pumps louder and louder as we walked down the hall. My breaths got heavier as I hear Zayn's thick accent calling after me.

~Zayn's Pov~

Pamela and Gabriel hurriedly started down the hall not bothering to look back as I continued to call after her. I was not going to let her get away, not until she hear me out. "Gabriel!"

"Stay away, Zayn." Pamela say as they walked out the school doors, as I continued to follow after them.

Before I could reach Gabriel, she was already in the car as her mother shut the door behind her before turning to me with an angry look. "Its enough. You hear me.. enough." She seethe.

"Please, just ... let me talk to her-"

She briefly closed her eyes, raising her hand to silence me. "My daughter doesn't need any more of your crap, you hear me? I don't want to see her upset again. It's enough that I know all your doings have caused her pain."

I sighed feeling nothing but regret for all what I've done. "Pam.. I want to take it all back. I am deeply sorry-"

"If I had known it was you, I would've been pressed charges against you and your friends for all those times you've hurt her. But with Gabriel keeping quiet about all this stopped me from doing so."

I looked down at the ground in regret and closed my eyes. I stayed quiet as she continued. "Now things have changed. So, I'm giving you time to stay the hell away."

"Please Pamela just let me talk to her, even for a-"

"What is it there to talk about? Make things all better? The damage is done. I thought you were a good friend to her. I've trusted you.."

"I-I'm ... sorry."

"A little bit too late for that Zayn..." She trailed off. "Stay away from her."

And with that she walked around to the driver side as I took another look at Gabriel and she was silent. She then looked up at me with sad eyes. The engine of the vehicle roared and they drove off leaving me standing there.


It came lunch period but I didn't have the appetite, instead I slid my tray over to Niall. He could tell something must be up since I just gave up my food. I sighed louder as his hand found my back.

"Mate, are you alright?" He asked, enough for the other lads to look over at us. I shook my head no and he sighed, knowing I wasn't ready tell him or the others what's going on.

He gave me pep talk but I was barely even listening. By the time the bell ring, I decided to go on home. We only had one more period left so I wasn't going to stick around any longer.

As I was halfway from home, I decided that I needed to hit the gym. There was so much on my mind that if I didn't find a stress reliever soon that I was going to go crazy. After a few blocks I get to the gym, quickly grabbing my gym bag in the process slinging it on my shoulder. When I got inside, absolutely no one was inside. I dropped my gym bag onto the floor, pulling my shirt over my head tossing it on top of my bag. I wrapped both my hands before going for the punching bag. I stretch and swung at the bag making each punch harder and harder. I could feel the sweat dripping down my forehead and some forming on my back. The possibility of losing someone I loved just made me angry.

At the end of my workouts I usually feel refreshed and good, but right this one I don't know how I'm even feeling. I felt the need to take out my emotions on the bag, but that still doesn't change anything. I guess I feel a little more in control now instead of being a major wreck.

Reaching down I retrieved my gym bag and went in the direction to the locker room. I pulled out my shampoo, soap, and towel from my bag, then I headed straight to the showers. Turning the knob slightly to scalding, I rested my head against the tiled wall while the water running down on my entire naked body.

'What is it there to talk about? .. Make things all better?... The damage is done.'

Gabriel's mother voice repeated in my head. I closed my eyes trying to block out her voice but I can still hear her voice.

How the hell did I let all this happened?


I squeezed my eyes shut and before I know it, I punched the wall in frustration. Then I punched it again. And again, this time harder. And did it once more out of anger. My hand was pulsating but I didn't care. I've lost the one person I truly loved and my best friend. I looked down at the water pooling at my feet to see blood from my hand going down the drain. Sinking down, I placed my head between my knees.

Cursing at myself between my teeth, pulling at my hair then punched at the wall one last time. Getting up from the floor, I washed the blood off my hand and turning off the shower. I stepped out wrapping a towel around my waist and grabbed my bag from the floor. I pulled out extra clean clothes and got changed quickly before hitching my bag high on my shoulder and headed out. Ignoring the other guys coming into the gym for their workout, some greeting me but I didn't have the time to respond. I got to my car and drove to my flat.

~Gabriel's Pov~

The entire house was quiet and I was alone. My mother got called in from work and they needed her, which this suppose to be her day off. Angie and Alex been hanging out a lot lately- so she's hardly at home.

I came downstairs, going into the kitchen to get a drink. I grabbed a glass from one of the cupboards, turning the tap water on and filling my glass.

I took a little sip when all of a sudden the house phone started to ring. Setting my glass on the marble counter, I grabbed up the phone from the receiver and put it to my ear. "Hello?"

"Hi, is this Gabriel? This is Trish."

I suddenly recognized its Zayn's mother calling. "Oh, hi Trish. Um, is everything alright?" I find myself asking, not sure why she's calling.

"I, um, believe so..." She say, her tone uneasy. "Um, Gabriel?"


I heard her let out a sigh, before she spoke. "I know about the pregnancy."

I swallowed a large lump in my throat as she continued to speak. "I think.. its best if you tell him. He should know."

I was growing nervous as I stood there and said nothing. What was I suppose to say? Sure, Ms. Malik I will tell your son that I'm pregnant with his child.

"It's not that easy, Trish-"

"What do you mean? Its his child too, Gabriel. I know this was unplanned but he has every right to know."

"My mother told you didn't she?" I asked.

"Yes, she did. And my son's going to know very soon."

I could feel the panic slowly rise at what I'm hearing. No, this couldn't be happening. "No. No. Zayn will hear this from me. This has been my intention."

"Well.. when?! When are you gonna tell him?! You should have been told him."

"I know.." My voice quiet, struggling to keep the phone up to my ear.

Trish let out a sigh. "Honey," Her voice calm. "I know you're scared and I understand. You're a sweet and smart young woman. And you didn't meant for anything like this to happen. I'm still upset of what my son has done. But you know.. he deserves the truth. Please, Gabriel."

I nodded slowly and followed by a quiet 'okay'. And the called ended. Someone else came to mind and I started dialing the number and waited, nervously chewing on my lower lip. My head was spinning like a tornado, I couldn't even think.

"Hello?" I suddenly heard, snapping me back to reality.

"Um, Doctor.." I breathe. "I..uh, needed someone to talk to, I guess."

"Sure.. Gabriel?"

"Yes, this is Gabriel."

"Sure, hun. What would you like to speak with me about?" I heard him say.

"Well, um.." I exhaled before I spoke. "I'm not sure .. well, I don't know if I should tell the father.." I replied, instead of it coming out like a statement it came out more like a question.

"Well, Gabriel, from what I've heard he use to be your best friend. He probably deserves to know."

I ran my fingers through my hair, letting out an exasperated sigh. "But I don't know what to do. He doesn't remember what happened that night and ... what if he doesn't want the baby? His mother called me not too long ago and told me to tell him. I just-"

I happened to realize I was talking to my doctor as if he was my therapist, telling him all my problems.

"Gabriel, I personally think you should tell him. This is also his child too. A child is not made from one person; there's another parent involved."

With my free hand, I grabbed a handful of hair at the crown of my head holding it there sighing, before letting it fall past my shoulders. Maybe Zayn should know the truth. But the problem is, would he even care that I'm carrying his child?

After a few moments of silence, I say, "Alright ..thanks Dr. Sampson."

"You're very welcome. Feel free to call me if you ever need anything or come by the office. While I still have you on the phone, would you like me to schedule you an appointment?"

I agreed and he gave me the date of when I should come in. Then the call ended. I set the phone back onto its receiver, slowly making my way out the kitchen and into the living room sitting on the long couch.

All I need right now is silence, I don't know silence seems to comfort me. I started thinking about my secret, I've haven't told Zayn yet and it just pains me. I grabbed a couch pillow next to me and hugged onto it close to my chest, like my life depended on it. Then I laid onto my side in a fetal with the pillow still close to me.

I find myself staring into the blank flat screen television. A silent tear escaped from my eye. 'What am I suppose to do?' I think to myself. 'What if he doesn't want it? If I tell him, what will he think of me?'

The more I kept thinking about it more tears started to fall, I could feel the dampness along the side of my temple. I sat up my knees tucked to my chest, slowly rocking back and forth. "What am I going to do?" I whispered to myself. I find myself say over and over until tears flooded my eyes. I buried my face in between my knees and cried.

I lifted my head, then looked down moved my hand to my now slightly visible bump. The sound of knocking at the front door caused me to jump in my seating. Quickly wiping away my tears, I got up and went into the foyer. Taking a deep and letting out a shaky breath I opened the door to find Michael standing there with his hands in his pockets looking up, his green eyes meeting mine. I forced smile so he won't noticed I've been crying.

He smiled back. "Hey beautiful. I wasn't sure if you're busy or-"

"No, I'm not busy," I chuckled lightly. "I'm glad you decided to come over. I could use some company." I opened the door wider gesturing for him to come inside.

He stepped inside and I shut the door behind me. I turned only to find him standing there holding his hands out in front of him. I smiled and took them as he pulled me into a hug. "Everything's going to be okay, I promise." He murmured in my hair.

I hope what he just said is true. I closed my eyes preparing myself for the big step I was about to take. And that's telling Zayn the secret I've kept from him. His mother was right.. he has every right to know. I can't keep this from him any longer.

"I hope so."

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