I Won't Tell-Zayn Malik AU

Zayn's body towering over my small frame, his eyes were dark and unrecognizable.

We were inches apart, I felt his ragged breath hit my face. "Now you listen to me, you are to not tell anyone about this, do i make myself clear?" He say through gritted teeth.

My back pressed against the door and both his hands gripped my arms. I choked on a sob, barely a word came out. His grip on me tightened causing me to whimper. "I said, don't i make myself clear?"He growled lowly.

"I-I Won't T-Tell." I whimpered out
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19. chapter 18

Chapter 18

~ Angie Pov~

I have no idea what's wrong with my cousin, but i was starting to worry. When i found out what happened to her, i was completely devastated. I wished whoever did this to her pay for what they done. Her best friend, Luke and I talked for a little bit and he told me that Gabriel wouldn't say who hurted her. And is afraid to say who it is. I told him to give her time to come around and hopefully she'll open up. But right now, she's still isn't fully recovered from the incident.

After letting him out, i went to fix Gabriel's tea like i said i was going to do, then bring it straight to her room. When i got there, she wasn't in her bed but i found her on her knees in the bathroom emptying her stomach. I set her tea on the bedside dresser and rushed to her side. I was starting to really worry about her. When she finished, i helped tucking her back in bed, she haven't touched the tea i made her, but went to sleep.

I quickly texted Aunt Pamela that Gabriel's not feeling well and she replied back that she'll be home in an hour or so, but keep a lookout on Gabby until she gets here. And thats what i did.


In the end, Aunt Pamela and I stayed close to Gabriel. She stayed in her room, the last time we checked on her she was fast asleep. I moved all my things to the guest room, to settle in. I was planning on staying for as long as i like until i feel Gabriel's better. Because right now she needs someone by her side and i'm going to do just that for my cousin.

While unpacking, i folded my shirts in neatly piles then put them in the dresser drawers. And i did the same with my sweats and shorts. Everything else like my outfits and jeans i hung them in the closet. Once i unpacked almost everything, i decided to take a quick shower so laid out something comfortable to wear on the made bed.

After my fifteen minute shower, I stepped out and dried myself off. Then i got dressed and blow dried out my hair before i joined my aunt in the kitchen whose back turned washing a few dishes that were left in the sink.

"How was work today?" I asked taking a seat on one of the stools at the marble counter top.

She craned her neck to look back at me, then went back to what she was doing. "It was okay. But i kept constantly thinking about Gabriel. I know she told me no to worry about her, but i have to worry."

She turned away from the sink drying her hands off with a dish towel. "I'm making myself a cuppa, would you like one?"

"Yes please. Thanks." I said, running my fingers through the ends of my hair.

She got out two cups from the one of the cupboards and setting them on to the counter. "If Gabriel doesn't feel well by tomorrow, i'll have no choice but have her miss school."

I agreed at that, i don't think she'll be able to face a day of school in the condition's she's in. "Well, lets stay positive that she'll be okay."

Aunty Pamela nodded. "Yeah." The kettle whistled, she turned off the stove and started filling our cups then putting the kettle back onto its original place. "I could still remember like it was yesterday when you two were younger, you were both like peanut butter and jelly." She say with a slight chuckle in her tone, while stirring cream in her cuppa.

"Oh my god, Gabby and I were just talking about that earlier. We had such an amazing childhood."

"Yeah, you two did. I remember she would cry whenever you had to leave back to New York and would always wonder when you'll be back into town. I would tell her soon." She looked off in thought. "You were a like sister she never have."

I smiled, then she continued. "I wanted more kids right after Gabby was born but-" Then she stopped not wanting to go any further. I knew about my aunt and that scum of an uncle, he treated her like crap. Making her believe he loved her and will never leave her and my cousin but walked out. I don't think Gabriel was even walking yet when he left. But Aunt Pamela stayed strong and supported Gabriel while she was growing up.

I reached forward and placed my hand on top of hers. "Everything's going to be just fine. As far as i know, i'm her sister."

She sighed and gave a weak smile. "Thank you Angie. She loves you for that."

~Gabriel Pov~

I rolled over trying to sleep, but i suddenly felt really warm. When i tried to move my muscles and joints ache, for what i don't know. I felt my stomach churning and i knew the chicken noodle soup i had was destined to not stay down. I was becoming really scared cause i've never felt like this before. One half telling me maybe its just the flu it'll pass over in about a day or two, but the other half thinking its worse.

I heard my phone beep on my bedside dresser, i weakly reached over and picked it up, staring at the screen. I saw that i have a message from anonymous. Curious, i opened the text. 'i c u missed school today, u afraid that i'll kick ur ass again? bc u kno i will .. u ugly ass bitch' I instantly knew who it is from, feeling tears pricking my eyes. I put my phone back onto the table,while tears fell on my pillow.

He just doesn't know when to stop.


I starting to become sick for three or more days, my mother and Angie started to worry. I had to miss school, Luke would drop by after school and bring over missing work from my classes then turn them in the next day, so i can still get credit. My teachers knew of the incident at the party and understand what i'm going through. All i did was lay in bed, eat (Angie had to like literally shove down my throat), and sleep. Well, barely sleep to be honest. There were always tears, constant nightmares, and memories flowing through my mind. I'd always wake up in a cold sweat, my pulse beating erratically. The memories would be of when Zayn and I the good times we share, it was perfect. What happened to those times? It seems like now, i don't even know him anymore.

"Gabriel, honey we're going to have to take you to the doctor's." My mother said. "And thats final."

"Mum, there's no need to. I'm going to be fine." I said.

"No, we're taking you to the doctor's. We can't stand to see you like this, you're going." Angie said with her hands on her hips.

I rolled my eyes clearly getting annoyed. Angie helped me slipping on my pair of uggs, while my mum called to the doctor's office and told them the problem and that we're on our way. She even had to call in to her job that she won't be in and to have someone take over until she gets back.

I finally got into the passenger side of my mother's car with Angie in the back seat. Along the way to the clinic, i leaned my head against the window with an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. My phone buzzed in my hand and i checked to see i have a text from Luke checking up on me and i replied that i'm on my way to see the doctor. He was already worried and tried to get out of school earlier but i told him i'll keep him posted. My hair was in a messy bun and i was wearing grey sweats and a black Love Pink pullover hoodie. I looked like i just got out of bed.

When we got there, it wasn't that crowded only about five or six people in the waiting area. My mother walked ahead of Angie and I, who's trying to maintain my balance because i was feeling queasy and my legs felt weak.

The lady at the front desk asked if i had an appointment but my mother told her that she called in and the doctor don't mind seeing me right away. The woman calling herself trying to be funny but Angie stepped in putting her in her place. Thats one of the things i like about about my cousin, she doesn't back down for anyone. And i always wished i was like that.

After signing me in, we took a seat waiting for my name to be called. While i was sitting there, i watched two children playing with the toys they have set out in the waiting room. Then all of a sudden, my stomach just flipped and i made a beeline to the bathroom, dropping to knees in front of one of the toilets, emptying my stomach for what seemed like a millionth time. I pulled back gasping for air with Angie rubbing my back and calming me. "Its going to be okay. We're gonna find out whats the problem." She say flushing the toilet, helping me to my feet.

She handed me bottled water she brought with her so i can rinse my mouth out and into the sink. I was starting to worry, something's wrong with me.

We walked out sitting next to my mother and thats when my name was called. We all followed being lead down a maze of corridors and then came to a room we see Dr. Sampson sitting on a stool. He looked up as he saw us entered and stood up from his seating extended out his hand to shake our hands. "Hello, Gabriel. Ms. Smith and you are?" he looked at my cousin.

"I'm Gabriel's cousin, Angie." Angie introduced herself shaking his hand.

"Hello, Angie. Thanks for coming." Then he shut the door behind us and took a seat before us. "What may seem to be the problem, Gabriel?" he asked, turning to me.

"Well, the past week i've not been able to keep any food down. My body ache and always feeling dizzy. And now i just feel worse." I told him.

Dr. Sampson nodded. "Hmm, interesting. Well, heres what i want you to do, so to find out the problem is. I'm going to run a blood test and urine test. First off, i want you to urine in the cup for me, please. Then once you get back i'll take your blood." He handed a cup with a orange lid on top.

He showed me the direction to the bathroom, i did my business, washed my hands; then came back to the room handing him the half filled cup. "Okay, thank you. Now i want you to scoot your chair up and rest arm, forearm facing up so i can take your blood."

I did as told, watching as he took out a clean needle before numbing my skin a bit. Then i watched as he inserted the needle into my blue vein, i winced at the stinging sensation. I sat quietly as my blood was being filled in two small tubes. When he was finished, he bandaged my arm and said he'll take it to the lab and that he shouldn't be that long.

I started to feel really nervous, then i felt a warm hand on top of mine in my lap. I looked down then up at Angie who gave me a comforting smile. "Everything's going to be alright, we're here for you."

"Yes, honey. We're always here." My mother said soon after pecking my temple.

"Thanks. I'm just scared. What if he found something terribly wrong with me?"

"Hey, don't think negative, think positive. You're going to be fine. Trust me." my mother said.

Dr. Sampson soon returned fifteen minutes later. "Theres another theory i would like to try."

"What is it? Is she going to be fine?" My mother asked in a tone of worry.

"Now, Ms. Smith no need to panic." He then looked over at me. "i would like to run a sonogram, to see if its actually the problem. "

"What is the problem?" My mother asked.

"We'll just have to see right after i run a sonogram. Gabriel, i want you to step up on to the exam table, lay down and raise your shirt for me so i can place some gel on your stomach. I want you to stay calm, its going to feel cold, but stay very still." He advised.

I did as told laying down on my back on the exam table, raising my shirt. I watched as he squirted gel on my abdomen causing me to shiver at the feeling, but i followed the doctor's orders staying absolutely still.

He takes the wand connecting it to the screen and presses it to my stomach, moving it around, his eyes focused on the screen. I looked up to see my mother looking away from the screen then down at me, holding onto my hand. I gave her comforting smile letting her know that i'll be fine. I see Angie's eyes too focused on the screen following the doctor's eyes.

Dr. Sampson stopped moving the wand towards the bottom of my stomach, his eyes still focused on the screen. I can see them widened a bit, and thats when i knew he must've found something.

He removed the wand and cleaned the gel from my stomach. "So what is it, Dr. Sampson? Did you find the problem?" My mother asked.

"Yeah, whats wrong with her?" Angie asked after, while i sat up pulling my shirt down wanting to know as well.

He sat in the stool we previously found him sitting when we came in, looking up at the three of us; but his main focus was on me. Something must be serious the way he's looking at me, then it soften a bit. "Well there isn't exactly anything wrong with you, Gabriel." He sighed then continued. "I heard of what happened to you, you know the rape."

I looked away not wanting to think about that night. That, i will never forget. Dr. Sampson continued. "Most young girls your age go through what you're going through right now. What i'm trying to get at is this, it turns out whoever did this to you didn't use some sort of protection."

"What are you saying?" I asked quietly, i felt my mother's grip on my hand tightened.

Dr. Sampson got up pulled out pictures of the sonogram and handed them to me. My mother, Angie and I stared at them to see they were a blur of whites and greys then there was a small black dot. It looked like a small ladybug.

"Gabriel, you're pregnant." Dr. Sampson finally said.

I heard my mother let out a gasp beside me. I didn't look up just continued to stare at the pictures before me, a tear fell from my eye followed by another. When i finally looked up, i could see Angie's hand to her mouth looking at me with tears in her eyes.

"Are you sure about this, doctor?" My mother asked in a shaky tone, i could tell she trying so hard not to cry.

Dr. Sampson nodded. "Yes." He answered then turned to me. "Gabriel, you can consider abortion or adoption. You have time to decide what you want to do. If you don't want the baby, we can have the baby removed. You're seventeen, still going to school and have so much ahead of you. Just have time to think about it, okay? And give me a call."

I nodded.

"Okay, i'll give you pamphlets to take home to read everything there is you need to know. If you have any questions, just give me a call, and i would be more than happy to answer them . Excuse me." He said as he exited the room leaving the three of us alone.

It was silent in the room, i looked up at my mother to see her studying the images in my hands, then she met my gaze. "I-I'm sorry, mum." I say my eyes began to water.

She pulled me into a tight embrace. "No, don't be sorry baby. Its not your fault."

We pulled back, the three of us stared down at the pictures. I studied at the black dot in the photo, it felt weird looking at it. Theres a child growing inside of me. My child.

Pushing the doors to the clinic open and went outside to the car. I got into the passenger side and my mother drove us home. Throughout the drive, i thought about the party asking myself why i even went. I sighed, my vision blurry from the tears clouding my eyes. I started thinking about Luke, of how i was going to tell him the news. Finally i thought of Zayn, my bully and former best friend. He hates me so much its hard to put it in words. How will he think if he were to find out i'm carrying his child inside me?

Well, thats the point .. he can never know.

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