I Won't Tell-Zayn Malik AU

Zayn's body towering over my small frame, his eyes were dark and unrecognizable.

We were inches apart, I felt his ragged breath hit my face. "Now you listen to me, you are to not tell anyone about this, do i make myself clear?" He say through gritted teeth.

My back pressed against the door and both his hands gripped my arms. I choked on a sob, barely a word came out. His grip on me tightened causing me to whimper. "I said, don't i make myself clear?"He growled lowly.

"I-I Won't T-Tell." I whimpered out
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2. chapter 2

Chapter Two

~Gabriel POV~

The rest of the day was just torture. In fifth period, I got smacked in the back of my head with a book by one of Zayn's friends', Louis. He really hates me, I can tell. Whenever I walk into the room, he has this look of hatred on his face and says something out the way. What's really worse: I sit in front of him everyday in that class. He would constantly keep kicking the back of my desk just to aggravate me and get a reaction. Not turning around, I told him to stop, and he smacked the back of my head with his book and told me I wasn't allowed to speak. My head started to pound after getting hit. Twice. Harry and Niall are also Zayn's friends; I share fifth period with them, and they torture me as well. Whenever the teachers back is turned, they throw paper balls at me from behind. But I just sit there and let them have their fun, while I pray for that class to come to an end. Just so I could get as far away from them as I can.

Harry is who I truly hate the most. All the girls' love him- but I don't. I think he knows that, so he continuously tried taking advantage of that. I have gym class with him last period, and I really feel like skipping. I know you're probably wondering why, well, here's why. My gym teacher, Mrs. Allie, has everyone get dressed in their gym clothes that were issued to us since first day of school each gym class. All girls wear these black track shorts and tanned short sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt. During activities, I get uncomfortable when I catch Harry eyeing my body with this stupid smirk on his face. I seriously cannot stand him. He also beats me; he, Zayn and the others. I never tell anything like this to anyone, not even my mum or Luke.

The feeling of not telling Luke about what I'm going through really hurts. He already knows about Zayn and his friends picking on me, but what he doesn't know about are the beatings I get. He doesn't even know the bruises and marks on my skin. That's why I always wear jackets, or anything that covers them.

It was lunch time, and I was waiting for Luke by his locker. We both have the same lunch period, so we walk to the cafeteria together almost everyday. I wait until I see a familiar blond walking my way. Luke. I began smiling from ear to ear, so happy to see him. We have no classes together, so we only get together during lunch.

"Hey, beautiful." Luke came up gives me a full, both arms hug pulling me in so that i was close to his chest. My arms wrapped around his waist my face buried in his jacket breathing in his scent. I love it when he hugs me like this, its long and comforting.

We pulled away, and he looked me in the face. "Are you okay?"

I nodded. "Nobody bothering you were they?" He asked, in a concerned tone.

I shook my head, putting on a small smile. "I'm fine." That's a lie.

"Okay," He said, he opened his locker throwing his stuff in and shut his locker. "Good, they better not bother my girl. Or I'd have to beat someone's ass." He smiled, making me smile shyly. And we walked to the cafeteria.

In the cafeteria, Luke and I got our lunches and went to our table we sit at everyday. I wasn't really hungry but I grabbed whatever just so Luke wouldn't be too concerned. I sat across from him and he sat across from me so we were facing each other.

"How's your day so far?" He asked me, shaking his juice for better taste before opening.

I really decide not to answer that, it was horrible. Everyday going here was just horrible. I was going to open my mouth to speak, until one of Luke's friends, Calum, sat with us. Thank goodness. Saved by Calum. I thought to myself.

"Whats up, guys? Hey, Luke, did I leave my Nintendo DS in your room?" He asked, taking a seat next to him. " I was looking all over for it this morning."

"Yeah, you did leave it at my house." Luke chuckled. "I brought it with me actually. I'll give it back to you when we get to my locker."

"Awesome." Calum chuckled, then he turned toward to me. "Hey, why aren't you eating?"

I looked down at my tray and realized I haven't touched a thing.

"Yeah. Eat something Gabby." Luke said.

"But I'm not really that hungry, to be honest," I answered. I happen to spot Zayn and his friends walking into the cafeteria talking and laughing. That's when Zayn caught my eye and I looked away quickly, playing with my fingers.

"Hey?" I looked up to see Calum and Luke giving me a concerned look. "Are you okay?" Luke asked.

My mouth opened and closed, then I took another look at Zayn to see him staring right at me with a smirk. I glanced away, shifting in my seat.

"It's Zayn, isn't it?" I heard Luke ask in a serious tone causing me to look up. He really doesn't like Zayn. Ever since the bullying started Luke have nothing but hatred for Zayn, but if he found out whats been really going on --- Luke would be really upset. But I don't want him know, so I keep it to myself.

I shook my head slowly. "No," I mumbled.

"Gabriel, you can tell me if he's bothering you, alright?"Luke said.

I nodded. "Y-yeah. I know." I forced a small smile to reassure him that I'm okay. But deep down, I'm not.

Last hour of the day --- Gym. I really don't want to go but something kept telling me 'Why not go, it is the last hour of the day. And before you know it, it'll all be over.' Which is true. I took in a deep breath and let it out -- and began heading towards gym class.

Everyday we hit the locker rooms and get changed into our gym attire consists of track shorts and t-shirts. In the girls' locker room, it was full of laughter and girls talking about- who knows what they're talking about. I got dressed and tied my gym shoes laces. Once I was finished, I threw my regular clothes into my gym locker, putting my hair up in a messy bun.

"Hey, Quiet Girl ."

Great, I thought as i turned around, and was faced with no one other than Zayn's girlfriend, Perrie. Her friends, Leigh-Anne, Jesy, and Jade standing there beside her -- just giving me dirty looks.

"What?" I muttered.

Perrie fake gasps, "Oh my god, she can talk." Looking to her friends who giggled amongst themselves.

Then she turned back to me. "NO ONE TOLD YOU TO TALK, BITCH!" She spat right in my face, causing me to flinch.

The whole locker room erupted into laughter. I wanted to run out of the room but I stood frozen where I was.

"Why are you even here? No one wants you here," She informed me. "You're nothing but a pathetic little bitch." Then she pushed past me, -causing me to stumble- being followed by the rest of the girls in the locker room. They also pushed past me, mumbling horrible things while passing. When the locker room was empty, a tear escaped from my eye and I quickly wiped it away.

She's probably right, maybe I am a pathetic little bitch. I couldn't even stand up for myself. I don't know maybe I'm much better gone, I thought.

Gym class went by and to my surprise, Harry didn't bother me once. That was weird... but I was relieved beyond belief. Mrs. Allie dismissed everyone to hit the locker rooms and get changed. Can't wait to get home, so I can get out this hell hole.

The locker was empty and I was the last to leave. After I got dressed, I threw the gym clothes I wore into a bag to take home and wash. I was fixing my hair when I heard my phone vibrate in my bag. It's probably Luke.

Once I finally retrieved my phone from my bag, I checked the screen to see it was definitely from Luke. I unlocked my phone and went to the message.

To: Gabby

From: Luke

i'll b waitin outside xx

I heard the door to the locker room open then close, I figured maybe one of the girls might've forgotten something and came back for it. Not really caring, I went back to reading the text Luke sent, then quickly replied back.

To: Luke

From: Gabby

k .. im on my way out xx

After I sent the text, I slipped my phone into my back pocket, slamming my gym locker shut. That's when I felt something -rather someone- grab me and swing me around, slamming me against the locker. I let out a short yelp and was met by a pair of emerald eyes. Harry.

How did he even get in here? Did any other girls or even Mrs. Allie notice him sneak in?

"What's wrong, love? Aren't you happy to see me?" He smirked, pinning me to my locker.

"H-Harry let me go," I said, trying pushing him away.

Next thing you know, he took both my wrists and pinned them above my head. "H-Harry, p-please let me go."

"Why?" He asked.

"P-please d-don't hurt m-me," It came out in a whisper.

He clicked his tongue and chuckled. "Aw, now why would I do that? Huh?"

I didn't answer still busy struggling to get out from his grasp.

His grip tightened on my wrists causing me to whimper. "Harry, let go."

One of his hands held my wrists together above my head, while the other caressing my cheek. I flinched at his touch. What is he planning to do to me?

"Come on, why don't we have a little fun, yeah?" He smirked, his eyes not leaving mine while his free hand reached down finding the bottom hem of my shirt.

"Ha-Harry, stop!"

"Shh," He shushed me, "I just want to have a little fun. I know you want to." That's when his fingers managed to get under my shirt, his fingers slowly creeping up my bare stomach, making me shiver at his touch.

A tear escaped my eye, I can't believe any of this is even happening to me right now. I didn't deserve this. Struggling to get out from his grasp, he only held his grip onto my wrists tighter, still having me pinned to my locker.

"N-no, please," I say as his touch slowly drifts up my body.

"Shh," He shushes me again. "I know there's a naughty slut in there somewhere." He chuckled darkly, his breath fanning against my cheek.

Before he could get any higher, I kicked him where the sun doesn't shine. He bent down and groaned, whereas I ran out of the locker room until I met up with my best friend who was waiting on me.

As soon as I got outside, I could see Luke and Calum talking and laughing. At the same time I spotted them, Luke spotted me. "Gabby, there you ar-," Before he could finish, I held him, my face buried into his chest, sobbing quietly. He held me against him. "Are you okay, love? What's the matter?"

I couldn't say anything but let out a few choked sobs. "Is she alright, dude?" I heard Calum asked in a worried tone.

"I-I don't know. Love, do you want to talk about it?" I heard Luke asked, rubbing my back.

I shook my head, I don't want to talk about it. After what was about to go down in the locker room, I don't think I want to talk about anything. "I-I just want to go home," I mumbled in his chest hiding away tears.

There was a pause, then I expected what I wanted to hear next. "Okay, let's get you home."

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