I Won't Tell-Zayn Malik AU

Zayn's body towering over my small frame, his eyes were dark and unrecognizable.

We were inches apart, I felt his ragged breath hit my face. "Now you listen to me, you are to not tell anyone about this, do i make myself clear?" He say through gritted teeth.

My back pressed against the door and both his hands gripped my arms. I choked on a sob, barely a word came out. His grip on me tightened causing me to whimper. "I said, don't i make myself clear?"He growled lowly.

"I-I Won't T-Tell." I whimpered out
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53. chapter 52

~Zayn's Pov~

*4 weeks later*

"Okay, i want you to don't be nervous," My lawyer, Ms. Bullock said to me. This was the first day of my trial and I was already nervous.

"How can i not be?" I said, fumbling with my tie. "I've raped the girl that meant a lot to me. And there may be a chance i can be put away for good."

Ms. Bullock let out a soft sigh before rubbing my back. "Think positive here, okay?"

I nodded before she stood up and facing the judge. "People versus Zayn Malik on the account of Rape in the second degree."

The judge looked over where we are with his hands clasped together. "Ms. Bullock, how does your client plead?"

"Not guilty," she answered.

Then the judge looked over at Gabriel's lawyer. "What does the people requested?"

"The people requested for Mr. Malik to be locked up and twenty thousand dollars bail." He spoke.

"I think it's a bit excessive, don't you think your honor?" My lawyer spoke. "This young man and my client was intoxicated and was clearly not aware of his actions towards, Miss. Smith. I ask that he should be in custody with his mother. I mean he's still in school and haven't completed his senior year. If there's any decency, you let him continue with his studies."

"Um, excuse me your honor," Gabriel's lawyer cut in. "Just because he was intoxicated doesn't make up for what he did."

The judge sighed. "We'll see by our next court date. The bail is set at fifteen thousand dollars, and Mr. Malik may be in custody with his mother for now. But just so we all on the same page, Zayn Malik you are to keep away from Ms. Smith, is that understood?" he asked giving me a stern look.

I swallowed a large lump in my throat. "Y-yes, sir."

The judge gave a short nod before hitting the gravel on the table. "See you in five months, Mr. Malik."

I turned around and hugged my mother, who had been sitting behind me throughout and my friends, Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam. My mother hugged me just as tight as she sobbed quietly into my shoulder. "Its going to be okay, mum." I reassured her, as i felt her nod in my shoulder.

"Are you alright mate?" Louis asked patting me on the back.

"I don't know. I'm just glad i get to go home." I replied.

"Come on, lets go." I heard Gabriel's mother say. I looked over and met Gabriel's brown eyes and i just stared at her.

She stared back at me. There was something in the way she looked as if there was something she wanted to tell me. Just as i was about to open my mouth to say something but Luke placed his hand at the small of her back. "Come on, Gabby." He said.

I watched as she glanced at Luke, then back at me. She nodded and looked down. "Okay." She whispered.

I watched on with a slight pain in my chest as she, Luke and her family walked out of the courtroom, with Luke giving me a glare and they was out of sight.

"Come on, lets get you home." I heard my mother say. I just nodded and slowly walked out of the courtroom with my friends and my mother rubbing my back in comfort.



It was completely silent at the dinner table. All you could hear was the sound of silverware clinking against the china. I simply stared down at my spaghetti. tossing the noodles around with my fork. After what i've went through today and spent four weeks in jail because of what i've done, i was in no mood of eating.

I could feel my mother's eyes on me but i didn't look up, just staring down at my dinner in front of me.

"Zayn," I heard my mother's voice. "you haven't touched your dinner. Are you alright?"

I just shrugged still staring down at my plate, tossing the noodles around with my fork. "I'll be okay."

She kept quiet for a few seconds before she spoke. "Honey, you should really eat something."

"I'm not really hungry." I emitted a sigh, setting my fork down standing up from my chair.

"Where you going?"

"Going for a walk. I need to get some air." I said heading into the foyer with my mother following close behind, grabbing for my jacket before shrugging it on, then i opened the door.

"Zayn," I hear my mother's quiet voice.

I turned to her to see her with a sad expression on her face. "I'll be back, mum. I'll be fine." I told her.

She opened her mouth and then closed it and slowly nodded, looking down at her hands. It hurts that my mother couldn't look at me. I remember that hurt look on her face when she found out what i've done and i was in handcuffs. And it hurts me just thinking about it and i don't know if things will be same like it use to.

"I love you mum," I whispered closing the door and on my way out. I don't need to hear her say she love me back, i just want my mother to know i love her.


I stopped mid step on the sidewalk and turned to see my mum standing in the door way. "I love you too son." She smiled softly, waving at me.

I waved back and proceeded walking down the sidewalk. Being the only one walking in the middle of the night gives me time to think to myself. As i was walking, i stared down at the concrete with my hands tucked in my pockets of my leather jacket.

I was so lost in thought, that's when Gabriel came to mind. All those times i've bullied her and hurt her, I kind of liked it. Like sinisterly liked it. When she would shrivel away from me crying and begged me to stop hitting her, i liked it. Those feelings where i was making her life a living hell, i enjoyed it.

It all excited me back then, when i told her to stay away that very day when our friendship ended. I remember grinning evilly to myself as I walked further and further down the sidewalk, leaving her standing alone.

When I see fear on her face, its like an adrenaline rush. Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach.

I was soon snapped out of my thoughts by the buzzing sound of my phone in my pocket. I retrieved it to see i have a call from Liam. "Hey," I answered.

"What's happening mate? I just called to check on you. After the trial today, i know it must be a stress." He said on the other end.

It was a close call, i thought i was going to be locked up and won't be able to go home with my mother. All thanks to my lawyer but at the same time i was already prepared for the worse, i've hurted Gabriel and I deserved whatever punishment given.

"Yeah," I sighed. "It was. All of this seems like a nightmare I couldn't wake up from." And it was true, everything feels like a dream i can just pinch myself and wake up from.. but it isn't, its real. "Liam, do you think i'm a bad person?" I couldn't help but find myself asking.

"No, you're not. You didn't meant for any of this to happen,"

"I feel like such a horrible person-"

"Zayn will you just stop it, alright? You're not, okay? Are you walking.. where are you?" He asked.

The wind picked up a little as i was walking so he must've noticed. "Yeah, i'm walking.. i'm not sure where i'm going, i just needed some time alone."

"Are you anywhere near my flat, because you can crash here." Liam said.

Just as he said that, i was sure enough getting nearer to his place. "Okay, that sounds cool. Thanks man, i'm almost there."

"No problem, i'll be looking out for you." He said and then we hung up after that i called my mother, in a matter of ten minutes i was at Liam's.

*Next day*

~Gabriel's Pov~

Angie and I sat in the cafe of Heaven's Door, while she got herself coffee and myself a cappuccino and a blueberry muffin. I had to get out the house. Angie was against it at first, after the trial and all but I told her i needed to get out and do normal things to get my mind off it.

While i was staring down at my cup until my cousin's phone buzzed on the table beside her as she grabbed it up. "Oh..uh, its Alex. 'm gonna take this," She say looking up from her phone at me. "Are you going to be alright?"

I nodded. "Yeah, sure. Go ahead take it, i'll be fine." I gave a soft smile.

She smiled back as she quickly finished her coffee before standing up and walking to the back of the cafe to answer her phone.

I sat alone and took a sip of my cappuccino. It burned on it's way down but i caught the sweet taste of french vanilla on my tongue.

I closed my eyes and clutching the warm mug in my hands. The bells to the cafe jingled and I looked up to Liam walking in. He went over to the counter ordered something and minutes later a waiter handed him two cups of coffee to go. He smiled and thanked the waiter before he turned around and spotted me. His face fallen short, then he walked right over to my table.

"Liam.. hey."

He sighed and took a seat across from me. "Are you okay? Is things fine with you and Danielle?" I find myself asking.

"Everything's fine with me and Dani. Um.. I came over here to tell you.." He sighed again. "He's screwed up. And he misses you." He said softly.

I felt my insides go cold. I knew for sure who he's speaking of. I took in a deep breath then exhaled. "H-How is he?" I whispered. No matter what happened between Zayn and I, deep down i still care about him.

Liam ran his hand through his buzz cut head and shook his head. "He's not too good Gabriel. He felt bad for what he done.. he kept telling me he'd never meant to hurt you."

I closed my eyes and this time i squeezed them tighter to keep tears from falling. "Gabriel.." I hear Liam then i felt warm hands on mine comfortingly.

"Liam," I said opening my eyes. He looked at me with question. "T-Tell Zayn I l-love him? Alright?" I said. "It doesn't matter how much he hurt me or that any of this happened.. no matter how much I wish that I wouldn't have told anyone-"

I broke off as i felt tears pricking my eyes, as i blinked them away.

Liam squeezed my hands. "Gabriel, Zayn's my best friend. And I love him as much as you do." He said staring into my eyes. "But this doesn't change for what he has done to you. I'm so sorry Gabriel."

He pulled me up from the table, where i finally broke down in tears and collapsed in his arms. He wrapped his arms around me, rubbing my back up and down comfortingly and whispering soothing things in my ear.

~Zayn's Pov~

I didn't know what to do. I don't know what there is to do. I couldn't do anything but just watch. Watch as the heartbreaking scene unfold. I was sitting outside in the passenger's side of Liam's car as he went inside to get us coffees and Gabriel so happen to be inside. And so i was watching as he talked to her. I felt so wrong for being this close to her. But wanted to see how she was. I can't wait until Liam get into the car so i can ask him.

As i looked through the window, I couldn't help but take in every bit of her. She looked the same but different. Her brown hair in a bun, so i could see more of her face. I could see dark circles around her eyes that i've also had on my sleepless nights in my jail cell.

Then in a split second she was in tears. I felt like air was stolen from my lungs at the sight. I hated to see her cry. I took in a shaky breath as Liam took Gabriel in his arms and held her in comfort. I wished i was the one who'd comfort her.

I felt a little jealousy churn in my stomach, as Liam pulled away from the hug and kissed her on the cheek as said his goodbyes. And he left the cafe with the coffees in his hands and soon he was back into the car.

"Here you go," He said handing me my coffee before setting his in the cup holder sticking his keys in the ignition.

I took the warm cup in my hands before i asked. "How is she?"

Liam seized his movements, leaning slightly forward half his weight on the steering wheel. Then he looked over at me and gave me small smile.

"What?" I asked.

"She loves you." And with that he turned the car and drove me home.


As Liam dropped me off at my house, I could see a cab parked in front. I began to wonder who's cab could it be until i see someone coming out my house and i didn't think i'd ever see again. My father.

When Liam drove off, i walked up the driveway and that's when he looked up and saw me. "Zayn," He said, looking as if he didn't expect to see me. "Um, I was just checking on your mum. I'm sorry you had to see me ..i was just on my way."

"Hey, I know we didn't start on good terms the last time we spoke. I hated everything you've done to me and mum. Putting us through a lot of pain.. and i thought with you gone life would be so much easier."

Yaser sighed. "Zayn, it wasn't my intention to leave you and your mother. I left for a reason to seek help.. to become a better person for your mother and you, including myself. I never wanted to be who i was then.. and i am so sorry. For everything."

I nodded slowly, standing awkwardly with my hands in my pockets. "Did mum tell you about what's going on?" I asked quietly, hoping he knew what i meant.

"Yes, she did. The trial and everything... its really hard on her... hard on the both of us. Its all the main reason why i had to stop by." He said.

I didn't expect this conversation between my father and I to be smooth and calm. Last time, I screamed at him to leave me and my mother lives for good. Then come to think about it part of me wanted him to come back.. that way we're all complete again.

"She needs you. She really needs you... i-i need you, dad." I said my vision blurry as i felt tears about to fall. "I know i said i wanted you out of my life, and i'm sorry. But i need you, dad.. especially during this difficult time. I-I don't think i can handle t-this alone without you and mum. Just please, dad, d-don't go-"

I could see his eyes began to water and i know he didn't expect to hear me call him dad again. He grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled me into his chest as i broke down in sobs. "P-Please don't go." I whispered in between sobs.

I let out a sigh of relief as i heard him spoke. "I'm not going anywhere, son. I'm home."

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