I Won't Tell-Zayn Malik AU

Zayn's body towering over my small frame, his eyes were dark and unrecognizable.

We were inches apart, I felt his ragged breath hit my face. "Now you listen to me, you are to not tell anyone about this, do i make myself clear?" He say through gritted teeth.

My back pressed against the door and both his hands gripped my arms. I choked on a sob, barely a word came out. His grip on me tightened causing me to whimper. "I said, don't i make myself clear?"He growled lowly.

"I-I Won't T-Tell." I whimpered out
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48. chapter 47

Gabriel Pov~

I unlocked the front door to my house after gotten dropped off by Danielle. She did asked if I wanted her company since Angie's out on a lunch date and my mother's still at work but I refused. I just needed time to myself. Once I stepped inside, it was pretty quiet and peaceful. I had the entire house to myself until Angie messaged me if i was alright on my own and replied that i was fine, but have fun on her date.

Shutting the front door behind me, I kicked out of my shoes, dropping my bag beside it before going into the living room and sat on the couch. Silence is all i needed right now. I thought about what Zayn had said, and it kept repeating over and over.

'I'm not sure its you I hate, maybe this whole time I've hated myself.'

That's when my vision started to blur and tears about to spill from my eyes. I grabbed one of the couch pillows from beside me and hugged it close to my chest, like my life depended on it. Then I laid onto my side in a fetal position with the pillow still close to me.

I find myself staring at nothing until my mind drift back to when everything was just perfect. When life was just perfect.

"How's my princess been doing?" I blushed at the nickname Zayn gave me.

"Not much, i'm just now getting over a cold. But being out here, isn't helping it go away." I rolled my eyes, making him chuckle as we came to the swings. I sat down and he got the one beside me, and we just swayed from side to side slowly.

"You know i'm getting you something for Christmas," He smiled, looking down at his feet.

"Oh, yeah? Well, what are you getting me?" I fluttered my eyelashes playfully, making us both giggle.

"You'll just have to wait and see,"

"Finnne," I sighed when all of a sudden something hit my face.

"Gabby, its snowing!" Zayn spoke from beside me, causing me to gasp and stood from the swing. I looked up and sure enough there we're snowflakes falling from the sky. I love snow, ever since i was little girl and still do.

I smiled like a child and outstretched my arms, "Snow!" I squealed, sticking my tongue out. I could feel Zayn watching me, as i giggled each time a snowflake hit my tongue and melted. "Zee, you should definitely try this."

He smiled before coming over to me and mimicked my move. He chuckled, when he caught one on his tongue. I laughed and hit his side lightly. "Isn't it cool?" I asked.

"It is cool," He smiled. We stood in the falling snow and watched as the ground covered in seconds. "But I can really make you enjoy it," Zayn smirked down at me, i knitted my eyebrows in confusion. He grabbed my waist and lifted me off the ground high.

I giggled, tilting my head back with hands resting on his shoulders. I closed my eyes and stuck my tongue out catching more than I did before. I smiled and giggled, as Zayn spun me around. I was starting to feel like a kid again.

He slowly brought me down and I find myself looking up at his taller frame, smiling down at me. "I love you," He said.

I felt my cheeks heat up, but it didn't take me not a second to respond. "I love you too." He rested his forehead against mine as our hot breaths mixed in the cold. That is until he caught me by surprise, lifting me off the ground again and spun me around as i giggled.

A tear fell my eye at the memory. I sat up and letting out a sigh before placing my hand on my baby bump. "Hey my baby, i love you so much. It's just us for now, little one. But i promise you, things will get better soon." I whispered, a tear escaped my eye as I rubbed my slightly rounded stomach.

~Zayn Pov~

I was at a park, sitting on a bench smoking my cigarette when words replaying solemnly in my head all day. And on a never ending repeat.

'... you broke her heart ... Gabriel was the girl you liked all along.'

'I didn't just liked her, I loved her ..'

'All this torture was just get back at her, right? ... she cared about you..'

'You treat me as if i was nothing. Y-you treat me like trash... I got kicked, punched, spit at all because of you.. I loved you!'

'Tell me.. Why do you hate me?!'

Gabriel's voice kept lingering in my mind and I was beginning to feel like such a prick. I sighed before bringing the cigarette to my lips, taking a longer drag.

"Hey mate," I looked up to see Niall come walking towards me. I sighed louder as his hand found my back. "Are you alright?" He asked taking a seat beside me.

I shook my head, bringing the cigarette to my lips again. He could tell something was bothering me, and so he gave me a pep talk. All of a sudden my phone started ringing in my jacket pocket. I threw my cigarette on the ground and smashed it with my foot, before putting it out with my foot. I pulled out my phone and checked at the screen to see the last person I ever wanted to talk to. "Who could that be?" Niall asked curiously.

I gave him an annoyed expression before accepting the call and put it to my ear. "What do you want?"

"Hey baby,"

"Perrie, don't call me that. We broke up three months ago. Have you forgotten about that?"

I could hear Perrie chuckle into the phone. "I know, Zayn. That's gonna change, you'll want me back. They always come back." She say seductively. She always talk like that to make me want her. But that's never going to happen.

"Goodbye Perrie. Don't call me ever again." I say before i hung up on her.

"Whoa," Niall let out from beside me.

I needed some alone time. Everything's so messed up right now. And there's no way of changing it back. How did I even end up like this? I wanted to get Gabriel to trust me again, she's the only one I wanted right now. But there's no way. "I'm out of here." I mumbled, getting up about to walk away.

"Zayn, wait." I heard Niall, catching up with me. "Where do you think you're going?"

"I don't know, somewhere" I said getting into my driver side, while Niall opened the door to the passenger side and got in.


I drove towards club with Niall still with me. I needed some drinks. As we both entered we were welcomed with the suffocating smell of alcohol and cigarettes. There was music blaring and sweaty bodies everywhere. We went over to the bar, wasting no time I ordered a few drinks.

"Is something wrong?" Niall asked.


"What you mean?"

"Everything.. what i've put Gabriel through. I've done nothing but cause her pain. God, i feel like such an idiot," I ordered more drinks, drowning all my problems. A small tear left my eye when I saw the hurt in Gabriel's eyes. It pained me.

"We don't need to be here. Come on, lets get you home." Niall said as he grabbed my arm, motioning for me to stand up. I jolted my arm away his hand.

"I don't want to go home," I mumbled, lowering my head as the spirit of the alcohol slowly conquering my whole body.

"Yes, you're going home and I'm driving you. You're too drunk to drive yourself. Give me your keys,"

I felt my pockets for my keys and pulled it out of my jean pocket, handing them to him. "Okay, now come on." He said, motioning for me to stand and led me out the club.

We drove to my house and Niall grabbed my arm and rested it on his shoulder as helped me inside. He held his grip on me as he he guided me to my room where i the first thing conquered my attention was my bed. My body felt heavy and my vision was slowly drifting away. Then i was being laid on the bed.

"My dad's on his way to pick me up." Then there was a car honk coming from outside. "That's my dad. I'll call to check on you later." Niall say before shutting the door behind him, leaving me in the darkness of my room.

I am now lying down on my bed, hypnotized by the soft mattress. I wonder what Gabriel's doing right now? I'm such an asshole. She clearly doesn't want to have anything to do with me. She loved me but instead I let anger and jealousy wash over me.

I didn't meant to hurt her. I hate myself for causing her too much pain. Maybe that's why I'm jealous of Luke because he had never done anything to hurt her. And most of all, i'm jealous of how much he truly cares for her; he even said that he loved her as much as I do. Now what really bothers me, is I'm afraid she'll realize Luke's better than me.

My eyes opened a little at the sound of my bedroom door creaked open. I saw a shadow but couldn't recognize who it could be. I squinted my eyes, hoping I'd recognize who's entering my room.

The small amount of light helped me to see it was a girl. Who is she? Is it Perrie? It can't be her because I don't want anything to do with her. Or could it be Gabriel? Did she come back to me? I couldn't see anything but her petite shape shadowed by the moonlight coming from my window. She slowly waled towards me and I felt the bed dipped beside me signaling she was lying next to me.

She started kissing down my neck and I realized it wasn't Gabriel. I tried pushing this girl off me but the alcohol drained all my strength. "Who the hell are you? Get off me." I whined at the same time slurring my words.

"Shh, you can't get rid of me Zayn. I told you we'll always find our way back to one another." She murmured in my ear, making me feel disgusted as she began peeling away my shirt.

That was the last thing I remembered before I blacked out and fell asleep found myself caught in a dream, well nightmare.


'Z-Zayn, stop .. you're d-drunk... l-let me g-go..'

I tried to move but I felt a bizarre weight on my chest, while still caught in this unusual dream.

'... n-no p-please-'

'... you are not to tell anyone about this, do I make myself clear?'

'...I-I w-won't t-tell'

The last part kept repeating over and over in my head, causing me to sit up frantically and tried catching my breath. That voice in my dream sounded so familiar. It was Gabriel's voice. She sounded frightened.While I was trying to recall the dream, the setting seemed familiar I could hear music blaring in the background...

I heard a small whimper behind me, i turned around and recognized who it was. "Perrie?"

She looked up at me through half closed eyes, followed by a smirk. "Hey there yourself. You seem to have fun last night."

She sat up trying to hold the comforter up her bare chest. Did I just sleep with my ex girlfriend last night? I looked over myself to see that I was naked. I can't believe this, I made the biggest mistake.

I jumped out bed, retrieving my boxers and my black skinnies from the floor. "Babe, come back to bed." Perrie whined.

I turned to her, my eyes filled with anger. "Don't you dare call me that. I thought I made it perfectly clear that I don't want you anywhere around me."

She knitted her eyebrows as if I were crazy. "Zayn, don't be like that-"

"Shut up!" My voice rose a bit. "You think coming over here while I was clearly pissed drunk and out of it; having sex with me is going to change things? We broke up remember?"

Perrie got out of bed trying to hold the covers over her naked body, making her way over to me. "Babe, lets talk about this-"

"I said don't call me that!" I shouted.

"Let me explain, alright? I was wrong, I shouldn't have came on you like that." She said trying to sound sorry. "i just want things to work between us, and maybe back to the way it use to be. I missed you." She placed her hand on my arm, but I snatched it away from her.

"Get out." I pointed to the door behind her.

"Zayn don't kick me out, please-"

I picked up every ounce off of her clothing off the floor. "Get your clothes, get your shit and get the fuck out!" I threw them at her. "Don't come around me again, you hear me?"

She looked at me with shock, then her bitchy side came out. "Fuck you Zayn! Fuck you!" She yelled as she threw her bra at me.

She quickly pulled on her clothes. Not even bothering to put on the bra she threw at me, she just simply pulled her shirt over her head. "I hate you so fucking much Zayn. I thought we were perfect for one another."

"Well, you can have all that with Tom, cause i'm done with your shit."

She went over to my door and opened it, turning to me. "You're going to regret breaking up with me." Was the last thing she said before she slammed the door shut.

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